Sex in Hostels? 10 Do’s and Dont’s to remember (always)

Sex in Hostels? 4 Do's and Dont's + real life stories

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Sex in Hostels? 10 Do's and Dont's to always remember ( Fun Stories...) Let’s talk about sex in hostels, a common topic around backpackers, budget travelers, traveler-couples, … you name it.

As part of our guide to hostels, we picked up this topic on sex in hostels.

Make sure you check as well WHAT is a hostel in the first place.

We are now living in the 21st century and more and more people are traveling solo.

Thanks to hostels, meeting new people could never be easier.

Not only that, but hostels have created a unique space for endless opportunities for a fun fling, or two. After all, traveling should be filled with new experiences.

New surroundings, new 5 Star Hostels, or any other type of hostels, new friends – why not add hostel sex to the list of new endeavors?

When you mix ‘doing the nasty’ and a super cool hostel together, it’s bound to create a fun story.

But stop right there! It’s important to remember that your fun isn’t necessarily going to be everyone else. After all, sex is a part of the daily travel life.

Just have a look at this summary of 10 sex-statues around the world or these 14 temples in India with some unexpected monuments to show.

Dos and Donts on Sex in Hostels

Let’s pack the condoms and have a look then at the 4 do’s and don’t-s of indulging in hostel sex. From London, Rome to Paris to Tokyo to Buenos Aires.

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At the end of the article you can download the guide as a .pdf to your device.

On the menu:

  1. Sex in dorms
  2. Private Rooms
  3. Roof Top Terrace
  4. the hostel staff
  5. condoms
  6. don’t become a porn star
  7. bathroom, toilet and shower
  8. kitchen
  9. Laundry Room
  10. Be Creative

1. “Let’s do it in the dorm room, everyone else does!”


Under no circumstances it’s a good idea to hook up in the dorm. There’s some people out there that will get really mad, and may even interrupt you rudely.

After all, this is one of the steps to take to become the worst hostel guest ever.

Put yourself in the shoes of a weary traveler trying to sleep.

Suddenly you hear moans and bed-squeaking: the obvious clues that hostel sex has commenced.

Either you interrupt and tell them it isn’t acceptable now, or wait ‘til the morning to turn their cheeks pink.

The bottom line is that no one wants to hear it, and no matter how quiet you think you’re being; chances are everyone can hear you. Seriously…you are not as quiet as you think you are…

It does not matter if you are staying in a 4-bed dorm or a 16-bed dorm or even bigger, sex in dorms is a bad idea.

However: You could wait until everybody left. Most likely hostels are empty after 11am, since most people head out for the day. But remember, that there is a cleaning boy or lady coming in at one point.

And what’s worse than making the beast-with-two-backs in a dorm?

Doing it on the top bunk!

Not only is the poor person below you anticipating a collapsed bed, but you risk your sheets falling over the side and disappearing.

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Sex in Hostels - Private Rooms

2. Private Rooms are your best friend


This is your smartest idea when you are about to have sex in hostels. A private room is your best bet, no doubt. Of course, it is kind of awkward to crawl up the reception desk and ask for a private room. Plus, when traveling on a budget, this will burn a whole in your wallet.

So, while a private room is your absolute best idea to hook up, there is some cons.

However, bear in mind you can do whatever you want when the room is all yours.

Just saying, it might be worth it, especially when splitting the costs…

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Couple in a private room in Ecomama Amsterdam

Photo shows Ecomama, one of the best hostels in Amsterdam

3. “Come on let’s check out the views on the rooftop!”


Assuming you’re both traveling on a tight budget: the rooftop, shower, even the cleaning cupboard – if it is private (lockable) and after hours, then your naughty antics shouldn’t upset other hostel-goers.

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Those that have tried it suggest aiming for the early hours of the morning when you’re less likely to get caught.

One ‘don’t’ however; sofas and kitchen areas.

Would you really want to reminisce about your rendezvous as you prepare breakfast on the same table the next morning…?

