5 Top-Secret Things To Do in Marrakesh (+ absolute Basics to know beforehand)

5 Top-Secret Things To Do in Marrakesh (+ absolute Basics to know beforehand)

So you are about to travel to Marrakesh, and looking for some secret things to do?

On our first trip there it was not easy to get some reliable information, and luckily we have friends there!

We set up this guide on fun things to do in Marrakech to share with you our best secrets for the red city so you can get the most out of it and to avoid tourist traps.

Besides this guide, we also wrote up a guide on the absolute coolest hostels in Marrakesh. We also visited the now-5 Star Hostel Rodamon Riad.

We do not hold back with all our secret things for Marrakesh we have including the most delicious food we had for the cheapest price, what is worth it to discover, and what to do outside the city.

We even added a basic introduction to the city itself.


Because Marrakesh is different from the rest of Morocco, and with our guide you will have a decent preparation of what you can expect.

It’s a short guideline of what you should consider, avoid, and remember when you are exploring La Medina.

Enjoy Marrakesh – you will love it like we do!

Get the 5 Secret Things To Do in Marrakesh

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Travel Guide Marrakesh covers:

  1. The most delicious food we had in all Morocco at a place you would not expect (fun fact: it was also the cheapest!)
  2. Do you like souvenirs? Make your own! A local workshop to join for a reasonable price (cheaper than the actual souvenir!).
  3. A sight lots of people are missing – good for you and us!
  4. Where to get lost and a specific recommendation for a market
  5. Get out of the city – 2 ideas for trips away from Marrakesh

EXTRA: 5 Basic recommendations to get you prepared, avoid tourist traps, and cultural differences.

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Best Hostels in Marrakech, Morocco

Oh there is some stunning Marrakech hostels for all type of traveler. From pure Luxury to fun and crazy backpacker party hostels.

Would you like to stay in a traditional Riad? Then seriously consider a hostel here. Why? Well, Rodamon and Equity Point for instance are hostels within a gorgeous Riad. You pay less, meet more travelers, and get the full experience.

Take a look at the photos below.

Quick overview:

  1. Rodamon Riad Marrakech
  2. Equity Point Hostel Marrakech
  3. Boho 27 Hostel

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Boutique Hostels in Marrakech

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