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  • Location of Marken Gjestehus

    Simply put: AWESOME location! It is located right in the heart of Bergen, just 250m from the train station and close to the harbor. It’s a very convenient location as you have plenty of restaurants, shops, and cafés around. It goes without saying, if you arrive by car, you cannot park very close to the hostel unless you pay for a parking spot.

    Hostel Marken Gjestehus can be easily reached by foot from both the train station and ferry port. Take the street called "Marken" and turn right to the street "Tverrgaten". You will find there Marken Gjestehus down that street on your left hand side.

    Marken Gjestehus, Kong Oscars Gate 45 Bergen, Hordaland
  • All room types at Marken Gjestehus

    Private Room Types available: Single room, Double Room, Triple room with bathroom

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Dorm, 8-Bed Dorm, 10-Bed Dorm

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Marken Gjestehus is a beautiful, stylish hostel in the city center. Welcome to the full review of the best hostel in Bergen and Norway.

This is your answer to where to stay in Bergen!

Literally, Marken Gjestehus is located just 250m from the main train station and the pear.

The private rooms and dorms are spacious and decorated in a warm natural theme. We especially like the cozy atmosphere that comes with this hostel.

We had a closer look and share why this is on top all best hostels in Bergen.

All kind of travelers are welcome at Marken Gjestehus, looking for a cozy, friendly hostel to stay – the perfect starting point to explore Norway. There must be a reason why Marken Gjestehus receives many awards for its outstanding hostel, right?!

In fact, year after year Marken Gjestehus is awarded as “the best hostel in Norway”.

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Before we start, pack smart…

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Hostel Marken Gjestehus in Bergen in a review

Let us have a closer look around and see why Marken is on top of all best hostels in Bergen Norway.

In the process, we also wrote a big, handmade guide to the best things to do in Bergen, Norway.

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1. Sustainable : Locally managed and local suppliers

Marken Gjestehus is a locally managed accommodation, opened its doors back in 1997 with 12 rooms and 36 beds.

Both in 2002 and 2009 the hostel expanded, and nowadays the hostel has 22 rooms with a total of 73 beds.

As mentioned, Marken Gjestehus is locally managed, and the hostel works with local tour operators, offering fun and quality tours in and outside of Bergen.

Female dorm at Marken Guesthouse, the 5 Star Hostel in Bergen

2. Nature-Theme Style at Marken Gjestehus

The Marken hostel is stylish and modern and the rooms just got a makeover.

The Marken team wants to give the feeling of the the rooms like a “jewelbox” , for the guests to enjoy. The rooms have wallpapers in Scandinavian Surface, a provider that use elements from the Norwegian nature.

The whole idea of the hostel is that you can have good and inspiring design even though it is made on budget.

A stylish common area invites you to meet fellow travelers and play board games.

The walls are decorated in a nature-theme, reflecting the close relation between Norway and its environment – we like that!

Living Room at Marken Gjestehus

3. Homely plus the perfect location

The home-style design, easy-going atmosphere combined with the Marken Gjestehus team’s friendly nature makes your stay here unique and comfortable. Just like at home.

People staying at Marken Gjestehus especially love the atmosphere of being open and friendly.

Whether you want to get some Bergen recommendations from the staff, or want to connect to other travelers in the common area – Marken Gjestehus Hostel is an inviting space!

Hostel in Bergen Marken Gjestehus

4. Cozy is king! Marken Guesthouse Vibes

Marken Gjestehus offers accommodation for everyone from corporate clients, families and backpackers, and is also suitable for school classes, sports teams and groups.

Every kind of traveler in every age who looking for the best possible way to stay in Bergen is welcome.

Together with the staff, they are all part of creating that special homely and cozy atmosphere that characterizes Marken Gjestehus – a modern hostel!

Private Room at Marken Guesthouse in Bergen

Marken Gjestehus has common facilities as a kitchen, living room and TV room, and of course if you need to check your email, there are PCs with free WiFi for all guests.

In the same building as Marken Gjestehus there is an external bar providing

  • food,
  • billiard,
  • dart and
  • shuffleboards.

Sounds like fun? Check it out with your fellow hostel mates!

Are you a beer lover?

Then join as well this beer trail in Norway during your travels.

Marken Gjestehus in Bergen, the perfect Hostel in Bergen

5. 100% local tips – the Staff

The staff at Marken Gjestehus is welcoming and will give you 100% local tips on what to do in and around Bergen.

Within the reception hours you can ask for recommendations on what to do in Bergen and if you like, the tourist information is also located just 5 min walk from the hostel.

You will also find useful information at the hostels black board/ information wall about newest events.

And if you fancy a few local tips for Bergen before you hit the road, read through our 27 best things to do in Bergen, Norway.

Update: Check out this cute short hostel story from Marken Guesthouse.

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How to book Marken Gjestehus?

You were looking for the absolute BEST hostels in Bergen, Norway? You just found it! Marken Gjestehus is the top place we recommend to our friends, family and to you!

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