7 BEST Yoga Retreats for Beginners – From Europe to Bali

7 BEST Yoga Retreats for Beginners for Your Mind and Body

Are you starting in the world of Yoga and looking for yoga retreats for beginners? For beginning yoga practitioners, going on your first yoga retreat can be quite a challenge. Many times when we just started this long and beautiful path, we think that we are not ready yet to go to a retreat, where everyone will be too good.

But no one is ever too beginner to not be able to go to a Yoga retreat, remember that yoga is about the process, not the results, and the objective is to connect your body and your mind. In addition, there are many kinds of yoga retreats, and many of them are planned especially for beginners, which will make you feel much more comfortable.

Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

Zenbooking.com is another great website to book your retreats for beginner.

The top yoga retreats for beginners are listed below. Keep reading to find out more!

Your Shortcut:

  1. 7-Day of Yoga Therapy and Meditation as a Lifestyle in Spain
  2. 5-Day Holistic Yoga Retreat in Crete, Greece
  3. 4-Day Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Ávila, Spain
  4. 3 Healthy Days with Yoga, Meditation, Nature, Hiking in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona
  5. 6-Day Life Changing Yoga, Meditation & Spa Retreat in Italy
  6. 5-Day Wellness & Detox Retreat in the Beautiful Countryside, UK
  7. 5-Day Self-Awakening Journey to Emotional Balance & Peace, Bali

Yoga Retreat for Beginners in the Garden

If you are a beginner and want to go to your first yoga retreat, continue reading this article and we will tell you everything you need to know about retreats and we will also recommend some of the best yoga holidays for beginners.

No matter where you are in the world or where you want to go, we will tell you which are some of the best retreats for beginners from Europe, UK to Bali, you will surely find the right one for you!

In this guide, you will find:

Quick Introduction to Yoga Retreats for Beginners

Types of Retreats: There are plenty of retreats you can find in this guide. We have wellness, yoga meditation, spiritual, holistic healing, and many other! Every yoga and meditation retreats for beginners we have listed here can cater your needs.

Yoga Styles: There are a lot of has a lot of different types of yoga, like Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Nidra, Power, Yin, Ashtanga, and Dynamic.

Prices & Duration: Prices range from $55 to $3,000 a day per person depending on the kind of yoga retreat and the length of the package. Beginner yoga retreats vary in length from one day to more than a week.

New to Retreats? Read our full yoga retreats guide for beginners. We especially recommend reading:

  • How to book retreats (and websites to use)
  • What to pack for a retreat
  • How to choose a retreat you will ❤️

The 7 Best Yoga Retreats for Beginners

Want the best yoga for beginners? Attending the Yoga retreat is going to a place created especially to promote personal transformation and connection with oneself, through nature, meditation, contemplation and the practice of Yoga. Going on a yoga retreat will help you advance in learning mindfulness, lower your stress levels considerably, and allow you time to take care of yourself and listen to your inner voice.

Normally the retreats are held in spaces away from the noise of the city, where you can have direct contact with nature, this time will allow you to improve your yoga practice and deepen the movements and breathing that you already know.

There are different retreats for all tastes, from Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga yoga and more, below you will find a list of the yoga retreats beginners would love, where you will find all the details about what they have to offer you.

1. Best Yoga Retreats Europe

1.1 7-Day of Yoga Therapy and Meditation as a Lifestyle in Playa Cullera, Valencia

Be MindfulYoga is located on the beautiful and quiet beach of El Brosquil, Cullera, Valencian Community, Spain. A place with an enviable climate and 300 days of sunshine a year, without extreme temperatures.

What does this retreat offer you?

This retreat is based on Mindful and Heartful practices as a way of life, using dance and movement as self-listening and alignment tools at least once a week. Mindful and Heartful yoga are practices that facilitate a change of course and life habits, reorienting us back to the essentials, developing a strong, stable and balanced mind, strengthening your self-esteem, your immune system, your body and health in general, reconnecting new with your most essential and intimate self.

This retreat is based on the practice of yoga and meditation as a balanced and healthy way of life. Be MindfulYoga can also arrange airport transfer for you at a reasonable price.

Meal: During your stay, you will have flexi-vegan meals, fresh eggs, fresh fruit and tea during the day. Vegan and raw vegan food is available on request.

What includes?

  • 3 daily yoga classes
  • 2 daily meditation sessions
  • 2 pranayama sessions daily
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • tibetan bowls
  • 5 hours a day of meditation and yoga

What type of yoga is taught?

