Where To Book Yoga Retreats in 2024? Your Guide to Booking Yoga Retreats

Where To Book Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are becoming more and more popular. And it is that every day there are more people who get involved with Yoga, not exactly in a strict or professional way, but the benefits of practicing Yoga and its many versions have made it possible for it to spread rapidly throughout the world. The question is, do you know where to book yoga retreats?

The fact that each year the number of people who practice or are interested in yoga tours increases, has increased the offer of yoga retreats considerably, and without a doubt it is an experience that you should live at least once in your life. Although, surely, after your first yoga retreat, you start looking for the next one.

Currently, the offer of yoga holidays is so varied that you do not have to lead a yogi life to attend one, nor does the retreat have to be a silent or fasting retreat. Yoga is so diverse and adaptable that yoga retreats have great diversity and there is something for everyone.

Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

Booking Yoga Retreats

A yoga trip can be the peaceful and introspective vacation you are looking for, without having to be or want to be a professional Yogi. Or it could be those days you need to reconnect with yourself, or give yourself the boost you need to start a healthier life. You can even take a wellness yoga retreat to get fit or learn to surf. Or finally have those vacations on your own that you have not dared to have.

If you are thinking of giving yourself a Yoga retreat but you have not convinced yourself, in this article we will tell you which are the best pages to find, compare and schedule a yoga retreat. Among the great offers that exist, you will surely fall in love with one. There are retreats for all budgets, tastes and people, so don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to find the perfect yoga retreat for you.

In this guide we discuss the following sites & platforms:

  1. Introduction to Yoga Retreat Booking
    1. Bookretreats.com
    2. ZenBooking
    3. Bookyogaretreats.com
    4. Tripaneer.com
    5. Compareretreats.com
    6. Yovada.com
  2. Tips on how to identify a safe website
  3. Map
  4. FAQs
  5. More info

We also wrote up big guides to top yoga retreats in Mexico as well as Costa Rica and Sri Lanka.

Introduction to Booking Yoga Retreats

There are several online booking sites to book Yoga retreats, with a great offer and variety. Starting to search for your Yoga retreat among so many options can become overwhelming and require a lot of your time.

Reviewing each retreat, from each site, could make you lose among so much information, that’s why in this article we tell you which are the best online booking sites to book Yoga retreats, totally safe.

We will tell you what the advantages and characteristics of each of these sites are, so that you can go directly to the one that best suits you, and easily find the yoga retreat that you are looking for so much.

New to Retreats? Read our full yoga retreats guide for beginners. We especially recommend reading:

  • How to book retreats (and websites to use)
  • What to pack for a retreat
  • How to choose a retreat you will ❤️

1. Bookretreats.com

And now Yoga.

This phrase defines the philosophy under which bookretreats.com has created its online booking sites for Yoga retreats. This is the opening sentence of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which could be called the “bible” of yoga. It means that you have tried all kinds of things for your happiness. You turned in many directions. In the end they didn’t work… And now you’ve found yoga.

That is exactly what bookretreats.com wants to do for you, facilitate the process of approaching Yoga as part of your life through its retreats.

This online booking sites for Yoga retreats is aimed at people who:

  • They want to spend time improving spiritually or emotionally
  • They need to regain health in body and mind
  • They seek to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life
  • They want to disconnect, de-stress or recharge
  • They want to reconnect with the deep and real self again
  • They want to explore the deeper aspects of life

Bookretreats.com assures you that in its online booking sites for Yoga retreats, you will find the place to discover the perfect refuge for you.


The search engine of this site allows you to filter by Place (You can find retreats from various countries around the world).

Its search engine allows you to select from 5 categories: Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Training, Wellness Retreats, Meditation Retreats, and Others. These categories in turn have several subcategories to get you closer to the retreat you are looking for more quickly.

You can also filter the retreats by dates, in case you have already scheduled the date you want to take your retreats.

The best thing is that you can combine all these categories, to get precise results with the features you are looking for.

Once you select the retreats that interest you, you will have access to all kinds of information:

  • What type of retreat is it?
  • What does it offer?
  • Prices
  • Accommodations
  • Characteristics of the place where the retreat will take place
  • And a full description of the retreat program

At BookRetreats, you can book without additional booking fees and enjoy flexible cancellation policies. The retreats are carefully selected by the BookRetreats team, who also ensure excellent customer service.

