Sailomyen Cafe & Hostel – Creamy Coffee and Comfy Pillows in Vientiane, Laos

Sailomyen Cafe Hostel

Combining a coffee place with a stylish hostel; it's always a good idea. The Sailomyen Café and Hostel in Vientiane, near the Thai border offers backpackers and budget traveler a great hostel experience. We are keen to share with you some insights to the first 5 Star Hostel in Laos. This hostel in the capital of Laos has everything you need to enjoy a comfy hostel stay.

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Looking for the coolest and best hostels in Vientiane, Laos? You have just found your place you want to stay at – most likely. We are, your brand to the best hostels in the world, the 5 Star Hostels.

It is one of the top choice to stay in Vientiane. Check out our detailed guide to the BEST Hostels in Vientiane 2024.

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“We love to welcome friends from around the world to their second home in Vientiane.”

– Desa, the owner at Sailomyen Cafe and Hostel

The coffee shop itself at Sailomyen Hostel

This is where the magic happens
This is where the magic happens: Coffee and social time!

Before we start, pack smart…

Remember to pack accordingly for staying in a hostel – yet, do not overpack.

Here’s our full packing list, including Noise-Cancelling ear plugs and your padlocks.

Packing List for Backpacking

Sailomyen Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Sailomyen Guest House was born back in 1994. A long time ago, especially considering the country was less-traveled back then.

The last renovation in 2016 change the whole hostel game for their own as well as Vientiane.

The owners decided to combine two of their passions: travel and coffee. Their stylish coffee places welcomes travelers and locals alike.

This gives you the opportunity to dive more into the local style of travel.

The building of Sailomyen coffee shop and hostel
The building of Sailomyen coffee shop and hostel

The rooms

Sailomyen chose to only offer dorms. They offer 6-bed dorms for female-only, for male-only as well as mixed. All dorms are equipped with 6 bunk beds.

During the renovation process, the architects designed each bed with a single curtain.

This gives every traveler a bit of privacy, even in a dorm.

In addition, every bed comes with a big locker. This is perfect for backpacks and suitcase. We always mention this: Make sure you lock your belongings safely and use lockers.

It is also a great hostel for female solo-travelers.

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Having a rest in the dorm at Sailomyen hostel in Vientiane
Having a rest in the dorm at Sailomyen hostel in Vientiane
The clean bathroom - Sailomyen is a great hostel for female solo travelers
The clean bathroom – Sailomyen is a great hostel for female solo travelers

If you are traveling with a group, you can get a 6 Bed dorm as a full private room.

Just make sure to contact the hostel about it, and they will make sure you get the full room.

Read: different hostel room types.

The hostel dorms at Sailomyen coffee shop and hostel
Get a private room for your big group of friends

A good night sleep is gold!

Bunk Beds at Sailomyen Hostel

The design

The design is kept in a loft-style.

Wooden crafted material is chosen along with blank metal. This makes the place a kind of new-york-loft.

The first floor is a cafe.

This is where guests meet up and mingle with outside guests at this area.

dive into the design at the best hostel in Vientiane, Laos
A good coffee with a design shot, please!

Who stays at Sailomyen Cafe?

The hostel is visited by international travelers.

It is a wide mix of European travelers, travelers from the USA and Canada as well as Australia.

Also, Asian travelers love to enjoy a good cup of coffee here. You can meet travelers from Japan, South Korea and neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

Since Sailomyen is the best hostel in town, you will find many backpackers as well as budget traveler sharing the same home.

Make sure you hang out in the lobby since it is the easiest place to meet and greet.

By the way, a great ice-breaker might be talking about some of the awesome coffee cups here – see below!

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Have you ever seen a coffee cup like this one?
Have you ever seen a coffee cup like this one?
Start the morning with a breakfast included
Start the morning with a breakfast included

What about the staff?

The staff is trained by the owner himself.

They treat each other like family and you can tell the team here is a small family itself.

They joke and laugh, and overall the good vibes spread from the team itself.

The guests are also counted as a family member, tells us Desa, owner of Sailomyen Hostel:

“so we treat everyone nice and friendly as a family member.”

6 Cool Things to do in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is located near the Thai border and it should be found on every bucket list for Laos.

The capital of Laos is with more than 700.000 inhabitants the biggest city in the country. Due to its age and history, there are many things to do in Vientiane.

We had a look.

Here is the list of the 7 best things to explore:

1. Visiting Victory Monument

2. Visiting That Luang Stupa

3. Visiting Black Stupa

4. Visiting many nice temples

Temples are a must-visit here in Laos.

They can be absolutely magnificent.

One of the best things to do in Vientiane is visiting the temples of Sisaket, Hor Prakeo and Si Muang.

They are the most popular ones!

5. Fresh market Thong Khun Kham Market

Just around the corner of Sailomyen Hostel, you can find the big fresh market called “Thong Khun Kham Market”.

Besides the local food and market experience, here you can see how local lives in Vientiane.

It’s an interesting area to walk around.

Fresh market Thong Khun Kham Market

6. Visiting Night Market along the Mekong River

There are many night market and walking streets in Vientiane where travelers can enjoy food and drinks.

It depends on each day of the week.

So, our recommendation would be asking the reception staff at Sailomyen about a cool bar in the area or which Night Market is on tonight.

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