Best Hostels in Vientiane

3 Best Hostels in Vientiane, Laos – A Laid-back and Slow-paced Capital

Looking for the best hostels in Vientiane?

Vientiane is a stunning quaint village located on the banks of Mekong, Laos. It gives a quiet, sleepy vibe in contrast to the usually vibrant and bustling Southeast Asian cities.

With steaming noodle stands, and monks with orange umbrellas wandering the streets – the place gives a distinctive and authentic feel. You can spot the French influence wherever you look, from grand colonial architecture to the heavenly-smelling bakeries.

Our primary purpose in writing the article is to help you pick a quality hostel that is safe, clean, and fun! We also want to help you understand more about the city and assist you with information related to the best hostels in Vientiane, Laos.

Your Shortcut:

  1. Sailomyen Hostel - best for backpackers
  2. Petit Espace Boutique Hostel - best for Female solo travelers
  3. Barn Laos Hostel - best for Couples and Groups
  4. Extra: Barn1920s Hostel - best for Coziness

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The atmosphere of the city is quite laid back. It consists of antique Buddhist temples surrounded by tree-lined streets and a peaceful boulevard.

From the glimmering golden stupas to intricate temples beautifully adorned with stone nagas and Buddhas, it is brimming with history and religion. The city never ceases to dazzle travelers with its rustic appeal and majestic temples. 

If you’re traveling throughout Laos, we also have a guide on the best hostels in Laos as well as other cities throughout the country, like Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng

This guide is perfect for YOU, when you…

  • are tired of crappy hostels!
  • want a social Hostel to actually meet people
  • are happy to spend $1 to $2 more for a much better experience

What do we cover in this article?

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Quick Introduction to Vientiane

Average price for a bed: Hostels in Vientiane cost $6 – $8 per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room has an average price of around $21 per night. This is a rough average, just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on the season and holidays. Please always check the exact rates on or

Check-In and Check-Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3 pm), while the Check-Out time is before 11:00 (11 am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

Nicest way to explore: We highly recommend exploring the city by bike as it is the most convenient form of transportation – and it’s also tons of fun!

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The 3 Best Hostels in Vientiane are …

Let’s jump right into the coolest hostels in Vientiane.

  1. Sailomyen Hostel – best for backpackers
  2. Petit Espace Boutique Hostel – best for Female solo travelers
  3. Barn Laos Hostel – best for Couples and Groups
  4. Extra: Barn1920s Hostel - best for Coziness

We put all accommodations on the map, incl. our own tips for restaurants, things to see, and more.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🦸 Solo Traveler: Petit Espace Boutique Hostel
👯For Groups:Barn Laos Hostel
🙎‍♀️ Female Solo Traveler: Petit Espace Boutique Hostel
🎒 for Backpacker:Sailomyen Hostel
🧘 Cozy Hostel: Barn1920s Hostel
👩‍❤️‍👨 Couple Hostel: Barn Laos Hostel

1. Sailomyen Hostel

 Sailomyen Hostel  is considered one of the best hostels in Vientiane, Laos! It was established in 1994, and overall, the hostel provides backpackers and budget travelers with an excellent hostel experience.

The owners have an immense fascination for travel and coffee, and the hostel gives you impressive, vibrant vibes.

Their rich coffee attracts travelers and locals alike. Its strategic location makes it a preferred choice amongst travelers as it’s close to the city center, a couple of minutes away from Hor Phra Keo, Wat Si Muang, and Wat Mixai.

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Sailomyen Hostel Dorms

There are six rooms in the hostel, and guests can choose from a vast selection of options. The rooms are equipped with hairdryers, lockers, and air conditioning. 

The design is kept in a loft style using wooden crafted material and blank metal. On the first floor of the hostel, you can find a cafe where guests can meet each other and share travel experiences!

The owner trains the staff and is always attentive to the minute details of the guests. They treat guests like family and provide top-notch hospitality!

The best choice in Vientiane for

  • Backpackers
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Sailomyen Hostel Common Area Sailomyen Hostel Lounge

2. Petit Espace Boutique Hostel

Located at the Rue Samsenthai Anou village, Petit Espace Boutique Hostel is one of the best hostels in Vientiane, Laos, for female solo travelers.

Guests can choose from one of five rooms, each offering stellar city views. In addition to the dormitories, excellent double-bed rooms are also available if you’re traveling as a couple or with a friend. The hostel features amenities like a hairdryer, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, dining tables, and free Wi-Fi facility.

The Petit Espace features a bar where different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served. Also, the hostel’s taxi services make exploring the region more convenient.

Petit Escape Boutique Hostel provides the best location and really takes care of its guests. Here, you’ll enjoy an urban escape in the city’s heart.

Location: It’s around 20 minutes from Fa Ngum Park and 10 minutes from the large That Dam stupa. The hostel is close to several restaurant and café options in the city.

