6 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka – Yoga, Trekking and Surfing

5 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

Welcome to the detailed guide on the best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka. This magical country offers numerous yoga, surf and spa retreats, we simply had to narrow it down for you. We have been to Sri Lanka already twice; it is always magical. On our latest trip, we noticed more and more new Yoga retreats around Sri Lanka. The most popular area is the Southern Area, around Weligama, Matara and Hiriketiya. Please check our very popular guide to the best hostels in Sri Lanka. It includes ALL our best tips, itineraries and secret spots.

Anyway, back to Yoga.

Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka are unlike any other.

The culture is diversified with many people from all over and the landscape is beautiful and scenic that you will feel like you are in a different world. Sri Lanka is the perfect place to have the best retreats for healing, detox, and connecting with nature just a few to name. You will have the best time and will never forget your experience picking one of these Sri Lanka retreats.

Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

The top yoga retreats in Sri Lanka are listed below. Keep reading to find out more!

Your Shortcut:

  1. 4-Day Yoga, Surf and Meditation Holiday in Hiriketiya
  2. 3-Day Yoga Holiday in Kandy
  3. 8-Day Yoga Holiday in Kandy
  4. 5-Day ‘Connect to Nature’ Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Thudugala
  5. 4-Day Yoga, Trekking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Holiday in Digana
  6. 7-Day The Surfer Beach Camp – Yoga and Surf Camp

We also wrote up big guides to top yoga retreats in Mexico as well as Costa Rica.

Practise yoga for mind and body healing

In this guide, you will find:

On top of that, we have written for you some very special guides about the country:

13 Reasons to Visit East Coast in Sri Lanka - Still a gem!

Quick Introduction to Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

Types of Retreats: This guide includes information about a large number of different retreats. Wellness, meditation, yoga, spirituality, holistic healing, and many more modalities are available here. We have listed the best yoga retreats Sri Lanka can provide here in this guide. 

Yoga Styles: You can find just about whatever you’re looking for. You can find Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Vipassana Yoga, and General Yoga. To provide you a few examples.

Prices & Duration: Prices start from $50 up to $1,500. It is a really wide price range. Minimum duration for a retreat is typically 3 days but it can also last for more than 2 weeks. At Salty Pelican Sri Lanka you can also just stay for 1 night and enjoy their included yoga sessions.

New to Retreats? Read our full yoga retreats guide for beginners. We especially recommend reading:

  • How to book retreats (and websites to use)
  • What to pack for a retreat
  • How to choose a retreat you will ❤️

Not sure if yoga classes in Sri Lanka are right for you?

  • Are you a yogi or ready to be guided to learn?
  • Have you been searching for adventure?
  • Are you ready to find your inner-self?
  • Are you willing to experience something you’ve never done before?
  • Do you want to connect with nature, and reconnect with yourself

Whether you are a yogi who regularly practices or just a person looking for a retreat to explore yoga, you will have no problem finding the perfect retreat that will work for you. In Sri Lanka, you could experience nature, surfing, cleansing, and many more, all the while guided by an experienced staff of yoga and its philosophy.

Continue reading ahead to seek a wonderful yoga retreat in Sri Lanka that’s right for you.

5 BEST Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka 2024

Sri Lanka is nothing short of amazing.

It is brimming with beautiful scenery, including golden beaches, mountainous terrain, lush tea plantations, and otherworldly vistas. The nation is home to an abundance of breathtakingly gorgeous and awe-inspiring locations, both natural and cultural, each of which is more picture-perfect than the last. These are some of the reasons why yoga retreats are booming left and right.

Have a look at the best yoga retreats Sri Lanka has to offer. 

1. Luxury Yoga Retreats and Meditation Retreats Sri Lanka

1.1 4-Day Yoga, Surf and Meditation Holiday in Hiriketiya

  • Retreat Center: The Salty Pelican
  • Price: From $326
  • Yoga Type: This yoga retreat offers Hatha and Yin style yoga

Looking for the best surf yoga retreat Sri Lanka has to offer? The Salty Pelican offers the best yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. Practice yoga in this magical location where you can experience the tropical beach paradise with amazing views that will truly make you revived after your vacation here. It is a 1-hour drive to Ashram Sri Lanka Meditation and Yoga Retreat Center.

