Onward Ticket Review

Onward Ticket in Review 2023 – Fastest Way to Solve your Onward-Ticket Issue

Are you looking right now for a review about onward tickets and wondering if it is legit? You NEED a valid ticket for entering a country and boarding your plane? Yes, onward tickets is valid. Read the quick summary below.

Are you traveling to Japan? Planning to visit the United States or the Philippines? Having trouble looking for a legit source for your onward ticket?

Nowadays, more and more countries are requiring an onward ticket to be able to enter. And finding a legit source is quite hard. With Google’s long list of onward ticket providers, we introduce you to our trusted site, OnwardTicket.com.

Just to be clear: To enter many countries you need a valid visa AND an onward ticket, that proves you are leaving the country again at a certain point.

We ourselves ran into troubles here once – we forgot the proof of onward travel.

We got our Visa with iVisa and thought “yeah, done, that was easy“. We totally forgot about the onward ticket proof – in fact, I have never heard of this! So when we started boarding our flight to Colombia, reality kicked in. We had 10 minutes to buy a flight or bus ticket online – for moon-prices! Luckily we found quite easily onwardticket.

In a hurry right now?

This is exactly why you are reading this review of onwardticket.com. You want to know if this website is legit and ok to book.

In a nutshell: Yes, Onward Ticket.com is legit and you can book with it. It is safe and legal! You will receive your ticket instantly and no printing needed!

How does it work?:

  1. Choose your desired itinerary – LEAVING your destination
  2. Payment – $14 US Dollar
  3. Download the Document instantly in your email (valid for 48 hours or 14 days)
  4. DONE – show the ticket on your phone!

Important: Remember you are booking a flight OUT of your destination. So choose a flight LEAVING the place you are about to enter! This is the flight ticket you need!

Now, use the website here, book the ticket of your choice and go to the counter so you can board your flight!

Visit Onward Ticket.com

Did we just save your b*tt and you got on a plane? Then let us know and make our day. Tag us on instagram with @hostelgeeks and #hostelgeeks.

Important: Do not fall for scam copy-sites, actually use the propery website onwardticket.com. More on that topic below.

For all of the readers with more time, we go into detail.

Update: We have created a screencast video for you; explaining the buying process step-by-step.

We try to help you understand the real deal on OnwardTicket.com. In this guide, we will share with you the proper way to use it, why you should can trust it, and what are its advantages compared to the other onward ticket providers (yes, there are more sites like this one).

Quick Update: I used them again beginning of January of this year 2023 – still works perfectly!

In this guide we cover: 

  1. What is OnwardTicket.com?
  2. Advantages of using OnwardTicket.com
  3. Which countries require proof of onward travel?
  4. How to use OnwardTicket.com?
  5. Is it safe to use OnwardTicket.com?
  6. How to pay?
  7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds
  8. Update: Buy the actual ticket
  9. Support
  10. Our own story when we started using Onward Tickets
  11. Is it worth to try OnwardTicket.com? Other Alternatives
    1. One Way Fly
    2. Booking an actual ticket and cancel?
    3. Copy-Cats and Scams for onward Tickets
  12. OnwardTicket.com discount code
  13. FAQ
  14. Summary
Buying an Onward Ticket in the Last Minute - Clock is ticking
Buying an Onward Ticket in the Last Minute – Clock is ticking

We have tested and proven this very reliable and efficient website too many times. With that, we want you to experience the same hassle and worry-free booking for your travel. And this is the new digital travel hack that we could gift you.

But that’s not all. We have more in store for you. In this guide, we will also give you discount vouchers for you on your first or next purchase – even cheaper than $14.

Other important travel websites you need to know

There is more useful travel tools and websites we think you should know:

Important: We did not get paid to write this review. It is first-hand, genuine, and no BS. We have been using Onward Ticket for several years now.

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1. What is Onward Ticket?

Onward ticket is basically a flight reservation from legit travel agencies that helps you with visa applications or simply entering a country without needing a high priced return ticket.

Again, many countries require a valid visa and proof that you are leaving again the country within a certain time frame. So while you already solved the visa issue, it can happen that you cannot board a flight simply because you cannot show a flight leaving the country.