A great choice for

  • All solo travelers
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Petit Espace Boutique Hostel Petit Espace Boutique Lounge Petit Espace Boutique Cafe

3. Barn Laos Hostel

Barn Laos Hostel provides travelers with adults-only accommodation. 

It provides guests with several common areas, including a garden, a shared lounge, and a terrace.

The hostel offers six rooms, and you can even choose a separate double bedroom. The rooms overlook the city and come with a shared bathroom equipped with a shower, hairdryer, tea coffee-making equipment, and free wifi.

There are also traditional massage services that the guests can request when needed.

There is a shared kitchen facility for guests who want to cook for themselves. The staff is always available to help you out, and reception is 24/7.

The Barn Laos also has parking space, ideal for travelers who rent a car. The hostel allows the guest to enjoy a refreshment while enjoying the views from one of the spacious terraces.

One of the most popular and available forms of entertainment is table tennis; in the evening, shows and concerts are planned to entertain guests.

This is one of the best hostels in Vientiane for

  • Couples
  • Friend groups
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Barn Laos Hostel Dorms Barn Laos Hostel Barn Laos Hostel

4. Barn1920s Hostel

Barn1920s Hostel is located in the heart of Vientiane. The hostel features a garden, bar, and a shared lounge for the guests to interact and socialize. We think it’s perfect for backpackers

Comfort is guaranteed in this exceptional accommodation! Every room has a small wardrobe, and the shared bathroom facility has complimentary toiletries and a hairdryer.

Free Buffet breakfast is served daily for the guests, and they can also request anything they require from the café and bar. One of the important highlights of the hostel is the in-house café, Drip 1920s, which offers one of the best drip coffee in Vientiane.

If you wish to take the leap into the past and enjoy the magic moments of the 1920s with great background music, visiting this hostel should be at the top of your list.

Location: It’s just a 5-minute drive from the beautiful Mekong river and a 3-minute walk from the night market. Popular places of interest include Wat Sisaket, Laos national museum, Thatluang Stupa, and Hor Phra Keo. A vibrant night food market also takes place at the hostel’s front door.

This is one of the best hostels in Vientiane for

  • Coziness
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Barn1920s Hostel Barn1920s Hostel Lounge Barn1920s Hostel Dorms

Best Hostels in Vientiane for Solo Travelers?

The best hostel in Vientiane for solo travelers is Petit Espace Boutique Hostel.

It has great amenities and facilities that will make any guest feel right at home and guarantee a comfortable stay.

Staff is super helpful and will also help you out if you deal with any issues during your trip.

Their location is ideal and will also enable you to easily visit the city and enjoy what Vientiane offers.

Book Petit Espace Boutique Hostel here

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Petit Espace Boutique Cafe

What about the cheapest hostels in Vientiane?

Of course, there are always cheap hostels. But how do you actually find them? When you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you want to save every dollar, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Vientiane.

  1. Open with a full list of all hostels in Vientiane
  2. add your dates
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Simple as that. is a price comparison site for hostels. They list every single one in the world and tells you exactly which website is cheaper to use.

Another smart Tip: Check what is actually included, and what is excluded. Take a closer look at the location, too. A further location might mean more costs in transport.

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We included some handy links to each of the recommended hostel. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

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We recommend booking your hostel as early as possible! All of Vientiane best hostels are popular; especially in high-season. To make sure you end up in those stylish and good hostels, secure your room/ bed as soon as you have your travel dates fix.

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All Top Hostels put on a map + sights

All the hostels we have listed are excellent when it comes to services and convenience offered to travelers.

We’d like to further help you out with planning your trip, so here are a few suggestions:

Explore the peaceful Pha That Luang: It is a stunning gold stupa that was built during the 3rd century. However, it was destroyed in the 18th century. But thankfully, the French restored it to its former glory and turned it into a quiet, peaceful place to explore. 

Wat Si Saket: This is another famous Buddhist temple you must not miss on your visit to Vientiane. It has a stunning antique architecture that is made out of teak wood. The temple dates back to the 18th century and holds over 6800 Buddha sculptures. It also displays stunning Khmer-style Buddhas that are five meters long.

Visit Patuxai During the Sunset: It was built to commemorate those who died in the struggle for independence from France. Due to the civil war, it was not completed and was left unpainted, exposing the concrete architecture. During the evenings, you can climb up to the top and enjoy a great view of the whole city from above. 

Shopping at the Night Market By the Mekong River: It opens from 5 pm onwards; however, cover yourself well with mosquito repellant before stepping out. 

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Here we share with you the most asked question:

What are the best hostels in Vientiane?

The best hostels in Vientiane are:

What are the best hostels for solo travelers in Vientiane?

The best hostel for solo travelers in Vientiane is:
Petit Espace Boutique Hostel

How much do Hostels in Vientiane cost on the weekend?

Hostels in Vientiane cost around 12$ per night for a bed in a dorm during the weekend.

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