At BookRetreats, you can find a 3-day yoga retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico starting at $50 USD and a 28-day yoga teacher training in Sunny Boca Raton Florida, US starting at $2,800 USD.

Check out BookRetreats.com here


2. ZenBooking.com (join Retreats or Host your own!)

A lesser known website and super useful for anyone looking for unique retreats around the globe: ZenBooking.com.

ZenBooking stands as a passionate advocate for the transformative potential of retreats, understanding their essential role in the hectic pace of modern life.

The main goal of ZenBooking is straightforward: to facilitate individuals in finding their ideal retreat experiences where they can undergo meaningful transformations or simply enjoy some quality time away from their daily routines.

It offers users an intuitive search functionality that permits filtering by various preferences including activities, dates, locations, and language. This feature is designed to help individuals find retreat experiences that deeply resonate with them. Moreover, ZenBooking affords potential attendees the chance to connect with organizers before booking, ensuring a well-informed decision-making process.

Ensuring user trust stands as a priority for ZenBooking. It has implemented a secure payment system and offers strong support to assist users if any issues emerge during the process. Moreover, ZenBooking collaborates exclusively with verified organizers, promising a high-quality retreat experience for all users.

Want to host your own retreats? ZenBooking offers a comprehensive list of premier retreat venues to host retreats. Organizers can browse through a curated selection of venues to find one that perfectly matches their vision.

Thus, whether one is aiming to find a retreat to attend or seeking the perfect venue to organize one, ZenBooking positions itself as the preferred platform to facilitate these significant connections. It invites everyone to discover or craft their perfect retreat experience through its services.

Find  your ideal Retreats at ZenBooking

3. Bookyogaretreats.com

Bookyogaretreats.com is one of the most popular sites on the internet for booking Yoga retreats, but that’s not the only thing they offer, they specialize in any type of vacation you can imagine, including yoga retreats, safari adventures, epic surf camps. and more.

This online booking site assures you that booking with them means booking unique travel experiences. And it is that the founders of this site consider themselves tireless travelers, who want to share their passion for discovering new places, people and experiences.

Their mission is to enrich lives through unforgettable yoga travel experiences.

Bookyogaretreats.com (or as we like to write BookYogaRetreats.com) works on the premise that travel can positively influence personal and community growth. They seek to bring travelers and organizers together in a new and meaningful way, supporting the travel industry. They currently have more than 7,000 organizers and hosts.


The site is extremely intuitive, so navigating it will be very easy for you.

They have two different search engines: one that allows you to enter a keyword and choose or not the date you want to make your retreat. And another one that allows you to do a very specific filtering!

If you are looking for a fast and accurate search, this is the best search engine. You can filter your search with the following categories:

  • Travel safely: (Private retreats, Cleanliness and security, Compulsory vaccination, Free PCR test included)
  • Travel or online
  • Destination
  • Arrival date
  • Duration
  • Language of the classes
  • Airport transfer
  • Styles
  • Price per trip
  • And much more, since each category has specific subcategories!

Bookyogaretreats.com, has a commitment to travelers from all over the world, which is why their site always provides high quality content, a superior user experience and exceptional customer service.

The information this site offers about each retreat is phenomenal! You will be able to know the retreat perfectly before booking. On the page you will find:

  • Accommodation conditions
  • The retreat facilities
  • Level of experience required
  • The retreat program
  • Yoga styles
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Instructors
  • The localization
  • Food served at the retreat
  • Extra activities
  • What includes
  • What does not include
  • How to get there
  • Cancellation policy

You can also find user reviews, 100% real, photos of the retreat center, a virtual map and a format that facilitates the defection of information.

Check Bookyogaretreats.com here

4. Tripaneer.com

Tripaneer started their online booking sites in the year 2013, which makes them a pioneer of the global online travel industry. They are currently a startup with more than 200 people involved who work from all over the world and from their offices in Amsterdam.

Its founders are believers in human transformation through travel, thanks to the new skills and different perspectives that traveling allows you to discover and acquire.

