Short Adventure Stories from around the World – Machu Picchu to Sandboarding

Short Adventure Stories from around the World

The Adventurous Traveler is always seeking for the adrenalin-kick, the special experience to feel alive. Find real-life travel stories from adventurous traveler all over the world. These stories were contributed by the Hostelgeeks community.

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Feeling liberated in Norway!

My boyfriend and I spent last August in Norway.

Our first stop was Trolltunga, 22 km of walking through snow, mud, rain, wind and darkness. Two days later we hiked Pulpit Rock, almost half the distance, this second hike seemed like a breeze compared to the first one.

We spent the rest of the time relaxing and exploring the beautiful county of Ryfylke – from a 10 Euro/day spa overlooking the lake, gazing at the incredible and numerous waterfalls, to aimlessly driving by the fjords.

I have always been scared of heights.

It had been less than a year since my foot surgery, accomplishing these hikes made me feel excited and liberated.

On one of our drives along the fjords, we found ourselves alone on the road surrounded by endless beauty, I felt like this was my chance to do something else I’ve always wanted to do…

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Feeling liberated in Norway!

Catching the train with the police

After our Freedom Trail tour, we wandered around China Town in Boston in search of our next thing to do. We ended up reaching the train station and thought that maybe it’ll be cool to check out Gillette Stadium. We didn’t put much thought into it and next thing we knew, we’re on the train towards Walpole station.

It was quite a hassle getting to “Patriot Place” but we found it to be a cool spot to chill out. However, we failed to realize that there will be a back-to-back football match happening that late afternoon. We lingered around too long, and there were no means for us to get back to Walpole station. (Traffic was down, making it impossible for cabs to come in, and it was a long walk away).

When we saw a policeman down the street, we ran up to him, asking about other alternatives to rush back to Walpole for the last train leaving in 10 minutes. To our disbelief, he offered us a ride in the police car. So thanks to the Boston Police, we were back in Boston safe and sound, just in time to catch our bus to New York.

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Catching the train with the police

Danger and Fear Climbing the Italian Dolomites Mountain

Having experienced many exposed and challenging Via Ferrata, I thought my rational fear had subsided over time. That was until my friends and I had to cross an icy bridge that was completely open to the elements.

Without the usual pseudo protection of my carabiner clips and iron wire, I suddenly felt extremely at risk.

Either side of the foot-wide ice-crossing were drops that had no bottom and considering we were climbing on a mountain that stood over 2000 m tall, my guess is that if I had slipped, I would not be re-telling this story today. If I learned only one thing – do not underestimate the Dolomite Mountains!

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Danger and Fear Climbing the Italian Dolomites Mountain

Machu Picchu’s Gigantic Aura – Reminder Why I Travel

On day three of the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, we reached the summit of Abra de Runkuracay, eager to take in the surrounding views. The day was unusually warm; wispy white clouds rolled in and out of the deep green valleys, aided by a gentle breeze. We scuttled up to the highest point we could find.

Even though the clouds obstructed much of the view, I could feel the enormity of the valley we were perched above. I searched for snowy peaks in the distance, searched for the river far below. At that moment, I could do no more than revere my surroundings and feel that I was a part of something important.

The history enveloped me, the sights burned themselves into my memory, the crisp mountain air filled my lungs.  My overwhelmed senses were reminding me: This is why I travel.

Machu Picchu's Gigantic Aura - Reminder Why I Travel

Sandboarding at 65k through Namibia’s Dunes

We left Swakopmund, Namibia early in the morning and drove out to the dunes with the sand boards. It was a difficult trudge to the top, and I gulped when I got there and looked down the slope we would be using. Too late to wimp out, though.

I smeared the bottom of the board with wax, clipped in my boots and performed the backwards somersault they had shown us how to do to get started. Then I was up on my feet and scudding diagonally across the dune, balancing better than I imagined, and picking up more speed than felt safe. I shifted my weight to try to slow, but the board dug in and flung me forward, and I landed face-down in the sand and rolled.Like a helicopter taking off sideways,” someone said when I got back to the top, spitting sand.

I graduated then to lie-down boarding: headfirst on a sheet of ply at the top of the dune, pulling up the corners and barreling down the slope. The guy measuring the speed shouted “65k”. Then the board caught and stopped dead, and I buried myself in the sand some distance ahead.

– – –

When starting your Africa-Experience, Namibia is the perfect spot. We’ve visited Tsumeb Backpackers in Tsumeb, a remarkable home on the road. Find all hostels in Tsumeb here.

Sandboarding with 65k through Namibias Dunes

Sun Rise in the Desert of Morocco – Lasting Travel Memories

Travel Memories! We love to think back of our time in the Moroccan desert.

Back in 2013 we were staying in the wild city of Marrakesh.

It was loud, it was colorful, many different smells run through our noses. It was truly a wow-experience to get to know Marrakesh. One day we got the opportunity to hop on a bus to a desert adventure. It was a bus tour with local guides on their way to the far desert, stopping at a few small towns in the mountains.

On the way we crossed the majestic Atlas Mountains, and there are tons of tiny villages hidden in the middle of nowhere.

Really impressive!

We spent the night in a small group of tents. In a bigger tent, we all came together to have dinner. After enjoying a Tajine loaded with Cous Cous and Vegetables, our new friends started to play some music, and everybody started singing.

The most impressive part of the whole night, however, was something different.

Have you ever seen 1 Billion stars?

This is how we felt whilst watching the clear sky in the cold desert. We both have never seen so many stars.

We decided to wake up early. We wanted to watch the sun climbing up behind the mountain and feel the first shafts of sunlight. This is when we took the photo, trying to freeze those good travel memories.

– – –

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We share here the best desert tour from Marrakesh, a handmade souvenir, and a secret spot you will love us for.

Morocco Desert - Our experience in the cold desert of Morocco

I believe I can fly – Tobogganing down a 3 km narrow piste

It was reassuring when, before trying out tobogganing for the first time, my friends admitted to being a little apprehensive. Staring down a 3 km narrow piste, with a flimsy wooden sled between me and the compact snow, I took a deep breath and pushed away. Before long, we were racing around bends and hitting speeds that sent the trees into a blur.

Suddenly it didn’t matter if we tumbled into the powder or got damp from the melt – we were once again 6 years old with absolutely no fear or a care in the world.

I believe I can fly - Tobogganing down a 3km narrow piste

The Dangerous Roads in Morocco Across the Atlas Mountain

Traveling through Morocco by car is a great way to see this diverse and beautiful country. But the roads in Morocco can be diabolical. We rent a car and take off from Marrakesh airport. Within 5 minutes, we were lost, having missed the signposted turn-off to our destination. On entering the highway, we were greeted with an overturned truck.

We journey over the High Atlas Mountains. A steep, winding and rugged road, the main danger is not the drop-offs, or the wandering sheep, or even the overloaded trucks. The greatest danger were the Mercedes taxis that come hurtling at you from around every corner, horn blaring, speed limits ignored.

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The Dangerous Roads in Morroco Across the Atlas Mountain


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