Qatar Airways in 1st Hand Review – Is it really worth it?

14 Reasons Why It's Smart to Choose Qatar Airways - An Overall Review

Are you planning to travel the world? Looking for the best airline to partner with your trips? Well, here is our Qatar Airways Review that will definitely help you answer those questions.

Find out the many reasons why you should choose Qatar Airways and its policies in this review. We will help you know more about Qatar Airways and how it can help you in your travels.

Update: We also travel a lot with Etihad. Our review about Etihad is coming soon.

This is definitely the right page you’re looking for so no need to look further. This is an honest review of Qatar Airways which has worked for us and our trips way too many times. And you can have our word for this.

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There are a lot more inside this article that can help you understand more of Qatar Airways.

Before you travel make sure you sort out your iVisa and Onward Ticket where necessary.

So what are we still waiting for? Let’s cut the chase and start the review.

In this guide we cover:

  1. What is Qatar Airways?
  2. Why Qatar Airways?
  3. How to book a ticket on Qatar Airways?
  4. my Own Experience – From Booking to Food and Flying
  5. Is it safe to use Qatar Airways?
  6. How to pay?
  7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds
  8. Support
  9. Is it worth to try Qatar Airways?
  10. Qatar Airways First Class
  11. Flying with Kids
  12. Qatar Airways discount code
  13. FAQ
  14. Summary

Important: We did not get paid to write this review. It is first-hand, genuine, and no bs.

Entering Qatar Airways

1. What is Qatar Airways?

From the name itself, Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar and is a member of the OneWorld alliance. It is by far the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents. Yes, you read that right, all six continents which take you to any place in the world.

Moreover, out of only 5 airports in the world, Hamad International offers a non-stop connection to all these 6 continents.

Qatar Airways connects you to more than 160 destinations around the world every day. Making people travel farther and more frequently than before. It features two to three-cabin configurations which include First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class.

From its launching in 1997, the Airline has continued to soar high with its awards and recognitions worldwide. With that, it has become one of the elite group of airlines that has earned a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

We first took a flight with this airline back in 2011. I took a flight from Barcelona > Qatar > Bangkok. It was pretty much love at first sight. I had pancakes for breakfast and a very pleasant and short layover in Doha. The flight attendants are very polite and offer you drinks and snacks around the clock – well, during your flight.

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The inside of a Qatar Airways plane

2. Why Qatar Airways?

With all the airlines out there, why Qatar Airways? Certainly, there are other great ones. Obviously, you cannot fly everywhere with Qatar and sometimes other airlines like Lufthansa and Emirates have better connections. It really depends on your destination. Later on, I will describe how I go and find my flights.

First, here we give you 14 reasons why we love to fly with theAirline by Qatar.

2.1 It is the best airline out there

You all may not agree but according to World Airlines Award 2015, Qatar Airways was voted the number one airline in the world. It was also titled the award for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012.

Yes, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, KML, Etihad, and Emirates… they are all great!

2.2 Best Airport in the Middle East

Qatar Airways is based in Doha Airport or also known as the Hamad International Airport. It was voted as the “Best Airport” in the Middle East surpassing two famous airports like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The airport opened in 2014 which is very close to the city and is reachable by metro and buses.

I first landed at the new airport in 2011 when it was still under construction. Back in 2018, I came back; a very impressive, beautiful airport.

I also love all the shops, you can pay in US dollar. I bought myself three great books. I have no idea why this is important to mention; I just loved the little book store and the 3 books I got.

My travel kit I received when taking my seat

2.3 It serves all six continents

Not all airlines are open to serving all six continents. But Qatar Airways have managed to be one out of the five airports in the world to offer non-stop connection in all parts of the globe.

2.4 The first major Gulf Carrier to join an Alliance

In 2012, Qatar Airways joined the OneWorld Alliance which consists of 15 full members. OneWorld Alliance was also voted as the best alliance by Skytrax for three consecutive years.

2.5 Qatar Airways is the first airline to operate new generation aircrafts

In the advancing years just like the other big shot airlines are aiming for the big changes with new generation aircraft, it was the first airline to operate the three latest aircraft.

These new-generation aircraft include Airbus A350, the Dreamliner, or the Super Jumbo A380, all purchased and used by Qatar Airways all at the same time. While everyone else was either getting either one of the three.                                 

2.6 Qatar Airways holds the record of the longest flight in the world

Not all aircraft are able to travel long distances since it will require Longer Range (LR). And the only available candidate is the 777-200LR. This aircraft has additional fuel tanks, lighter landing gear, and raked wingtips.

And you got it right!

Qatar Airways was able to launch the first longest trip in the world from Doha to Auckland which lasts 18 hours and 30 minutes. The distance between these two countries is 14,536 kilometers.

2.7 The first airline to land an Airbus a350 in the USA

It was on January 1, 2016, when Qatar Airways Airbus A350 landed America for the first time in history. This historical flight happened on America’s East Coast in Philadelphia.