  • Hatha
  • Nidra
  • Ying Yang
Check Be MindfulYoga here

7-day of yoga therapy and meditation as a lifestyle Be MindfulYoga - Yoga Studio Be MindfulYoga Retreat Center

1.2 5-Day Holistic Yoga Retreat in Crete, Greece

Sunny Bay Hotel is located in Crete, a dream island for any yoga lover. It has atmospheric cities, pristine beaches, towns stuck in time, archaeological ruins and wild nature. The center is located right in front of Kissamos Bay, a beach with light blues and emeralds bordered by white sand that will make you feel in heaven.

What does this retreat offer you?

You will live 4 wonderful days on the beaches of Crete, in a healing experience that will change your life. Contact with the breeze, yoga, meditation, silence and coaching practices, as well as a conscious diet, will be the fundamental elements for you to return to your scepter and recover the balance that lives in the essence of your being.

Meal: Sunny Bay offers you; Different vegan breakfast options, including juice and hot tea. Besides. Vegan lunch with fresh water and jugs of natural water. Vegan dinner with fresh water.

What includes?

  • Various workshops
  • 1 tour around the island
  • Breathwork and Yoga Nidra
  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions
  • Vegetarian/vegan organic diet
  • 4 nights accommodation

What type of yoga is taught?

In this retreat you can practice Nidra Yoga. Yoga nidra is synonymous with deep conscious relaxation, the goal of this type of yoga is to reach the subconscious.

Check Sunny Bay Hotel here

Sunny Bay Hotel Healing life-changing experience in Crete, Greece 5 Days Holistic Yoga Retreat Nirvana in Crete

2. Short Yoga Retreat

2.1 4-Day Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Ávila, Gredos, Spain

El Pagano is a rural center that aims to integrate the traveler into an ideal natural space for observing birds, mammals and multiple floral species, in a beautiful province in the center of Spain belonging to the autonomous community of Castilla y León, Spain which enjoys a warm temperate climate. The area is north of Spain.

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What does this retreat offer you?

In this retreat you will work on the fear you have of yourself and your full potential. You will immerse yourself in the meditative arts at the hands of yoga Nidra, visualizations, meditative dances and free expression. In this retreat you will also carry out various practices in nature that will put you in contact with various personal challenges.

Meal: Casa Rural el Pagano offers you homemade vegetarian food that is well cared for. And it includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks.

What includes?

  • Ecstatic dance
  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation classes
  • Activities in the nature
  • Yoga Nidra and visualizations
  • Free movement sessions
  • 3 nights of accommodation

What type of yoga is taught?

Yoga Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa Karma y Tantra de Cachemira.

Check Casa Rural el Pagano here

4 Days Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Ávila, Gredos Meditative arts at the hands of yoga Nidra, visualizations, meditative dances and free expression

3. Beginner Yoga Weekend Retreats

3.1 3 Healthy Days with Yoga, Meditation, Nature, Hiking in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona

Can Bavi Inspiration and Well-being Center, has 12 hectares in the beautiful setting of the Mont Negre Natural Park.

Treat yourself to a break in your daily life and enjoy a weekend in the beautiful forests that cover the Mediterranean valley, with numerous species among which holm oaks and oaks stand out, inspiring numerous walks.

It is an area of ​​special natural protection and its privileged location gives it a microclimate of unbeatable conditions, with mild winters and pleasant summers.

What does this retreat offer you?

Can Bavi is a magical place where you can breathe peace and harmony to escape the routine. The healthy getaway program is designed to give you the opportunity to disconnect from your daily life, enjoy nature, eat healthy, learn how to lead a better quality of life and relax with yoga and other activities. Enjoy a few inspiring days that will bring you well-being and reduce your stress.

Meal: In this retreat you will be able to enjoy delicious healthy, ecological and alkaline menus that include salads, vegetable pâtés, artisan bread, gluten-free cereals, vegetables, sprouts, soups, algae, superfoods, as well as natural juices and smoothies.

What includes?

  • Daily hiking through forest and beach.
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Daily nutrition and detox support sessions
  • 1 group sauna and jacuzzi session.
  • Two nights of accommodation

What type of yoga is taught?

In this retreat you will practice Hatha Yoga. This style of yoga is a classic style of postures and breathing techniques.

