Travel Quiz! 9 Travel Quizzes to challenge your travel thirst

9 Travel Quizzes (to challenge your travel thirst NOW!)

9 Travel Quizzes (to challenge your travel thirst NOW!)Do you like to test your knowledge with a good travel quiz once in a while?

I love the occasional challenge of travel related questions. Putting countries and sights on a map and finding the correct capitals, languages and flags of a country – love it!

The options of how a good travel quiz can be set up is actually endless and over time we have come across many travel quizzes: some were really great, some not so much.

We are Hostelgeeks, collecting amazing hostels all over the world.

In this article we skipped the un-cool and boring travel riddles and kept space for the – hopefully you’ll agree – super fun travel quizzes out there!

Besides these quiz, we found more entertaining travel-related

We are keen to share with you our most favorite travel quiz (guess which one).

Plus 8 more quizzes to challenge your thirst for travel.

List of ravel Quizzes we enjoy

From the smallest countries in Africa, to the weirdest flags of the world – the travel quiz is on!

Let’s get this quiz-party started:

1. Identify world cities from street plans

Many cities of the world have their unique shapes and street plans.

The Guardian put together this travel quiz which challenges you to identify these world cities from their street plans alone. Nothing else, just the street plans from a birds eye view.

Some of the cities are very obvious, but only if you have been there already, whereas others are not at all easy to guess.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Play the travel quiz by The Guardian here.

Which airline is this one?

2. Do you know Africa?

This travel game is one of our favorites!

Africa is a huge continent with many different countries and ethnicities, but do you know their distributions?

The travel quiz You Don’t Know challenges you to guess all of the African countries and place them at the correct spot on the map.

We have to confess something…

when we started this game, we made our mistakes, and the clock was ticking.

Now, after a few attempts, we are proud to say that we managed to identify Africa’s countries and all their correct locations.

This travel game is also available for Asia, Australia, USA, and many more regions in the world!

Just scroll down the quiz and you will find the entire official list.

Summer Mixtape

3. Why do you love the world?

Have you ever thought about the reason(s) why you love to travel?

The BBC developed a small game to help you put your finger on it. And in a nutshell there seem to be two reasons for traveling excessively: escaping or searching for something.

Questions like

  • What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?”
  • How do you get around a new place?“.

Get to the travel quiz Why Do you Love The World by BBC here, and find out why you might have constantly itchy feet.

When we took this travel test, they told us the following:

You are: the documentarian!

“For you, the only thing better than seeing a jaw-dropping view is capturing it forever. You thrive on finding the beauty around you, and showcasing it in stunning, unique ways. After all, there’s a big, beautiful world out there. It’s practically your duty to capture as much of it as possible!“

Pssst…a bit of an extra: Here are +29 songs for the perfect backpacker playlist

29 Travel Songs for the perfect Playlist! Hostelgeeks Mixtape

4. Do you know the Capitals of the World?

This game is pretty obvious, right?!

You need to guess the correct capitals of a country, and put them on the map.

At the end you will get a summary of how well you did. It is very cleverly done, but be careful, the map is rather small and it is difficult to hit the exact location of where you think the capital is located!

The photo shows Skopje, the capital of…..?

Here are our 5 secret things to do in Skopje.

Update: Here is a new quiz app for Android to get capitals to the countries in this world right.

Travel Quiz with Capitals of the world

5. The smaller-less known capitals?

How about we take it to the next level:

Do you know the capitals of Sierra Leone, Eritrea, or Tuvalu?

Here you are asked to guess the world’s most obscure capital cities. These are a little trickier!

Test your knowledge about the less-known countries and capitals here.

Drive a Trabbi Car through Berlin - Unique!

6. Language Travel Quiz: Can you guess the language being spoken?

We were specifically looking for a quiz that specializes in languages, and we happened across this travel quiz with languages by Quartz!

You have to listen to different languages and then guess the correct one out of four possible choices.

At first it is not that simple, but once your ears adjust to the sounds it becomes easier every time you try it!

This language quiz was developed by Quartz using audio clips from the Wikitongues project:  a global project that documents and preserves the diverse selection of languages around the world.

Travel Quiz with languages - do you get it?

7. The Hardest Travel Quiz

When we first found this travel quiz we expected a lot and we were not disappointed!

You are asked to find answers to 15 questions like “What was the Peruvian city of Cusco’s street plan designed to resemble?“, or “How many official languages are spoken in India?“.

This travel quiz is purely challenging and fun!

The only pity is that you do not get any further information about the correct answers but as there is no clock ticking, you can simply search Google for more information.

Try the hardest travel quiz by Rough Guides here.

The Marketing travel quiz?

8. Where are you – Travel Quiz

Can you guess the correct place based on what the photo shows you?

It is a tricky one!

For example, they may show you a photo of a Chinese statue, and it may be a China Town in some bigger city in the world, or, well, actually China.

The design is kept simple and clean, making it easy to click through the different photos.

When you have selected your answer, you will also get a short, not too overwhelming explanation about the place. Really well done!

Check out the travel Quiz ‘Where Are You’ here.

What city is this? Penang, Malaysia

9. Flags of the World

This one can be really, really hard! Wanna give it a try?

You have to choose the flags of different countries, and put their capital on the map.

You can play the flag travel quiz here and see how many flags of the world you can guess correctly!

UPDATE: This game is not online anymore. 🙁

Summary: These 9 Travel Quizzes are fun!

As you can see there are many travel quizzes out there to challenge your knowledge about travel and geography.

They are all set up differently and are both fun and educating in their own way.

If you would like to improve your knowledge about European, South American and African countries – or any other continent/region for that matter – the You Don’t Know is a real hit!

You will get instant results, and can see if and how you improved – it’s our personal favourite!

More cool travel articles:

If you prefer a travel quiz on your Smart Phone, just search for the term “travel quiz or world quiz” in the AppStore – there are many travel quiz apps out there you can play on the go!

Update: We found more amazing travel quizzes, so we decided to add them right below here.

a) How well do you know the world? By BBC

This game is super fun. It shows you the Google Street view and you have to make your guess where in the world this is. Sounds hard, right?! Well, it is even harder than we thought!

You can challenge your globetrotting knowledge here.

Do you have a particular travel quiz you like?

We would love to hear from you as we know there must be great travel quizzes out there that we missed.

Please leave us a comment. Let us know which travel quizzes you prefer!



9 Travel Quizzes (to challenge your travel thirst NOW!)