Jump to: Why do airlines not let you board without an onward ticket?

An onward ticket can be the following:

  • A return flight ticket
  • An airline itinerary
  • A flight reservation towards any other destination

This policy is being implemented in more and more countries today to prevent people from entering the country on a tourist visa and never leaving. This is proof to make sure you will not exceed your stay more than you are allowed to and you don’t plan on settling in the country or finding a job there.

This includes visa-free countries, visa on arrival, and those countries that require you to obtain a visa beforehand.  It can be requested by airlines at the check-in counter or for visa applications.

Just like in New Zealand and Indonesia, an onward ticket is needed before you’re allowed to board the plane.

Furthermore, it also comes with a valid PNR number under your name which can be checked by the immigration at the airport or on the airline’s website.

Then what is OnwardTicket.com? OnwardTicket.com is a website made of digital nomads that helps you to take control of your travel plans and makes travel flexible for you.

OnwardTicket.com enables you to travel with ease, providing what you need right away.

Visit Onward Ticket.com

2. Advantages of using OnwardTicket.com

OnwardTicket.com has several advantages that make them one of the best and fastest Onward Ticket providers in the world.

  • Verified Booking!

A 100% genuine reservation. Verify it with the airline. This is not some fake reservation or photoshop handout. This is real flight that stands tests.

  • Transactions are fast

Google can provide you a long list of onward ticket providers but OnwardTicket.com is one of the fastest sites that provides you a valid booking right after your purchase.

Just like what they say on their website, “There’s nobody faster.” So whether you’re in a rush or want to skip the wait, OnwardTicket.com is definitely the one for you.

Believe it or not, in a matter of two minutes or so, you will be able to receive your ticket.

Why use Onward Ticket? Here are the main reasons

  • Process is very easy

Unlike any other onward ticket website, OnwardTicket.com has made easy steps in purchasing a ticket. With easy steps as one, two, three, you will be able to purchase and receive your ticket in no time.

Steps are easy clicks with the following:

  • Find a ticket
  • Make a payment
  • Download your ticket (no printing needed)

See? With just a few clicks of your fingers, you instantly get your ticket. Want to know more about the process? We have elaborated on the steps in number 4: How to use OnwardTicket.com.

  • Real and Legit

Afraid to try? We guarantee you OnwardTicket.com is real and legit. They provide 100% real reservations from a real and legit travel agency.

How legit? You can always check the validity of your onward ticket on the websites of major airlines. It is valid and confirmed tickets from airlines.

You can also check out people’s reviews on TrustPilot.

  • Cheap

For as low as $14, you can buy a ticket with 48 hours of validity. They’re the cheapest you can find online.

You can now as well purchase the onward ticket valid for 14 days. This is a new service and costs 17€ extra.

Even the extra charges are cheap compared to other onward ticket providers. These include an extra $2 for “only direct flights” and $1 for “Receive and activate your ticket later”.

Couldn’t find any cheaper than that (except some scam sites…)

Onward Ticket valid for 14 Days

  • Excellent Customer Service

The best thing I love about OnwardTicket.com is their excellent customer service. They responded within a few hours via email and have chat support 24/7.

This way, customers are able to ask or complain at any time of the day which I find very efficient.

  • No printing needed

Once you have paid your ticket, you will instantly receive your ticket in a PDF just a few minutes after. You can either show it as it is on your phone or you can always print it if you want.

I also loved this because other than that it saves time, it’s also earth-friendly being paperless. All I have to do is show it at the immigration counter and I’m good to go.

Finally in the airplane and time to relax.
Finally in the airplane and time to relax.

3. Which countries require proof of onward travel?

Today, more and more countries are requiring proof of onward travel to make sure every tourist that comes in will not exceed their stay in the country.

Below are the countries that require an onward ticket. This is most likely not a complete list:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Vietnam

Some may ask, is it okay not to prepare an onward ticket on your travels? Well, our answer is very clear as water, no! We do not recommend this. We would not want you to risk your trip just because you wanted to save a few dollars.