Check Can Bavi here

Yoga and meditation in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona Beginner yoga weekend retreats - Can Bavi Healthy Days with Yoga, Meditation, Nature, Hiking in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona

4. Beginner Yoga and Meditation Retreat

4.1 6-Day Life Changing Yoga, Meditation & Spa Retreat, Tuscany

If you are looking for a meditation and yoga retreat to pamper yourself, Tuscany is your best option! This is a luxurious spiritual yoga, meditation and spa retreat. Bagno Vignoni is a small medieval town with hot springs, located in the heart of the famous Italian “Tuscan Hills”. Beyond is known for its calming energy, its ancient hot springs and its profound therapeutic (almost magical) healing effects on the body, heart and soul.

What does this retreat offer you?

A unique transformational and personalized experience for small groups, only 4 places for luxury yoga retreats.

Meal: Enjoy the Italian dolce vita, with delicious high-quality Italian cuisine and wine! During breakfast you can enjoy a wonderfully rich breakfast buffet. Additionally, there are numerous lovely places to eat and drink for lunch, dinner, and snacks in the small town.

What includes?

  • Individual Water Reiki floating session
  • Individual Clairvoyance therapy
  • Unique spiritual teaching with 2 master teachers
  • Luxury spa hotel accommodation for 5 nights with healing hot spring pools
  • Individual Reiki healing session
  • Daily meditation classes
  • Daily yoga classes

What type of yoga is taught?

General Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga

Check Beyond here

6-Day Life Changing Yoga, Meditation & Spa Retreat, Tuscany Beginner Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Beyond

5. Yoga Retreats for Beginners UK

5.1 5-Day Wellness & Detox Retreat in the Beautiful Countryside, UK

The Glass House offers one of the best wellness retreats in UK. It is less than an hour from central London. A few kilometers from the beautiful and picturesque town, you will be able to immerse yourself in the impressive nature that will surround you. Away from all the noise and stress of the city, this rural town has an oceanic climate that in summer offers a more than pleasant warm climate.

What does this retreat offer you?

The Glass House Detox & Wellness Retreat is made to help you live a healthier, fitter and more relaxed life. The place definitely exudes well-being, with sheets of clear glass from floor to ceiling, letting in a flood of natural light.

The center is an eco-friendly construction, with solar panels, a geothermal heat pump, and rainwater recycling technology. So if you are a lover of the ecological, and you are looking to detoxify your mind and body, this is your retreat!

Meal: During these 5 days you will take plant-based, low-cholesterol diets that will help balance your nutrition, digestion and strengthen your heart.

For your detox to take place, these days you won’t see junk food, just fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains that are seasonal, local, fresh and delivered daily.

The diets and juices are plant-based, rich in vitamins and minerals, high in fiber, healthy, and largely unprocessed.

What includes?

  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Lifecube Treatments
  • Luxurious, modern and spacious rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms
  • Mobile safe for a complete digital detox
  • Swimming pool, Himalayan salt block sauna, steam room, exercise studio
  • Motivational talks and/or evening activities
  • 4 exercise classes daily
  • 3 delicious and nutritious daily meals
  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
  • Group excursions/activities

What type of yoga is taught?

In this retreat you will be able to practice General Yoga, so no matter what yoga you are practicing, this retreat is suitable for all types.

Check Glass House Detox & Wellness Retreat here

The Glasshouse Detox and Wellness Retreat- Sauna 5 Day Wellness & Detox Retreat in the Beautiful Countryside, UK The Glass House detox and wellness retreat is tailor-made

6. Yoga Retreats in Bali for Beginners

6.1 5-Day Self-Awakening Journey to Emotional Balance & Peace, Bali

Another yoga retreat beginners would love, this retreat is located in a peaceful sanctuary away from other tourism in Bali. Located in a spiritual Hindu village called Sesandan. A beautiful place, where wherever you look you can appreciate the vivid green of nature. The locality has a fairly pleasant climate, warm with an average maximum temperature of 29°C in February and 26°C in July.

What does this retreat offer you?

Minds Garden Retreats offers you 5 day yoga retreat. The experience will be a deeply transformative journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.

You will meet and evolve with like-minded people from around the world and share each other’s stories, experiences and perspectives, to deeply de-stress, detox and renew body and soul.

In the Guided Meditation sessions, you will receive guidance based on psychoanalysis and positive psychology to help you work with your own mind and communicate with it effectively.

In the breathing practices, you will be guided through different breathing techniques and learn to harness the power of your own breath; release physical and emotional blocks, pain and trauma.

