The CODE Hostel is a modern design hostel in the New Town of Edinburgh. It is modern in the sense of design and technology as well. A fresh young design hostel meets tech-nerds, combining it to a geeky 5 Star Hostel in Edinburgh!

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  • Advantage of CODE Hostel Location and neighborhood

    The CODE Hostel is located in New Town and within a short 5-10 minutes walk you can get to Edinburgh Waverly Railway Station. Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town of Edinburgh can be reached by foot in around 15 minutes.

    How to get to CODE Hostel

    When you are coming straight from the airport to CODE Hostel, you can just get on the Air Link Bus #100. Get off at the stop "George street". From here you can walk to CODE Hostel in less than 4 minutes. In case you arrive by train to the Haymarket Train Station you can take the tram or bus #25 or #31.

    CODE Hostel, 50 Rose Street North Lane Edinburgh EH2
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  • All room types at CODE Hostel

    Private Room Types available: Code Penthouse, Twin Room

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Dorm, 6-Bed Dorm

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There are no bunk beds at CODE Hostel but fancy, modern pods which give you the privacy you’ve been waiting for when staying at a hostel.

Each pod has its own socket-outlet and lighting, so you can simply close your curtains to get your rest.

Those pods have the same idea behind as those popular capsule beds around Asia.

Great design, comfy and filled with the basic facilities every traveler wants!

And for tech-lover, the CODE Hostel has its own security system.

You’ll receive your unique code to enter the hostel and the rooms, so there is no hassle with keys.

Is this the reason for its name?!

As you can see, every 5 Star Hostel has its own focus.

The two 5 Star Hostels Palmers Lode Swiss Cottage and Palmers Lodge Hillspring in London are boutique hostels while CODE tends to be a high-tech hostel.

Wake up and be awesome! The CODE Hostel Apartment and Suite

CODE Hostel in Edinburgh is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Is this the best hostel in Edinburgh? We think so!

Let’s get one of these CODE Hostel mugs, fill it up with coffee, and walk together around CODE Hostel Edinburgh.

We will introduce you the the place and will let you know why this hostel is a top choice and the only 5 Star Hostel in Edinburgh.

1. Sustainable Hostel

The CODE Hostel is a locally managed family business, working with a number of local tour providers who offer tours of Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.

The hostel runs on energy-saving lights with motion sensors.

This way the place can save up to 60% of its energy use – simple and efficient!

Furthermore it operates a comprehensive recycling policy.

Clean your coffee mugs! The kitchen at CODE Hostel Edinburgh

2. Contemporary Minimalist Design

Think outside the Pod!

The design of the 5 Star Hostel in Edinburgh is unique, and there are no bunk beds at this hostel.

They found a new, modern way to accommodate travelers in a stylish dorm: pods!

Staran Architects, a local architecture practice, are the designers of CODE Hostel.

The design features a contemporary, ‘industrial chic‘ look.

The architects and the hostel team have converted and extended a unique red brick period building to create the hostel.

Previously the building was unoccupied and abandoned.

The team takes pride in having been able to bring it back to use.

Also, have a look around. They even have now a suite available, pure luxury!

And remember: “Wake up and be awesome”!

The famous Pods at CODE Hostel Edinburgh

This photos shows you the Pod bed from inside.

Anything missing?

Inside a Bunk Bed Pod at CODE Hostel

3. Geeky Technology, Fun, and Design

There are several unique points we love about CODE Hostel.

Every guest gets a code to enter the hostel, so there is no hassle with keys.

You will even receive your own code before you arrive via email if you fully paid your stay.

This way you can check-in whenever you want, and don’t have to worry.

The bunk beds pods are a brilliant idea to put some privacy into the dorms.

You have your own lighting in case you want to read your book, or write while the rest of the room can sleep quietly in the dark.

As for private accommodation, CODE Hostel has its own apartment suite.

Read: overview of different hostel room types

And the design lovers will also appreciate this hostel stay.

The contemporary minimal design with its bright colors, clear forms, and smart functional design elements is a great inspiration for every hostel.

The Apartment and Suite at CODE HostelSo, where do you go? This is the bathroom sign at CODE Hostel

4. CODE is social, fun, and relaxed

The vibe is friendly and relaxed.

The common area downstairs is designed for guests to socialize with each other and the mixed dorm rooms are also conducive to guest interaction.

The CODE Hostel organizes events such as

  • theme nights
  • food nights
  • whiskey tasting
  • scottish Cèilidh dancing nights

Sounds pretty cool, right?!

During the summer months, CODE Hostel intends to run a lot more social events around the hostel.

Keep an eye on their facebook page to stay up to date for the hostel events!

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Playing board games and making coffee...this is the Hostelgeeks' place to be!

5. Local Staff with the Best Tips for Edinburgh

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and provides guests with all sorts of tips on where to eat, drink and have fun in Edinburgh.

Also the team guides their guests on the best things to see and do in Edinburgh.

Staff interaction with guests is a very important part of their service at CODE.

And if you are looking for any local secret tips for Edinburgh before arriving, check out the free Geeky Guide including 5 secret tips for Edinburgh here.

Feeling inspired! The reception desk and mood of the day at CODE Hostel

Reception desk at CODE Hostel

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How to book CODE Hostel?

Check out the official website of CODE Hostel.

Remember, the official website of 5 Star Hostels is the cheapest and safest place to book!

Compare all rates at

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