SPIN Designer Hostel in El Nido – Surfing and Sleeping in Philippines Paradise

SPIN Designer Hostel in El Nido - Surfing and Sleeping in Paradise

From a 5 Star Hostel to the surf board in less than 1 minute! Kick back, surf, and relax at SPIN Designer Hostel in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. Find unique design resonating in every room that you step into, as you decide which spot is perfect for enjoying warmth, good company and a chilled atmosphere. Hostelgeeks shares Spin Design, Philippines' second 5 Star Hostel.

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  • Location advantage of Spin Designer Hostel

    Situated in north Palawan, El Nido is a perfect location for town exploration, island hopping, hiking and water adventures.

    From El Nido airport, Spin Designer Hostel is just a ten-minute transfer.

    SPIN Designer Hostel is right on a peninsula and close to stunning beaches. Nearly you will find every outdoor experience you can think of.

    Speak with the helpful staff for accurate distances to areas nearby, and enjoy the hassle free guidance you will receive during your stay.

    Full Address: 📍 Spin Designer Hostel, Balinsasayaw Road cor. Calle Real, El Nido, Palawan Island 5313, Philippines
  • All room types at Spin Designer Hostel 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: Private single, Private twin bunk

    Shared Room Types available: 4 Bed Mixed dorm, 4 Bed Female dorm

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SPIN Designer Hostel has done a fantastic job with its green efforts, and no doubt you will notice as soon as you enter. Alongside this, their fabulous SPIN team have an array of outdoor adventures for you to try – cliff climbing, hiking, island hopping, surfing, you name it!

Walk with us through a design nest on one of the hippest islands in the Philippines, Palawan.

The Breakfast at Spin Designer Hostel

The 5 Star Hostels, including SPIN Designer Hostel, are awarded by Hostelgeeks, an independent platform designed to deliver the world’s greatest hostels.

Based on transparent criteria, the 5 Star Hostels are budget accommodations with character and personality.

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Surfing in Paradise, starting at Spin Designer Hostel

Before we start, pack smart…

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SPIN Designer Hostel in El Nido is a 5 Star Hostel because…

El Nido in Palawan, is still wild, tropical paradise.

Switch to beach-babe mode, take off your shoes and let us give you the guided tour. We will experience local topography, learn about batibot chairs, and nightly jam sessions.

And if we miss the board under us, we hop over to the surfing beach again.

Are you in?

1. Seamlessly with the local topography

Without doubt Palawan is a fragile environment, and one that is best enjoyed for its natural beauty.

SPIN Designer Hostel gets it, and uses only Eco-friendly materials to create a comfortable and sustainable living space.

Look closer at the design and you will spot bamboo and other locally sourced, organic materials that are cleverly featured around this 5 Star Hostel.

The burrow exchange book corner at Spin Designer Hostel

SPIN was designed to blend seamlessly with the local topography.

Did you spot that the hostel is on stilts?

This was done with nature in mind – no creatures under the building’s footprint are harmed. SPIN Designer Hostel gains further sustainability points with their continued effort to recycle.

This includes recycle bins dotted around and the use of up-cycled furniture and fixtures, something that resonates with the conscious lifestyle of the SPIN traveler.

The Nest at Spin Designer Hostel

2. Locally sourced organic materials

We briefly mentioned the up-cycled furniture in #1 sustainability, so let’s delve a little deeper.

Local materials and up-cycled products feature heavily here at SPIN Designer Hostel, and we think it is what ultimately gives the hostel its design name.

Check out the tables in the common kitchen and see they are all made from refurbished materials.

Cozy common area at Spin Designer Hostel

This is the same for the „batibot“ chairs in the private guest rooms and daybeds in the common areas (yes that’s right, you can have a nap in the common area if you wish!)

The woven room dividers are made from locally sourced rattan, and the fire exit wall comprises of local stone.

Design room at the 5StarHostel Spin Designer Hostel El Nido Palawan

SPIN hostel has also recycled steel scaffolds for the bed frames – who says they can only be used for construction purposes? There can be a second life for to many objects, and lot of our 5 Star Hostels know how to do it with a top-notch design.

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Lastly, take a look at the restaurant terrace and enjoy your meal further as you sit upon completely recycled wood.

Especially on islands, sustainable architecture is important.

Open air concert at Spin Designer Hostel

3. A nest for the travelers – unique!

To support the ‘designer hostel’ name once more, the owners at SPIN hostel provided us with an enticing summary of what makes their hostel unique, and we think you’re going to love it as much as we do.

The central core of Spin Designer Hostel is meant to resemble a bird’s nest – specifically the Balinsasayaw nests built out of saliva by tiny swiftlet birds in El Nido’s towering limestone cliffs.

The Next spin designer hostel 5 star hostel in el nido palawan

It features a soaring ceiling, woven walls, and floor-to- ceiling jalou plus windows.

The result is a sumptuous, well-ventilated common space awash in glorious natural light.

The use of local, up-cycled and eco-friendly products on the design of SPIN is what makes it unique from all other accommodations in El Nido.

4. Get social at: The Nest, Burrow, Deck, Ledge and Woods

SPIN Designer Hostel is home to different minds from different walks of life, people from all ages and unique places.

There are numerous shared spaces to hang out; The Nest, The Burrow, The Deck, The Ledge and The Woods are thoughtfully designed for mingling, and no doubt were inspired by the bird’s nest design theme.

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The Burrow at Spin Designer Hostel Nice private room spin designer hostel el nido

Together under one roof, the SPIN travelers are bonded by one thread: a thirst for fun and adventure.

Events are always underway at SPIN Design Hostel and they are at the mercy of the Master SPINer!

Typically you can expect

  • a jamming night,
  • BBQ night,
  • pub crawl,
  • games evening and
  • SPIN picnic to be on the cards.

At SPIN, new connections are waiting to happen, so get on down to the hang out rooms and meet other travelers.

The hostel kitchen at Spin Designer Hostel El Nido

A paradise in El Nido!

5. SPINers with passion

The SPIN team, also known as the resident SPINers, will surely exceed expectations.

They have passion for El Nido, the hostel and their guests so don’t be afraid to approach them and ask for tips and advice, and of course to share a drink with them!

No doubt they will help make your stay at SPIN Designer Hostel memorable. It is in fact the amazing staff that makes SPIN what it is, aside from the unique and fun design.

Relax at the 5StarHostel el Nido Palawan

When members of staff make the effort to call their guests by their first name, you know you’re going to be made to feel welcome.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the staff make up a large proportion of your experience, so we expect nothing less than excellency at our 5 StarHostels.

Spin Designer Hostel is a remarkable hostel in a gorgeous travel destination. El Nido and Palawan island in general invites you to speed up with the surf board and slow down at their beaches. SPIN Designer Hostel is the place to be.

You will love it, as much as we do!

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