Here is the thing: Taiwan does not require an onward ticket for Europeans. But, they do require one for Vietnam. This was a problem in our own case.

We wanted to board a plane from Da Nang, in Vietnam to Taiwan. The airline worker required an onward ticket – which was completely unnecessary for us as Europeans. However, she wanted to see one!

There was no way around it….super annoying!

We had around 20 minutes to find a cheap flight out of Taiwan. There had been many cheap flights so we were quite lucky. But still, it was quite a pain and this lady won’t receive a Christmas card from me…

Did the authorities want to see my flight ticket when entering Taiwan? Of course…NOT!!!

So you see, even if the country may not require such a ticket, the airline can be the bottleneck.

Read: Our own stories from Traveling to Taiwan and Colombia

Follow me (and the rules) and I will show you the world - Remember your Onward Ticket
Follow me (and the rules) and I will show you the world – Remember your Onward Ticket

Believe me! We have heard similar stories and they were not allowed to enter their destination. Or worse, get blocked from the airport and be banned from the country for not showing an onward ticket. This is a very stressful experience and we don’t want this to happen to you.

That brings us to a very important question most of us have:

Why do airlines not let you board without an onward ticket?

Why does an airline care if you have an onward ticket? In theory, they are not the authorities, right?!

Well, it is actually quite simple. The airline is responsible for checking if you have all the required documents for entering the country.

In case you do not have a valid visa and onward ticket, the airline is required to bring you back to the country you boarded at. For free! This means the airline would loose a seat to you and has to bring you back for free.

This is the only reason! The airline is taking responsibility for the authorities and therefore the airline will simply not let you board.

4. How to use OnwardTicket.com

Just like we have mentioned earlier in its advantages, the process in OnwardTicket.com is very fast and easy as one, two, three.

Check out the following steps we have explained further below.

  1. Choose your desired itinerary
  2. Payment
  3. Download the document
  4. …breathe, you will enter the country!

This video explains it easily.

1. Choose your desired itinerary – Enter the information and the system will check for available flights.

Note: Tickets are valid for 48 hours from the time you have booked them. But if you need to activate your ticket later, you can pay an additional $1 for the option “Receive later” which enables you to activate your ticket any time you want.

And if you’re looking for direct flights, there’s also an option for this. This will cost just an additional $2 to get direct flights. But if there’s isn’t any available direct flights, you can change the route and date.

Choose your itinerary

2. Make a payment – You can pay using all major credit cards or Paypal for as low as $14 per person.

Make a payment

3. Download your ticket – Once your ticket is booked and confirmed, you will receive an email that contains your ticket in PDF. Or you can also download it directly from the website.

Ticket Copy

Using this ticket, you can now show this at the immigration or check-in counter.

Smooth as that, getting a ticket is very fast and easy. Plus its hassle-free.

5. Is it safe to use OnwardTicket.com?

How safe is it to use OnwardTicket.com? You can check your ticket on major airline’s websites to confirm your ticket’s validity.

So you don’t have to worry if the immigration or check-in staff checks on your PNR. Unlike other fake ticket providers, the reservations are 100% legitimate with a so-called Passenger Name Record (PNR) code under your name. With this you or the airlein can verify. Tickets are legit and valid for 48 hours.

You can also check out personal reviews of customers who have tried to use it at TravelPilot.

6. How to pay?

OnwardTicket.com is able to accept the following payment methods that you can choose from:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Paypal

Straight forward, really no rocket science here.

7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds

Here are the website’s policies on changes, cancellations, and refunds.

7.1 Changes

Please pay extra attention to this. OnwardTicket.com makes booking instantly after you have confirmed so there is no chance to change details. You have to be careful in filling in details. Check the information more than twice to make sure everything is correct.

Remember that you cannot change confirmed bookings. The only way you have to change the details is to book another ticket. And you wouldn’t want that. So double-check everything before you confirm.

Important: Remember you need a ticket LEAVING your destination! This is exactly what you need to type in

  • FROM: your country you are about to enter
  • TO: Pretty much anywhere. Does not really matter

Example: If you want to enter Vietnam, you need to type “Hanoi” for FROM. Under “to” you can enter Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan for instance.

