How about some unique Bologna travel tips?! If you already decided to travel to Bologna, you are a smart traveler!

Bologna and its region are one of the most important regions when it comes to Italian food. In fact, the city claims to be Italy’s culinary capital.

The best Italian food origins from Bologna:

  • Tortellini
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Tagliatelle

And yes, also the most famous pasta sauce in the world comes from Bologna as well!

So, let’s talk about some Bologna travel tips! This is why you are here, right?!

We sat down with our friends from We Bologna Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Bologna. They know their own city like the back of their hand.

Moreover, we are proud to share with you these 5 unique Bologna travel tips. Thus, we’ll lead you to a fantastic Italian restaurant, gorgeous cafés and more!

We personally tested every single Bologna travel tip – you will love it!

The city of Bologna is still a hidden gem between the major tourist destinations of Venice, Florence, Milan, and Rome.

Although Bologna is rich in its culinary highlights, and history, many travelers skip this city. Big mistake, but good for you and us!

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5 hidden gems for Bologna

  1. A unique spot for local events, brunch, and good red wine!
  2. The most ancient “Osteria” in Bologna – it doesn’t get more authentic than that!
  3. A Hipster hub for the local, young vibe
  4.  Tour in the most trendy and local food markets
  5. Take a walk! A recommendation to see the green Bologna

1. Unique bar: Le Serre dei Giardini

Brunch and beer garden away from the city center! This place is so local, they don’t even have any information in English online!

Also, they organize several concerts and different events throughout the year. Check out to see the list of events, here is their Facebook.

Address: Via Castiglione 134/136, Bologna, Italy

Unique bar: Le Serre dei Giardini in Bologna, Italy

Unique bar: Le Serre dei Giardini in Bologna, Italy

2. A typical Restaurant: Osteria del Sole

How about a super typical place?

Enjoy a glass of wine with a takeaway lunch.

The Osteria del Sole only serves drinks, but people use to go there and bring food from the near places and eat it there with a glass of wine! This is the most ancient “osteria” in Bologna.

Enjoy the vibe and drinks, it’s interesting to visit!

Address: Vicolo Ranocchi, 1/D (Via Pescherie), 40124 Bologna, Italy

A typical Restaurant in Bologna: Osteria del Sole

A typical Restaurant in Bologna: Osteria del Sole

3. Dynamo: A Bike Hub!

This is a more modern recommendation!

The Dynamo is the new bike hub for rental, parking, and bike-cafè. It is located near the train station and they also offer tours around the city.

Stop by for a coffee and maybe a bike rental as well?

Address: Via dell’ Indipendenza 71/z, Bologna, Italy

Dynamo: A Bike Hub and cafe in Bologna

Dynamo: A Bike Hub and cafe in Bologna

4. Slow-Food Market – very typical!

Hop over to the most trendy and local food markets: the Earth Market by Slow Food. Saturday morning is a very traditional way to mingle with locals and support the local economy.

Local farmers and chefs prepare the most delicious food, with 0km-food!

Address: Via Azzo Gardino 65 (Cortile Cinema Lumière), Bologna

Slow-Food Market - very typical!

Slow-Food Market – very typical!

5. Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca

Besides all the delicious dishes all around the city, Bologna has a beautiful green side you can visit.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca is a picturesque basilica located at a hill slightly outside the city. You can walk from the city center which takes you around 1:15h, but also public transport is accessible there.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca is itself a highlight to visit. However, the way up is, in our opinion, even more impressive. You can walk along almost 4 km of a monumental roofed arcade, consisting of 666 arches!

Here, the journey is the reward!

Address: Via di San Luca, 36, 40135 Bologna, Italy

Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca in Bologna

Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca in Bologna

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