5 Local Things to do in Budapest (useful and non-touristic by friends)

Welcome to Buda and Pest – the names of the two different stream faces united as one city in 1873 – Budapest. This city offers many cultural activities, historic museums, and for sure endless options to be part of the famous nightlife.To discover Budapest like local we collected for you the

To discover Budapest like local we collected for you the 5 local things to do in Budapest – unique, handy, and free for you to download! We decided to put together these 5 local tips for Budapest so you can get to know Budapest beyond the tourist path.

This here is not your full travel guide for Budapest. This mini-guide simply introduces you to 5 local tips to experience Budapest in a more local way. Travel tips by friends for friends.

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The Geeky Guide Budapest includes:

  1. The coolest Fun Bar to experience the nightlife of Budapest
  2. Chill with the Locals on a hot summer night – the place to be
  3. Local Bistro with a creative kitchen in a hip design – the waiters are hilarious!
  4. The best Spa in Budapest – pack your swim suit and relax
  5. a green Park to relax slightly outside the city – the views are great from here

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