While on the other hand, the biggest city of Pennsylvania became the new part of the yearly expanding United States network of the Qatari carrier. And in March 2016, the A350 network has also extended to Boston.

2.8 It has helped the Arabian Oryx from being extinct

The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Qatar that was completely extinct in 1972. But it was in 1982 when it was reintroduced in the wild. Two hers were used to bring the Oryx back.

One was from the Phoenix, Arizona Zoo, and another from a “private collection” in Saudi Arabia. It was then first introduced in Oman and extended to UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

After 25 years, this advocacy was a success. The Arabian Oryx was no longer extinct and was listed as “Vulnerable”.

2.9 Excellent Customer Service

Being one of the leading airlines in the world, it also has excellent customer service. All lines are available around the clock and they are very responsive. Very happy to answer inquiries and complaints.

Here we have listed a directory you might need.

On the other hand, here are the contact details for the different airlines.

For other inquiries contact your local offices, contact details can be found in the following link.

2.10 Transactions are fast and easy

Qatar Airways gives easy to follow steps that everyone can understand. These steps are six easy steps that you can finish in a matter of a few minutes.

These steps include the following:

  • Selection
  • Review
  • Passenger Details
  • Trip Summary
  • Payment
  • Confirmation

2.11 No printing needed

Once you have purchased and confirmed your booking, you will receive an electronic ticket (E-Ticket). As a matter of fact, all tickets provided by Qatar Airways are in the form of E-tickets.

All bookings from the website, Qatar Airways offices, contact centers, and travel agents will all provide an E-ticket.

You can use your ticket when checking-in. However, we recommend that you carry a copy of your e-ticket at all times. You may need to present this at the airport security or the immigration desk depending on the airport regulations.

2.12 You can manage your booking

One of the wonderful features of Qatar Airways is the way you can manage your booking. All you have to do is jump to this link and manage your booking.

In this feature, you can do the following to your booking:

  • View, print out and e-mail your itinerary and ticket
  • Change your booking date, time, cabin class, and fare class
  • Edit your frequent flyer number and contact details
  • Select your seat
  • Cancel your booking/Refund request
  • Request services including special meals or disability assistance
  • Rent a car, book a hotel, purchase excess baggage, arrange for a meet & assist service in Doha, book lounge access pass

2.13 Great onboard services

Another we liked about Qatar Airways is their special on-board services which include but not limited to the following:

  • Super WiFi – Super Wi-Fi is valid on one flight or segment within the booked itinerary. This can be purchased through thei website. All flights enabled with the Super Wi-Fi can be seen at the purchase pages depending on its service availability.

The Super Wi-Fi access code can be used on one device at a time. But if you plan to use it to multiple devices, you will need to purchase multiple access codes.

On the other hand, you can also use the switch device feature. This will allow you to shift your Super Wi-Fi connection from one device to another. However, this will disconnect your first connected device.

  • Pre-select Dining – Qatar Airways is very happy and pleased to introduce their First and Business Class passengers the Pre-select Dining service.

It is through this service that passengers are able to reserve the main course of their choice. However, this can be available on selected routes from Doha.

Meal requests should be done 14 days in advance up to 24 hours prior to your departure. And you don’t have to worry about any extra charges since this is a complimentary service for First and Business Class passengers.

  • Wi-Fi – On an aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi, you can access the Internet when flying over most countries in the world. The cabin crew will make an announcement regarding the availability and type of Wi-Fi service at the beginning of the flight.

However, satellite coverage may experience outages because of several reasons like government regulations, weather, and switching between satellite regions.

  • Portable Electronic Device (PED) – These are commonly used electronic devices and gadgets such as mobile phones, notebook computers, tablets, laptop computers, etc.

Qatar Airways allows the following PEDs on flight:

  • Mobile phones with flight mode capability
  • Laptop / notebook computers
  • Tablet computers
  • E-readers
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Digital Audio / MP3 Players
  • Portable DVD / CD Players
  • Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Electric shavers
  • Personal digital cameras
  • Electronic games
  • Assistive medical devices

Next point is…

  • Movies and Entertainment

I once took a low-budget airline from Europe to Thailand… never again…do not do this! It was horrible.

Every food served was half the size of what you consider a snack or meal. It was a joke. No water and even the screens did not work.

Now, you might say: You should not complain, it is a budget airline.

Sure, but I paid extra to have the luggage, meals, and entertainment. And all I got was pretty much my luggage from Europe to Thailand. Thanks for delivering 33% of your work.

Anyway, in Qatar Airlines,  you have your own tv screens with a wide range of movie selection.

  • Hollywood
  • Kid’s Movies
  • Bollywood
  • Classics
  • Arabic movies
  • South Asian

2.14 Special Services

Qatar Airways goes beyond just your travel and takes care of those who need it. Here are some of the special services that the airline can provide.

