Maverick Student Lodge in Budapest, Hungary - 5 Star Hostel

Maverick Student Lodge in Budapest – Mix with Locals and Travelers, Enjoy Weekly Events

Update: Maverick Student Lodge is now Maverick Urban Lodge. Budapest has recently become home to a student hostel aptly named Maverick Student Lodge. It’s the ideal place to stay just a few days or an entire semester or academic year.

Travellers of all types are welcome to join the space with students that choose to stay here, too. Modern design, a spacious lobby and fun pub area are just some of the reasons to stay at this 5 star hostel in Budapest.

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Does the name seem familiar? Well spotted: Maverick Student Lodge is actually the third hostel put forth by the creative Maverick team.

Also in Budapest, you can find Maverick Hostel & Ensuites and Maverick City Lodge.

We love them all so much we’ve included them in our 5 star hostels collection.

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The team has gone one step further to improve the quality of the dorms here. At this lodge, you’ll find around 75% is dorms, the other 25% private rooms.

This new student hostel concept is one of a kind in Budapest.

Enjoying the same set of in-house services and professional maintenance, you’ll be staying minutes from the major transportation hubs and close to the world renowned Great Market Hall.

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Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

Maverick Student Lodge in Review

Before we kick off this review of Maverick Student Lodge, what is the main different between the three 5 Star Hostels in Budapest.

Here’s the difference:

  • Maverick Hostel & Ensuites has a unique building, super downtown location , pub crawl, wine tastings and other fun activities. Perfect for solo-traveller wanting to meet people. It has 30% dorms and 70% private rooms.
  • Maverick City Lodge is in the middle of the Budapest Soho. It has a modern design, with improved comfort and quality, 40% dorms and 60% privates. Perfect for female solo-traveller!
  • Maverick Student Lodge is brand new! Here, about 75% is dorm and 25% private. It has a cool pub area together with its lobby. Best hostel in Budapest for backpackers and groups!

How to choose?

If I were you, compare prices for all 3 hostels on their official website, and see what room/ dorm is available for your dates. Personally, I think Maverick City Lodge has the best location.

Sounds good so far, right? This is just the beginning.

There’s no time like the present, so let’s jump in. Maverick Student Lodge is a 5 Star Hostel in Budapest because…

1. What carbon footprint?

It’s sometimes hard to minimize your footprint when you’re staying in hostels, as there isn’t much scope for control.

However, things are different at Maverick Student Lodge!

They take the pressure off you and take responsibility for their carbon emissions, so you can spend less time worrying, and more time having fun.

Carbon emissions created at the hostel are neutralized through offset projects.

In 2020, they plan to offset the entire year’s emissions through a United Nations Renewable energy project in India.

Oh! And efforts to recycle all waste is in motion.

One last thing – this is a smoking-free environment, so there will be no nasty cigarette butts or nasty smells to contend with.

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

2. Hungarian Design throughout

When you glance around and marvel at the beauty of this 5 star hostel, you’ll be experiencing what Hungarian design stands for.

The hostel is a great representation of Budapest, thanks to the involvement of local designers. All the furniture is tailor-made, and the lamp installations are the genius design of said local artists.

Basically, the entire design of the project is supported by Hungarian designers!

What about that cool decoration? Extend your gratitude to a well-known Hungarian street artist.

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

The room options really reflect a conscious design effort, too.

From cosy 4-bed dorms to 6 and 8-bed female dorms, to standard single and superior double rooms for cute couples.

Privacy curtains and huge lockers are signs that the team here are really aware of what travellers appreciate when staying in a hostel.

Having the ability to ‘hide’ from people is certainly needed as a student now and again. Maverick understand this!

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

3. Hotel comfort, hostel vibes

Maverick Student Lodge has done seriously well in creating a special environment.

You may find that the building gives you an almost boutique hotel feel, yet with the friendliness and easy-going vibe of a hostel. Clever, right?

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The onsite pub was put forth with an aim of bringing together open-minded locals living in the neighborhood with travelers.

To support this, there are weekly free events organized to bring people together in a fun, relaxed environment. The drink prices are also very reasonable!

Being set in a more quiet area of the city, the calmness really helps magnify this splice of hostel community created in Budapest.

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

4. Super sociable and fun

One of the highlights of travel has to be meeting new people. At Maverick Student Lodge, there is an opportunity to mix with fellow travellers and locals.

Either way, you’ll simultaneously get to know the local culture of Budapest.

Made super easy with the weekly social events on offer here!

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

What kind of things can you expect?

  • Free walking tours
  • Pub crawls
  • Social events w/ freebies
  • Live music

Most of these happenings can be found in the pub. Some games are also organized to help break the ice. No matter if you prefer groups or one-to-one, there is space to do what best suits you.

Top tip: if somebody wants to “egészégdre” with you – cheers in Hungarian – make sure you look them in the eye!

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

5. Superb staff

Young, local and good knowledge of the surrounding area – these are just some qualities the staff at Maverick Student Lodge hold.

Got a burning question at 11pm? No worries, they’re at reception 24 hours a day.

Aren’t so great with your English? These guys are multilingual.

Ask them about free luggage storage, bicycle rental and the scrumptious breakfast up for grabs for just 5 euros.

Maverick Student Lodge is a brand new 5 Star Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

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