So you are heading to Venice, Italy ? There are so many awesome and fun things to do in Venice, Italy . We created this secret guide to give you access to the best activities we've enjoyed here.

On top of that, here are the 3 top things to do in Venice, Italy .

For some of these activities you HAVE to get your ticket in advance. Don't miss this!

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Anyway, back to our secret tips and things to do in Venice, Italy .

Let us guess: You are TIRED of all those tourist tips you found all over the web?

Welcome to your solution, and to the hidden Venice!

Here we share our best 5+1 tips to discover the hidden Venice – outside the tourist box. Sounds good? Even better: It is for free. You can download the guide right to your inbox.

We enjoyed our time here, it was even better than we expected!

We stayed at We Crociferi (here is our full review of We_Crociferi), and had an amazing time.

We have to confess: we from Hostelgeeks are no experts of the city.

Luckily, we have friends living here.

They introduced us the hidden Venice during our stay. And we are proud to share with you this our secret travel tips for Venice – by friends for friends – to make sure that you will love the city as much as we do.

Also, we do have secret travel tips for RomeBologna, Florence and Ljubljana.

You can get those for free as well – highly recommended to travel off the beaten path.

Update: Wanna eat out in Venice? Here are 22 restaurants to your question where to eat in Venice on a budget.

Discover the Hidden Venice:

If you are bored by regular tourist guides, this is for you!

This guide will show you the local side of Venice.

Alright then, excited to discover the Hidden Venice?

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Enjoy Venice,

We show you following 5+1 local secrets:

  1. A great restaurant to eat admiring S.XVII painting
  2. A bar with a lively atmosphere to taste an Italian Aperitivo with locals (like in our short travel story)
  3. Hang out with Casanova at the oldest Osteria in Venice
  4. A cheap bar to taste awesome Cicchetti (Italian finger food)
  5. A traditional family-run restaurant with delicious seafood
  6. A game to discover the city and his many faces!

We even added 6 smart, basic recommendations to Venice.


Because Venice is such a touristic city, that it can be disappointing if you fall in its tourist traps.

Another highlight is Venice through Hemingway’s eyes, a guide with a different angle to look at the city.

5 Star Hostel in Venice?

We reviewed the We Crociferi, and it is the only 5 Star Hostel in town.

A former monastery and hidden museum. The rooms even come with a canal view.

Check out our full review of We Crociferi here.

And if you are a frequent traveler staying at Hostels, the full guide to European Hostels is a must-read.

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Hidden Venice

Who showed us these Hidden Venice travel tips?

We met great friends who live in Venice for more than 4 years now.

They know Venice over all the bridges around! During our stay in Venice, we had the chance to explore the city and surroundings thanks to their recommendations.

And we are keen to share them with you!

No boring museums, or overrated tourist bars.

Just exploring the city as locals do. And discovering the hidden Venice!

Known as the floating city, Venice is actually the city of Refugees!

As the original population of Venice consisted of refugees from Roman cities. The city of Venice is a major tourist destination, thousand of visitors go to Venice every day, all year long!

But, you can always find a quiet hidden place to chill and relax.

Remember not to throw your smartphone into the Grand Canal.

Keep calm, get lost, and discover the hidden Venice – with our 5+1 recommendations, you will love this city as much as we do.

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