How about some unique Bologna travel tips?!

If you already decided to travel to Bologna, you are a smart traveler!

Bologna and its region is one of the most important regions when it comes to Italian food.

In fact, the city claims to be Italy’s culinary capital.

The best Italian food origins from Bologna:

  • Tortellini,
  • Parmesan cheese,
  • Tagliatelle…

and yes, also the most famous pasta sauce in the world comes from Bologna as well!

So, let’s talk about some Bologna travel tips!

This is why you are here, right?!

We sat down with our friends from We_Bologna Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Bologna.

They know their own city like the back of their hand.

We are proud to share with you these 5 unique Bologna Travel Tips.

We’ll lead you to a fantastic Italian restaurant, gorgeous cafés and more!

We personally tested every single Bologna travel tip – you will love it!

The city of Bologna is still a hidden gem between the major tourist destinations of Venice, Florence, Milan, and Rome.

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Although Bologna is rich in its culinary highlights, and history, many travelers skip this city.

Big mistake, but good for you and us!

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We show you following 5 hidden gems Bologna

  1. A unique spot for local events, brunch and a good red wine!
  2. the most ancient “Osteria” in Bologna – it doesn’t get more authentic than that!
  3. A Hipster hub for the local, young vibe
  4.  tour in the most trendy and local food markets
  5. Take a walk! A recommendation to see the green Bologna

We also added a few more cool travel tips for Bologna.

This includes the free walking tour and another fabulous restaurant we love.

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Free Walking Tour Bologna

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