Relax and feel amazing. If you are into surfing, yoga, learning, and experiencing new adventures, this retreat is perfect for you. The team will help you with your yoga practice and take you to the magical beaches. 

Good to know: Salty Pelican is also a super cool and popular hostel! The best luxury yoga retreat Sri Lanka has to offer.

You will have access to: Surfing lesson, unlimited yoga meditation classes, seafood/vegetarian BBQ or Sri Lankan rice & curry dinner, daily delicious ala carte breakfast, full body oil massage, poolside cocktail and 3 nights premium accommodation

Why Choose This 4-Day Yoga Holiday?

Experience revitalizing Hatha Yoga to give you all the energy and focus you need for the day. Their team of yoga experts will assist you in improving muscular strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, and breathing.

Check The Salty Pelican here

Compare prices: Hostelworld | BookYogaRetreats

4 Days Yoga, Surf and Meditation Holiday in Hiriketiya, Matara Hiriketiya Beach at Sri Lanka Surfing at The Salty Pelican

1.2 3-Day Yoga Holiday in Kandy

  • Retreat Center: Kandy Samadhi Centre
  • Price: From $300
  • Yoga Type: This yoga retreat offers Hatha style yoga

Finally, find your journey to samadhi staying at this luxurious accommodation for a yoga retreat you will never forget. You will enjoy staying near the mountains in open areas where you will see paddy fields, bench terraces filled up with herb gardens, and pineapples of beautiful nature.

You can expect 2 nights in luxury accommodation, 2 yoga classes, our introduction tour to Samadi, and active and enthusiastic teachers that you will love. Enjoy a trip to the waterfall and picnic with the yoga community. Tasting delicious meals will have you feeling healthy and pure and take cookery lessons to take back home. This is the best yoga retreat Sri Lanka has to offer. 

You will have access to: A trip to the waterfall for river bathing. An Indonesian teak bed that can fit 3 people. Fresh produce for lunch and daily meals. The dining area, and access to the terrace. You will get to appreciate relish in a massage, spa, swimming, and reiki healing.

Why Choose This 3-Day Yoga Holiday?

Experience the friendliest of staff to make your stay perfect waking into the morning nature sounds. Feel blessed and appreciate the silk tapestry of seven Buddhist monks watching over you throughout your stay of practicing Hatha yoga and delving into amazing activities.

Check Kandy Samadhi Centre here

3-Day Yoga Holiday in Kandy Tasting and delicious menu at Kandy Samadhi Centre

2. Wellness and Yoga Meditation Retreats in Sri Lanka

How about wellness retreats Sri Lanka has to offer? Here we got the best of the best 

2.1 8-Day Yoga Holiday in Kandy

  • Retreat Center: Welikande Estate
  • Price: From $850
  • Yoga Type: This wellness retreat Sri Lanka offers Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Nidra yoga

Explore the beauty of nature near mountains and take that much-needed break to connect with your inner-self. Welikande Estate makes sure you leave grounded, connected, and continuous with your yoga and meditation retreat Sri Lanka. The amazing teachers allow you to learn each asana and style of yoga with their teachings.

Expect to practice yoga two times each day during your stay. You will have daily yoga meditation sessions to clear your mind and destress. 6 daily activities which include the program. Enjoy the 7-night accommodation. Full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will get unlimited water, juice, coffee, and tea anytime you need it.

You will have access to: Airport transfer to your accommodation. A cafe, a dining area for food, a garden to enjoy, a kitchen area, and a lobby. A lounge is available to relax, as well as a meditation garden. The picnic area is nice to enjoy lunch and tea. An outdoor shower is there for you to get in tune with nature while listening to the outdoors. Enjoy the free wifi, and internet connection.

Why Choose 5 Day Yoga and Ayurveda Honeymoon Holiday?

This yoga retreat lets you vibe with like-minded people while enjoying your unique stay full of yoga, adventure, good food, and special drinks like their Kola Kanda (a local healthy drink.) Relax in hammocks after a day of yoga and activities to ease your mind and experience peace.