I recommend choosing as a destination, a country nearby.

7.2 Cancellations

Do consider that this is an onward ticket. This ticket will automatically be canceled by the site after its validity of 48 hours. And you don’t have to do anything.

But in cases that you would like to cancel your booked ticket, I’m afraid this is not possible – and not needed! Just like changing details, the cancellation option is not available. So you really have to be careful.

And just to be clear, you are not buying a valid flight ticket. You won’t be able to board any plane with the ticket you are about to receive. This is really only for documentation.

7.3 Refunds

As for refunds, OnwardTicket.com allows full refunds in the following cases below:

  • Customer pays to Onwardticket.com by mistake or customer makes a double payment for the services because of technical issue or mistake
  • If Onwardticket.com fails to complete the service
  • If a customer asks for a refund before the order has been started
  • If services were started, then Onwardticket.com has the right to assess the refund amount from 10% to 80% of the total received money

8. Buy the Actual Ticket

We have been informed that you can now actually buy the actual ticket, too.

You are given the option to request a quote to purchase the actual ticket in the confirmation email that contains the flight reservation. It was requested by some of the customers. Therefore, Onward added it as a special, new feature.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?


9. Support

OnwardTicket.com provides very efficient customer service available 24/7. The response rate is very responsive with replies via email within a few hours.

You can send them a message here > contact.

10. Our own story when we started using Onward Ticket

Unfortunately we also ran into situations where we needed an onward ticket last minute. I say “unfortunately” because it is a stressful situation. Really, you are about to lose a flight for 500€ simply because you missed this detail…not pleasant!

So here’s our two stories we needed to use this service.


I already talked a bit about this experience. We were travelling from Vietnam to Taiwan. Vietnamese travelling to Taiwan need to show proof that they will leave the country again. Europeans do not need this – by law!

However, the airline did not care and demanded a valid, onward ticket. This was actually our very first time we ran into this kind of trouble. We had not heard about the service of onward ticketing.

Another traveler who saw our situation came over and told us just to buy this kind of ticket. We had no idea what that is. We searched for it and kaboom – our solution cost us $14 and that is it.

I would have paid $45 per person, so $90 in total, for an outbound flight we won’t gonna take.

We traveled to Taiwan and had an awesome time.

Read: best hostels in Taiwan and Backpacking Guide

Got your onward ticket? Otherwise you may not be able to board the airplane


This time, we got our visa with iVisa sorted out. Perfect, easy, cheap.

We were perfectly on time. We had no checked in luggage, so there was no need to go to the counter. This was a big mistake in the end.

Around 5-10 minutes before boarding, the airline called us to the counter. “Show me your onward ticket, please“.

Since we had no idea how long we want to stay in Colombia, we had no ticket to show. We even had no idea if we will leave the country by bus to Peru, for instance or take a flight to Brasil or Mexico…who knows this stuff when traveling long-term? (I know, a nice problem to have…)

The airline did not care. We had to show a ticket or this plane would leave without us.

Long story short: We opened onwardticket.com, bought a ticket from Bogota to Mexico City for $14 and showed the ticket to the airline.

Uff…that was a close one!

Proof of onward Travelers with onward Ticket - finally made it to Colombia!
Proof of onward Travelers with onward Ticket – finally made it to Colombia!

Faking an airline ticket?

We have also heard from travelers who simply faked an airline ticket. You can do this fairly easy with HTML or Photoshop. And it works!

However, there is always a risk to it. If the airline or authorities would check the validation of the ticket, and it turns out it is fake document…that could end in some troubles.

Do you have any first-hand experience with faking airline tickets for outbound flights? Leave us a comment below.

11. Is it worth to try OnwardTicket.com? Other Alternatives

We have used OnwardTicket.com so many times with our travels that I lost track of numbers. And this has never failed our travels. So if you would ask me, yes, it is definitely worth it to try and use OnwardTicket.com.

It is cheap, easy to book, fast, and trustworthy. You can just show your ticket on your phone and you’re good to go. The transaction is very smooth and legit.