Its page is focused on offering retreats from four categories:

  • Holistic wellness retreats
  • Meditation and Yoga retreats
  • Fitness retreats
  • Healing retreats

It also has a special section of online experiences in which you can find:

  • Online retreats:
  • Online Wellness Coaching Courses
  • Online Meditation Courses
  • Online Mindfulness Courses

They also have private online sessions:

  • Reiki sessions online
  • Online life coaching sessions
  • Online healing sessions

The information you can find about the retreat is very detailed. You can find everything about:

  • Accommodation
  • The retreat program
  • The localization
  • Food served at the retreat
  • Additional activities
  • What includes
  • What does not include
  • How to get there
  • Cancellation policy
  • And of course, user reviews
Check Tripaneer.com here

5. Compareretreats.com

If you are looking for a luxury retreat and are overwhelmed by too much information, you can use Compare Retreats. This booking portal offers luxury wellness retreats in many countries around the world.

Compare Retreats assures you that all the sites that are advertised on their page have been tested, evaluated and reviewed by certified health and fitness professionals.

This site is a concise edition of luxury wellness retreats, backed by reviews written by trusted health and fitness professionals. The Compare Retreats booking portal helps you research and book any of the luxury wellness retreats featured on the site.

On this page you can find different types of retreats:

Anti-Stress Retreats, Athletic Training Retreats, Ayurveda Retreats, Boxing Retreats, Detox Retreats, Diet Retreats, Digital Detox Retreats, Eco Retreats, Fitness Retreats, and many more.

They have a special yoga Retreats section where you can find luxury yoga retreats. The platform offers not very extensive information, but enough to give you a good overview of what each retreat offers you.

You can find the following information about retreat:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Things To Do
  • Included
  • Not Included
  • And location
Check Compareretreats.com here


6. Yovada.com

The last recommendation is yovada.com, this website is made up of a group of yogis who live and breathe the yogic way. All the members of his team have explored the world doing yoga as students and teachers, and now his mission is that more people can live that experience.

The idea of this site is that finding the perfect yoga or wellness retreat should be easy and stress-free. And certainly the interface of your page is easy to use. They offer a good number of retreats and their search engine allows you to filter by:

  • Activity type
  • Location
  • Time

On this site you can find enough information about the retreats that it announces:

  • Accommodation
  • The localization
  • Food served at the retreat
  • What includes
  • Skill Level
  • A map
  • Photographs and videos

If you choose your retreat on this page, you can pay a simple deposit online to secure your space knowing that the reservation has been made.

One of the advantages of this site is that it has a free cancellation policy (but there are conditions, make sure you read them).

Check Yovada.com here

Tips on how to identify a Safe Website

The internet has made things like booking flights, hotels, and retreats easier than ever.

The reservation pages allow you to compare in minutes between a large number of options.

Read: 39 Tips to stay Safe Online and Offline

But, not everything is as good as it seems, there are also many fraudulent sites. These fake websites are out to trick people into thinking they are booking directly with the hotel or retreat of their choice. Instead, victims make reservations on fake sites created to steal their money.

If you are looking where to book yoga retreats in any other source other than the ones we recommend in this article, make sure that you are booking on a secure site.

We leave you these five tips so you can identify if the site where you are reserving your retreat is safe.

  1. Never trust sites that offer you unrealistic offers, are not serious about the deal, or their page is full of misspellings
  2. Check the reviews
  3. If you have doubts, call the destination directly and ask if they work with that page
  4. Make sure you get confirmation by email
  5. Use a credit card instead of a debit card to book online
  6. Search the internet about the site before making your reservation

All Yoga Retreats on a Map

Personally, I find maps always very useful for planning my travels and holidays. I created this special map for you.

You can also check all our guides for the most amazing yoga retreats in the world.

All our recommended Yoga Retreats:

(Zoom in for details. You can also activate and deactivated layers in the left sidebar.)

Please note: The locations are approximate.


Well,  this is already a super detailed article. Below we list all the frequently asked questions.

How to choose the right yoga retreat for you?

Make sure to find the perfect location and a certified yoga instructor. It is also important to know what yoga style they offer, and what other activities you can do aside from yoga, and of course, the fees involved.

How will I know if I am booking a legit yoga retreat?

Book your yoga retreat on sites that we mentioned above. BookYogaRetreats and BookRetreats.com are our favorite sites to find retreats. You can find the best yoga retreats easily at Hostelgeeks.com. We picked them by hand.

What is the purpose of a yoga retreat?

Retreats allow you to disconnect from your daily routine. Self-care helps you reconnect with your inner self. It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and neglect downtime.

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You can find yoga retreats here:

Over to you: Any questions?

We just shared with you our guide on where to book yoga retreats. Do you have any questions left? Then please, do not be shy and type away your question in the comment section below. Your question helps us to improve this guide.

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