Check Welikande Estate here

Wellness and Yoga Retreat at Welikande Estate Welikande Estate Retreat House 8-Day Yoga Holiday in Kandy

2.2 5-Day ‘Connect to Nature’ Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Thudugala

  • Retreat Center: Thudugala Road, Thudugala
  • Price: $480
  • Yoga Type: This yoga retreat offers Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga, General Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vipassana & Yoga

This is the perfect time to connect with yourself and other like-minded people through the different styles of yoga this retreat offers for 5 nights and 4 days. Not only are you practicing yoga with experienced yoga teachers, but you are also connecting to nature itself. You could find this 5-day experience to be life-changing while you observe the beauty of the outside in an authentic part of the country.

Expect to get in touch with nature, practice yoga, or make this a part of your yoga journey through nature. Find your inner peace, and leave behind the part of yourself that is always busy in your life. You will be proved breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take the time to learn about mindfulness, daily habits, and Ayurveda philosophy.

You will have access to: Enjoy the plantation and enjoy walking in the paddy fields. Have fun with the different activities that include, vegetable and fruit picking, cookery demonstrations, mediation, and discussions about Ayurveda. Indulge in the local food coming from their very own organic gardens of fresh produce and drink fresh tea. Use a free wifi connection to keep your friends back home updated about your adventure.

Why Choose 5 Day ‘Connect to Nature’ Yoga & Meditation Retreat?

This special retreat is located in a small village with authentic culture. The retreat is in a rural area and has a friendly and community-type feel about it, so you can feel like you are a part of the culture throughout your stay. The location is unimaginably beautiful, set on 30 acres of land. The award-winning hotel is one to experience as it is popular and very luxurious.

Check Sri Lankan Village here

Yoga and Meditation at Sri Lankan Village 5-Day 'Connect to Nature' Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Thudugala

3. Adventure Yoga Retreats

3.1 4-Day Yoga, Trekking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Holiday in Digana

  • Retreat Center: Rukgala Retreat
  • Price: $555
  • Yoga Type: This retreat offers Yin and Vinyasa style yoga

Your stay at Rukgala Retreat will be a great time you won’t forget. With yoga practice in the morning and at sunset you will feel brand new. If you are one to get active, then this retreat is for you as they offer a great day for hiking, and paddle boarding for a day of fun.

Expect to stay 3 nights and 4 days of great adventure and downtime for a flow of yoga. Healthy eating is always on the menu to keep you active and full of energy for the times you will be hiking, and paddleboarding. Enjoy pool time when you want to take a refreshing dip, and appreciate the Rakgala culture.

You will have access to: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks during your entire stay. Great food, including vegan and vegetarian. Free wifi. Yin and Vinyasa-style yoga with experienced instructors. Several activities to enjoy, and the use of the paddle boards, mountain bikes, and kayaks throughout your stay.

Why Choose This 4-Day Yoga Holiday?

Rakgala retreat provides you with experience-guided hikes to the cave temples. Enjoying the walks in the sunsets will have you feeling invigorated. You will not want to miss out on the wild adventures of swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding on the Vicrotia Lake, so make sure you pack appropriately and get ready for a journey.

Check Rukgala Retreat here

Paddle Boarding Holiday in Digana 4-Day Yoga, Trekking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Holiday in Digana

3.2 7-Day The Surfer Beach Camp – Yoga and Surf Camp

  • Retreat Center: The Surfer Weligama
  • Price: $326
  • Yoga Type: This retreat offers Hatha style yoga

Another best surf & yoga retreat Sri Lanka has to offer is Surger Weligama. This special retreat is for people who love surfing and yoga. Combine these two and you have the perfect retreat to experience. Also for individuals who always wanted to learn how to surf or take the time to relax with yoga. The yoga and surf camp would be a great beach holiday to put on the list this year for you and your friends or family who seek adventure.

Expect to stay 6 days and 7 nights with daily breakfast and dinners. With all skill levels welcomes you will not have to feel like you need to know both surfing and yoga as this retreat has experienced instructors to guide the way. Enjoy a relaxing Hatha-style yoga with great teachers to connect your mind, body, and spirit.

You will have access to: Free wifi, breakfast, and dinners, with 3 special buffet dinners. The yoga sessions are held at the beach camp rooftop. You will be in small groups of 5 for the surf teaching with free surfboard rentals. You will have daily and social activities to keep you staying active and having fun.