Note: Please do note that we did not get paid to do this review. This is all personally based on our experience with OnwardTicket.com

Here is a table that helps you check out the comparison of OnwardTicket.com and the other leading onward ticket providers on the internet.

Categories Onward Ticket   BestOnwardTicket Toponwardticket
Duration 48 hours or 14 days   48 hours + 48 hours +
Valid PNR Flight Number Yes   Yes Yes
Receive Letter Yes   Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes   No No
Direct Flight option Yes   No No
Fast Reception Yes
  No No
Payment CB and Paypal Yes   No No
Price $14   $17 $10

You may be wondering, is there any other alternatives for showing proof your onward travel?

Yes, of course. As shown above in the list, there is alternatives for onward tickets. However, we think the list already shows the pros and cons of each.

Important: Some of the sites we did not mention can be scams too! Be careful before paying. Better go with the onwardticket.com – the correct spelling!

11.1 One Way Fly (from $19)

Although we usually go with Onward Ticket, there is another website offering this service. Yet, it is more pricey. The site is called “One Way Fly”.

Quoting from their website:

“Quickly Book a Legit Flight Reservation – Valid up to 14 days

We provide real airline bookings and hotel reservations. Perfect solution for digital nomads and travellers who want to extend or apply for visas.”

The layout of both sites look similar, this is not really a surprise.

Onward Ticket starts from 14€ while One Way Fly costs $19. When using this site, I checked for Barcelona, Spain to Cancún Mexico.

I then compared the prices with Onward Ticket. With Onward Ticket I could only book for the next upcoming 9 month. I checked BCN > Cancun.

With One Way Fly, when selecting a date at least 9 months away from today’s date, they book a flight ticket with an open return date. This is required for a 1-year visa, for example, a student visa.

When choosing all the extras like valid for 14 days, receive later and Special Request, the prices are as follows:

  • Onward Ticket: 34€
  • One Way Fly: 35.90€

One more money-saving tip: On both Onward Ticket and One Way Fly, you can choose payment in US Dollar or EUR. It is the same price. So basically, you should choose US Dollar since it will be a bit cheaper.

One Way Fly offers one more service. They offer Proof of accommodation for your visa application. For many countries you need to show a first reservation in a hostel or hotel. For your visa application, we always recommend iVisa.com as your first resource.

Read: How to apply for Visa with ivisa.com

Booking your Proof of onward Travel with One Way Fly: The total cost
Booking your Proof of onward Travel with One Way Fly: The total cost is 34.90€
Hotel Voucher with One Way Fly - this can be helpful with the Visa Application
Hotel Voucher with One Way Fly – this can be helpful with the Visa Application 
If you select a date that is at least 9 months away from today's date, One Way Fly books a flight ticket with an open return date, which is required for a 1-year visa, for example, a student visa.
If you select a date that is at least 9 months away from today’s date, One Way Fly books a flight ticket with an open return date, which is required for a 1-year visa, for example, a student visa. This costs a bit more. 

Below, I took another screenshot to show “One Way Fly vs Onward Ticket”: This would have been my final price with all extras with Onward Ticket: 34€.

One Way Fly vs Onward Ticket: This would have been my final price with all extras with Onward Ticket
One Way Fly vs Onward Ticket: This would have been my final price with all extras with Onward Ticket

11.2 Booking an actual ticket and then cancel it?

This is probably the most common way to solve this issue. Travellers simple use 3-rd party websites like Expedia.com and Orbitz.com. They find these cheap flights through Skyscanner.

You can book your flight ticket and cancel it within 24 hours thanks to the 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy.

However, we think you should not rely on this and there’s a risk to it.

Here is why:

  1. It is not an international law – you cannot cancel any flight within 24 hours and get your money back
    For instance, in Europe this law does not apply. If you bought it, you pay it. Exceptions apply.
  2. You need to actively cancel your flight – otherwise you pay the full amount

First of all, this law only applies to flights to/from the U.S. It does not apply worldwide to any airline and country. This is not an international law, as many think. You now may think “yeah, sure it is. This is not true!“. Sure, you can think this…but that does not make it true neither makes it coming back your money.

And 2nd, the price for an actual flight ticket is much higher. You need to actively cancel your flight otherwise you pay the full amount.