Exactly, so spare others this too.

Plus, the chance to get caught is quite high. Do not risk it, the hostel could even throw you out for this.

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Sex in Hostels? Get a room!

4. “The staff might catch us, should we be worried?”

DO (worry).

Staff are aware that hostel sex happens, and being (mostly) young and free themselves, they probably don’t care.


There is a but, actually a few buts.

a. Respect should be shown to the awesome staff, wouldn’t you agree?

Forums suggest that staff would prefer you to book a private room, and they don’t care if that means asking them at 2am.

It prevents angry dorm-buddies complaining (or making ghost-sounds), and subsequent embarrassment from both parties.

Perhaps you’ll even get a discount as after all, they’d rather sell the room cheaper than not at all. Ask for it!

For those on a (really) tight budget, stick with the shower – staff can easily redirect shocked guests to other facilities, and don’t have to worry about extending their cleaning hours in the morning, if you catch our drift.

b. you can get kicked out

Keep in mind that the staff can also kick you out when you violate the hostel rules. No joke. If you think you can just start to hook up wherever you are, well, you made the bet without the staff.

c. Roof Tops can have CCTV

Although we recommend to check out the roof top terrace, remember that hostels have cameras. They can have cameras on the roof top terrace as well.

We chat a lot with staff from different hostels. Once a couple did their thing on the rooftop terrace. They didn’t realize the cameras. The staff member has to check every morning the video tapes to see if everything was ok with the bar etc.

Well…you can imagine the surprise. She was cool with it, and her reaction priceless. When the couple checked out, our friend ask them if they noticed the cameras on the roof top terrace. The girl blushed, the girl not as much.

So, please, show some respect.

Again the roof top terrace is an idea. If not, keep scrolling, we have more tips on how to have sex in hostels.

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What do we explore tomorrow? The Roof top terrace at Hostel Malti is the perfect spot to plan backpacking Malta

5. “A condom? I don’t have one, but don’t let that stop us.”


Ok ok, traveling somewhere new should be filled with spontaneity and excitement, but there should also be limits to your care-free attitude.

It is perfectly acceptable to keep some inhibitions whilst traveling, and safe sex – not just hostel sex – is important.

Don’t let the heat of the moment tell you otherwise!

The only fun things to take away from hostel sex are fun memories and a story to tell, perhaps even a t-shirt.

Also good to know: Many hostels have condom machines or sell condoms at the reception desk. No kidding!

Anyways, your best idea would be to pack a few condoms.

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Packing condoms when traveling

6. Watch out for security cameras

The alternative title for this topic was “do not become a po*n star” Whatever you, there is one thing you have to remember:

Hostels HAVE cameras.

The cameras are actually there for security purpose – and not to spy on you.

So, therefore, if you are planning to hook up on the roof top terrace or the laundry room…have a look if there is a camera first!

Insider: MANY many hostels out there have “internal sex tapes” of guests hooking up. This is quite funny for them. Well, but not for you, right?!

Keep an eye on cameras – because they will for sure keep an eye on you!

We read on other networks they do recommend the laundry room to hook up.

In theory, great advise. But again, make sure there is no camera.

You do want to avoid this. You do not want to be that girl that *** the guy a *** in the hallway, caught on camera.

You do not want to be that person that …well, you get the idea!

Aaaaanyway, the whole point is: Hostels have camera, do not become a po*n star!

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Wild Rover La Paz is one of the best party hostels in the world

7. Bathroom, Toilet and Showers


Besides getting your own room, the bathroom could be a solid option.

Many hostels have shared bathrooms and ensuite facilities in the dorms or well, private rooms. If you have a private room with ensuite facilities, the problem is solved anyways.

This option is really only valid for a short time. Not really comfortable, and not really time for romance, as you can imagine.

Anyways, it’s a solid option to consider.

Shared facilities at a hostel in Copenhagen

8. Kitchen


Sorry, but we have to mention this again. Just skip the kitchen, do not even think about it. Chances are incredibly high you will get caught.