Meal: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw, Organic, Sugar conscious, Nut-allergy-friendly, Dairy-free, Diabetic-friendly, Kosher, Paleo-friendly, Halal, Keto-friendly, Low fat, Egg-free

What includes?

  • Healing in nature” – Local waterfall purification
  • 2 Balinese spa treatments
  • Guided meditations
  • Shaman visit and Hindu blessing ritual
  • 1 hour private online therapy session 3-6 months after retreat
  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
  • 5 nights of accommodation in the middle of tropical nature
  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious daily homemade meals
  • 8 sessions of yoga and pranayama twice a day

What type of yoga is taught?

Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Yoga.

Check Minds Garden Retreats here

5 Day Self-Awakening Journey to Emotional Balance & Peace, Bali Minds Garden Retreats Adventure 5-day healing program expertly designed by Mind's Garden team of professionals

Cheapest Yoga Retreats For Beginners

As mentioned in our introduction, yoga retreats for beginners prices range from anything between $55 to $3,000. And as always, there are always cheaper options.

Besides checking the total price, it is also worth it to consider the following:

  • What exactly is included, such as
    • accommodation
    • meals
    • yoga sessions
    • other activities
    • transport
  • What is specifically not included
  • Where exactly is the retreat located? Is it easy and cheap to get there? This plays a role if you are planning to also eat in other restaurants or want to do other activities.
  • What is the duration, how many days?

With all that being said, if you want to find the most affordable yoga retreats for beginners, it is quite simple:

  1. Open BookYogaRetreats.com and BookRetreats.com with the full list
  2. Add your travel dates or time window
  3. Order by price

Simple as that.

Why do we recommend opening both sites? Well, there is no real indication that one site is cheaper than the other. We found good deals on both platforms.

Good to know: Please always check the descriptions in the listing, especially the part of “What is not included”.

We wrote a big guide on where to book yoga retreats. We compare BookRetreats vs. BookYogaRetreats, and more. Here we cover different websites, pros, cons and fees. It is a must-read.

Why choose a Yoga Retreat for Beginners?

Does the idea of going to a yoga or meditation retreat for beginners make you nervous? Don’t worry, we got you. While many other yoga retreats demand regular yoga practice and cater to experienced yogis, the yoga retreats that we have compiled were created with beginners in mind. Our retreats teach the principles of yoga so that you may experience the health benefits of yoga in a supportive and safe setting.

Some of you may be asking what a yoga retreat for beginners can do for you, we will go over a few of the advantages you may anticipate from the majority of retreats you may be contemplating.

  • Yoga retreats will improve your practice, gain knowledge of new information, and learn the philosophy that you can apply to your personal yoga practice.
  • You will have time to actually practice your mindfulness while disconnecting and reconnecting at your stay
  • Meeting like-minded people will have you feeling like you belong to a community where you can share your advice, your concerns and have great conversations.

Yoga is not just the physical poses you see in magazines, but going beyond the postures and the physical aspects of it opens up a spiritual philosophy. If you have developed a practice and a love for yoga, immersing yourself in yoga at a retreat may be an experience for your mind, body, and soul.

Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

Find out more booking sites on this detailed guide.

All Yoga Retreats on a Map

Personally, I find maps always very useful for planning my travels and yoga holidays. I created this special map for you.

All our recommended Yoga Retreats:

(Zoom in for details. You can also activate and deactivated layers in the left sidebar.)

Please note: The locations are approximate.


Well,  this is already a super detailed article. I am sure that you already have your favorite retreat in mind! Below we list all the frequently asked questions.

Why you should practice yoga?

Yoga practice promotes mental clarity and relaxation, develops bodily awareness, alleviates chronic stress patterns, calms the mind, concentrates attention, and sharpens the ability to concentrate.

Where to find Yoga retreats for beginners?

BookYogaRetreats and BookRetreats.com are the two best sites to find retreats for Beginners. You can find the best yoga retreats for Beginners easily at Hostelgeeks.com. We picked them by hand.

How many times a week should I do yoga?

To get the most benefit from your yoga practice, aim to do it two to five times each week.

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You can find more yoga retreats here:

Over to you: Any questions?

We just shared with you our top yoga retreats for beginners. Do you have any questions left? Then please, do not be shy and type away your question in the comment section below. Your question helps us to improve this guide.

7 Best Yoga Retreats for Beginners For Yoga Enthusiasts

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