Imagine you are travelling more than 12 hours and you are exhausted when finally arriving to your destination. And then…you forget to cancel. Then this little adventure cost you a full flight price.

Read: Our guide with smart tips to use Skyscanner

Check out Skyscanner

Entering Qatar Airways

11.3 Copy-Cat Websites and Scams

Apparently, this small industry of onward tickets attracts quite a lot of copy-cats for onwardticket.com. Others go even further and are simply blunt scams.

My best tip: Make sure you use the official and legit website onwardticket.com.

It should not be added another S or any other spelling.

User our link here to make sure you have the correct, safe website.

Check out OnwardTicket.com

We have received a complaint about onwardticket.com not being legit and it was a fake ticket etc. Of course we take this seriious. After all, we want to make sure we only recommend cool and useful (and legit!!!) travel sites. we teamed up with Onward Ticket, because we use them ourselves and it is a great service.

We reached out to onward ticket to clear this issue. As it turned out, this user has used one of the many other websites. In her defense, they all sound very similar. It is very confusing and easy to miss. Please leave us a comment below or send us a direct email if you run in any issues.

I want to make this a very useful and complete guide. This is why I added this short section about the other scam websites. They may be a bit cheaper (like $8 for instance), but again, not legit. Always use www.onwardticket.com to be on the safe side.

I took a screenshot of the website along with their logo. Please pay attention to this.

The Website of onwardticket.com with highlighted Logo

11.4 Who should us this website?

It is the perfect website for:

  1. Digital nomads or perpetual traveler
  2. anyone unsure about travel plans – and wants to stay flexible
  3. anyone applying for a visa and need a valid flight reservation

12. OnwardTicket.com discount code

At the moment, we do not have a discount code or promo code for onward ticket. This guide is always up to date. As soon as a promo code is available, we will publish it here. You can bookmark this page and join our newsletter to stay up to date.

In our newsletter we share all new discount codes to all kind of travel companies; from sightseeing to flight deals.

13. FAQ

Below we share the most frequently asked questions about proof of onward travel.

Is Onward Ticket safe to use?

Yes, Onward Tickets is super safe, cheap, and instant! Visit onwardticket.com, choose your destination, pay $14 and receive a proof of onward travel.

What is the fastest way to get an Onward Ticket?

Onward Ticket costs only $14 and the confirmation is INSTANT! You can download the ticket and show it on your phone. This is the fastest way to get a proof of onward travel in less than 5 minutes.

Is Onward Ticket legit?

Yes, Onward Ticket is legal and legit. You can book real, legitimate flights in your name on the day of your flight. It is easier and faster than buying a ticket with Expedia, for instance.

Why do Airlines require proof of onward ticket?

Airlines are required to ask for a visa and documents. If a traveler arrives to a destination and is not allowed to enter due to missing documentation, the airline is required to bring you for free back to your departing destination. To avoid this obligation and to avoid losing money, the airline may require these documents.

Can I receive my Onward Ticket later?

Yes! You can choose to receive it later with onwardticket.com. Just select this option "Pay now" and then select to receive your reservation just before your flight for complete flexibility.

14. Summary: OnwardTicket.com

In a nutshell we can say with confidence, OnwardTicket.com is very recommended to all travelers. This is the new hack to entering countries without hassle. It is very fast and easy to use. The process is smooth and trustworthy.

And with many options Google can give, OnwardTicket.com is one of the very reliable sources for onward tickets.

We love their fast response and 24/7 customer service. You can contact them at any time and receive a response within a few hours via email.

Not to mention the paperless ticket you can show at the immigration or check-in counter. Not only does it save my time to print but at the same time, I get to help the environment.

Other important travel websites you need to know

Now you know how to solve this stressful situation. Yet, there is more useful travel tools and websites we think you should know:

Over to you

Have you tried OnwardTicket.com? Which country did you use it with and what was your experience with it? Is there anything you want to know? Then please, hit the comment section. We would love to hear from you. Your comments, your feedback, and your questions will make this article and guide even more useful for all fellow travelers.

Visit Onward Ticket.com

Safe travels!

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