Plus, this is just nasty.

The Kitchen corner at Onas Hostel

The photo shows Casa Pepe, one of the best hostels in Mexico City.

9. Laundry Room


We already mentioned the laundry room. While this room is usually sticky, and small, it could be your private room for a few moments.

Just make sure you can actually lock the door.

And again: Check that there is no camera filming you.

Laundry at a hostel in Copenhagen

10. Be Creative…

Last but not least: Be creative!

Maybe there is a corner in the hostel nobody knows about. Maybe a cinema? Maybe the hostel has also a large garden, or a forest behind the hostel?

Even in public could be a better idea than having sex in the dorm.

Just keep in mind in some countries it is illegal and could lead to other kind of troubles.

Slumber Party Phuket is one of the best party hostels in the world

Slumber Party Hostel, one of the coolest Party Hostels in the world.

Sex-Stories from Hostels (Barcelona, Paris, London, …)

There are endless stories, and without a doubt, you’ve heard your own stories already. On reddit there is a whole topic about it.

It includes Ghosts, Vienna, and Couple sex in a female-only dorm.

Whatever you pick, those articles are interesting to read around this topic!

Needless to say, there are as well many anecdotes from sex in London’s hostels and more. If you have your own, share it with us.

Hostel Sex Stories

For Hostels

Dear hostels,

are you hear to read about sex in your accommodation and how to solve this issue for other guests?

There is a few things you can do.

Encourage your guests to book a private room. Almost every hostel also has dorm rules, that include this topic. While we recommend not to be strict on that topic, you could give travelers an option in a way.

We know of some hostels that have a garden, and openly tell guests this area is an available option.

The most important thing for you as a hostel owner is that no other guests leave you bad reviews.

Also, many hostels have a rule in place for their staff hooking up with guests. They “allow” this in a way, but not in their own hostel.

There is many forums and facebook groups discussing. Join these forums to find a solution for your own place.

You can also download this guide below and print it out for your guests.

The Bucket List in Goa, India is one of the best party hostels in the world

Download the Sex Guide

We created a guide, so you can download it to your device. Just click on the image below or download the guide here.

Download the sex hostel guide

Final Words on Sex in Hostels

To sum up then; hostel sex can be an awesome idea as long as the unspoken rules are followed.

At the end of the day, as long as those involved consent, safe sex is initiated and no one else around has to suffer, there’s no problem. And come on, sex can be a big part of your travel experience.


Read: the 18 hostel rules and etiquette.

Of course the type of hostel is important here.

When it comes to party hostels vs. boutique hostels, it becomes obvious which one will attract this kind of fun.

If you are interested in hostel gay sex, then make sure you read all the reviews of hostels properly. There are some hostels only for gays and lesbians, dedicated to exactly this target group.

You can find them on, Hostelworld and all booking platforms. Make sure you read our guide how to book hostels with Hostelworld and our full guide to the best hostel booking sites.

Good to know: Many hostels are as well gay-friendly. Here is our list of the best gay-friendly hostels.

Update: For the hangover after the ride of your life time, here is a list of 33 best wanderlust movies.

Summary of the 10 Do’s and Don’ts:

Okay, let’s wrap this up.

  1. DON’T: dorm sex
  2. DO: Private Room
  3. DO: rooftop terrace
  4. DO: ask the staff for a private room
  5. DO: get condoms
  6. Remember, hostels have cameras
  7. DO: Bathroom, toilet, shower
  8. DO: Laundry Room
  9. DON’T: Kitchen
  10. DO: Be creative

Hostels are a great accommodation choice for many reasons.

As always we are keen to hear your views on this subject, so leave your comments below.

Do you think hostel sex is a good idea?

Or should it be held off for a more private setting?

Perhaps you work at a hostel and would like to share stories/views from the other side of the reception desk.

This is a chance to share your views and help keep hostels a sociable, happy and welcoming environment for all.

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Sex in Hostels? 10 Do's and Dont's to always remember ( Fun Stories...)

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