Why Choose This 3-Day Yoga Holiday?
The best surf spots are along the beautiful coastline for you to experience. Although offering food at the retreat, you can go to one of the local restaurants to grub on something special. Enjoy the hotels with cool breezes both day and night and are perfect for any size group, for yourself, friends, or family with private balconies and bathrooms. Your yoga and surf holiday is just around the corner.

Check The Surfer Weligama here

7-Day The Surfer Beach Camp - Yoga and Surf Camp Yoga at The Surfer Weligama

More Yoga Retreats Worth a Mention

Explore the retreats that we have listed for you and compare their costs, services, and more. Once you have identified the yoga retreat that best suits your needs, you will be able to go on with the planning and scheduling stages of your trip. So, take a look at more yoga retreats that we have listed for you below. 

7-Day Ayurveda and Yoga Holiday in Rekawa

  • Retreat Center: Sen Wellness Sanctuary
  • Price: $526
  • Yoga Type: This retreat offers Vinyasa, Yin, and Restaurativo style yoga

Sen Wellness Sanctuary has a beautiful canopy of the tropical forest, the yoga shala is a spacious open-air wooden structure. The sea wind automatically cools off the room. Yoga, group healing, dance and music workshops may all be held in the shala, which can accommodate up to 30 people.

Adriana Arbex designed the luxurious cabana. Its conical design mirrors the natural shape of the conical shell, drawing earth energy up from the soil for visitors to feel. The main building’s conical and circular structure circulates energy, which visitors may feel.

Check Sen Wellness Sanctuary here

Sen Wellness Sanctuary 7-Day Ayurveda and Yoga Holiday in Rekawa

21-Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Galle – Southern Province

  • Retreat Center: Villa de Zoysa
  • Price: $1526
  • Yoga Type: This retreat offers Hatha style yoga

Want to learn yoga in Sri Lanka? For the duration of your yoga teacher training in Sri Lanka, you will share a luxurious beachfront villa with your other trainees. In addition to the wonderful seaside views, the accommodations are lovely, and the cuisine is delicious. It’s like a peaceful haven, filled with wonder and near-perfect beauty. There are no better places to get back in touch with yourself, other people, and the natural world than here. When one gazes out at the dawn or sunset, one is able to appreciate the world’s complete splendour.

Brunch will be served as part of this training session. In the mornings, you will meditate together, practise yoga on the open-air deck, participate in significant philosophical debate, and explore your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies in order to integrate your inner and outside world. Incorporating all aspects of yoga into your everyday practise will help you learn to teach.

Pranayama, meditation, anatomical and energising anatomy, chanting and the yoga diet will all be covered in this retreat.

Check Villa de Zoysa here

21 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Galle, South Province Yoga Practise Zoysa Villa

15-Day Yoga and Yogic Arts Retreat in Ulpotha Sri Lanka

  • Retreat Center: Ulpotha
  • Price: $1526
  • Yoga Type: This retreat offers Hatha style yoga

At Ulpotha, you may get a spiritual, emotional, or bodily reboot. The lotus-ringed lake is a haven from the worries of the contemporary world, where you may wander barefoot and swim in the lake’s silky-smooth waters. Ulpotha is the place to go if you’re looking for a digital detox, a peaceful night’s sleep, and the sound of birds singing.

There are no fences or walls or doors or locks in Ulpotha’s realm since it is secure enough. With its calm, traditional farming community, you’ll be able to live in harmony with nature’s delicate, age-old rhythms. Ulpotha is unique in that it provides a tangible experience.

Check Ulpotha here

Ulpotha - spiritual, emotional, or bodily reboot Ulpotha - spiritual, emotional, or bodily reboot

14-Day Ayurveda Healing Retreat in Sri Lanka

  • Retreat Center: Plantation Villa
  • Price: $2,015
  • Yoga Type: This retreat offers Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga, General Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga

Plantation Villa is a Sri Lankan wellness retreat specialising in Ayurveda and Yoga. The retreat sponsors the Metta Trust charity for community development, animal protection, and forest preservation. They maintain temples, schools, and community activities in our village and other communities. Over 90% of our workforce are local villagers from poor backgrounds whom they’ve trained, hired, and mentored to better their lives and that of their children.

The Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka can help you heal your body and mind through proper diet, relaxation, and herbs. Ayurvedic physicians and senior therapists have 15 years of expertise. They can give you the best ayurvedic treatments. If you book a package,  their Ayurvedic doctor will create a treatment plan based on your health objectives and any diseases you may have.

Attend their yoga lessons to improve your mind/body connection and awareness. 

Check Sri Lanka Ayurveda Retreat here

14-Day Ayurveda Healing Retreat in Sri Lanka

Cheapest Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

As mentioned in our introduction, Sri Lanka yoga retreats prices range from anything between $300 to $1,500. And as always, there are always cheaper options.

Besides checking the total price, it is also worth it to consider the following:

  • What exactly is included, such as
    • accommodation
    • meals
    • yoga sessions
    • other activities
    • transport
  • What is specifically not included
  • Where exactly is the retreat located? Is it easy and cheap to get there? This plays a role if you are planning to also eat in other restaurants or want to do other activities.
  • What is the duration, how many days?

With all that being said, if you want to find the most affordable yoga retreats in Sri Lanka, it is quite simple:

  1. Open BookYogaRetreats.com and BookRetreats.com with the full list
  2. Add your travel dates or time window
  3. Order by price

Simple as that.

Why do we recommend opening both sites? Well, there is no real indication that one site is cheaper than the other. We found good deals on both platforms.

Good to know: Please always check the descriptions in the listing, especially the part of “What is not included”.

We wrote a big guide on where to book yoga retreats. We compare BookRetreats vs. BookYogaRetreats, and more. Here we cover different websites, pros, cons and fees. It is a must-read.

Why choose a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka?

The most marvelous seashores in Europe, exceptional surf spots, grant-winning wines, dazzling food, a lot of old palaces, bunches of history, amazingly decent individuals, reasonable costs… Should you truly be persuaded to visit this heaven on Earth?

With a warm climate all year and brilliant coastlines generally all throughout its region, a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka is the ideal reason to visit one of the most delightful and pleasant nations on the planet.

If you’re looking for a combination of surfing, eco-friendly, meditation, and healing yoga, this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for. This is your chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

A chance to spend relaxing and revitalizing days at Sri Lanka’s ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature.

Restore, revive, and connect with nature through awe-inspiring yoga retreats in Sri Lanka. This retreat is definitely for you!

Arugam Bay is filled with Sights like Temples; go and get lost to discover Arugam Bay 11 Reasons to Visit East Coast in Sri Lanka - Still a gem!

Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

Find out more booking sites on this detailed guide.

All Yoga Retreats on a Map

Personally, I find maps always very useful for planning my travels and holidays. I created this special map for you.

You will also love one of our travel guides on the best hostels in Sri Lanka with all our insider travel tips. I am adding the map below as well.

All our recommended Yoga Retreats:

(Zoom in for details. You can also activate and deactivated layers in the left sidebar.)

Please note: The locations are approximate.

Best Hostels in Sri Lanka plus Travel Tips:

As promised, here is my Sri Lanka Travel Map, complete with all of the best hostels and travel recommendations. You might be surprised on how fantastic some of these hostels are.

Our Sri Lanka guides:


Well,  this is already a super detailed article. I am sure that you already have your favorite retreat in mind! Below we list all the frequently asked questions.

Where to find Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka?

BookYogaRetreats and BookRetreats.com are the two best sites to find retreats for Sri Lanka. You can find the best yoga retreats for Sri Lanka easily at Hostelgeeks.com. We picked them by hand.

How many times a week should I do yoga?

To get the most benefit from your yoga practice, aim to do it two to five times each week.

Why you should practice yoga?

Yoga practice promotes mental clarity and relaxation, develops bodily awareness, alleviates chronic stress patterns, calms the mind, concentrates attention, and sharpens the ability to concentrate.

More Useful Info

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Read our full review of HeyMondo as well as our guide how to pick a travel insurance.

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More Yoga Guides

Make sure you read as well our handwritten guide to

Find our guides here about the best yoga retreats in the world and if you are new to yoga and want to know more about it, you can check our guide about the BEST Yoga Retreats for Beginners.

Over to you: Any questions?

We just shared with you our top yoga retreats for the area of Sri Lanka. Do you have any questions left? Then please, do not be shy and type away your question in the comment section below. Your question helps us to improve this guide.

The Best Sri Lanka Yoga Retreats

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