  • Unaccompanied Minors

All the airport process, from departure and arrival of unaccompanied minors, the child is given the privilege of priority assistance. From the immigration, security, boarding, baggage collection, and custom clearance processes, your child will be assisted.

The staff will also help them out fill out forms required by the Immigration and Customs. But the airlines encourage that the person accompanying your child remains at the airport until your child’s flight departs.

Your child’s bags will also be labeled with special tags so the staff can easily retrieve their baggage. Then your child will be assisted through the customs until they are picked-up or met by your authorized representative on the Arrival Hall.

And you won’t have to worry since you will be notified about your child’s departure and expected time of arrival.

  • Disability Assistance

Qatar Airways does its best to help and accommodate passengers with special needs. That is why, during your booking, it is very important to advise the airlines about any disability or special needs. You can always indicate this on the “Manage Booking” feature.

Aside from this, you can also book your special service request at least 48 hours before your departure by contacting your local Qatar Airways office. This way, the airlines can make necessary arrangements to escort you to and from the aircraft.

You can check their contacts here.

Furthermore, if you intend to bring your own wheelchair, do inform the airlines during or after your booking. They will carry your wheelchair free of charge.

3. How to book a ticket on Qatar Airways?

Like we have mentioned earlier there are six easy steps for you to complete a booking. Here we elaborate each step.

  • Selection – In this part, you will need to choose your destination details such as country of origin and destination and date. You will also get to choose among the tickets available with their prices and inclusions.
  • Passenger details – This is where you fill up passenger details including passport details.
Visit Qatar Airways here

Note: Please make sure that you enter the names of all passengers as shown on passports. This will avoid problems at the airport. Name changes are not permitted once the booking has been finalized.

  • Add-ons – You can skip this step if you don’t have anything to add on your journey like preferred seat
  • Trip Summary – In this part of the process, all the details you have filled up in the previous steps will be laid out to you. These include your flight, passenger, and contact details.

Note: This is your last chance to check and change any details that you think you need to change. So check every detail multiple times and confirm once its finalized.

  • Payment – Payments can be done through Credit or Debit Card through the following like American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Master Card, UATP, and VISA. They also accept through other payments like PayPal, Masterpass, China UnionPay, and Visa Checkout.
  • Confirmation – Once you have confirmed and completed the payment process, you can now download your e-ticket.

Qatar Airplanes are modern and neat

4. My Own Experience – From Booking to Food and Flying

As mentioned before I took my first flight with Qatar back in 2011. Since this is a long time, I am pretty sure you are more interested in an up-to-date kind of review from Qatar Airways.

Of course! The last time I took a flight with Qatar was 2019 from Copenhagen > Qatar > Hong Kong.

4.1 Booking my flight and selection of my Meal Option

I really start doing my research at comparison websites and aggregators like Kayak and Skyscanner. Basically, my first go-to websites for flights are:

Read: My guide and Review of Skyscanner – and how to use it properly

This is obviously way easier than going to 17 different airline websites to see if 1. they fly to my destination 2. when and 3rd how much.

For instance, we discovered that Qatar is flying from Copenhagen over Qatar to Hong Kong. Score! We compared the prices and conditions on with Qatar Airways’ website. It was a bit cheaper directly with Qatar and we could directly add our luggage. This and the food selection is usually an issue with

On our way back from South East Asia, I insisted (okay, if possible I wanted…) to fly with Qatar. We used to see if Qatar flies to any major European Destination. And yet again, score. We found a flight from Hong Kong > Doha/ Qatar > Stockholm.

Read: our honest review of

Confirmation Email from Qatar Airways
Confirmation Email from Qatar Airways – Hong Kong > Doha > Stockholm

Above I added our confirmation email. As you would expect from any booking engine, we received it within seconds.

Actually (I do not know why to be honest), every time I book a flight I forget to choose my vegetarian meal. So how can you change your meal plan in Qatar? It is very straight forward. You log in to your account and choose “Manage Booking“. Then choose the flight and there’s a tiny field to select different meals.

Qatar offers the following special meal options:


  • Vegetarian Meal – Vegan (VGML)
  • Fruit Platter (FPML)
  • Raw Vegetarian Meal (RVML)
  • Vegetarian Lacto-OVO Meal (VLML)
  • Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML)

Religious meals

  • Asian Vegetarian Meal / Veg Hindu Meal (AVML)
  • Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal (HNML)
  • Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML)
  • Kosher Meal (KSML)

And as well as Medical/health care meals, Non-provision of special meals and so-called Young traveler meals for baby and children.

Very good to know: Whatever special dish you order with any airline, you will be usually served in the beginning. Personally, I don’t mind, but some travelers I talked to being served first so they can eat a bit slower.

4.2 Flying with Qatar

I am always quite excited to fly with a great airline. You can relax, watch movies and overall it is just a great experience. Budget airlines? Uff!

For me, it’s just something you have to do if you wanna travel. (thanks, Ryanair, still appreciate you!)

Anyhow, the check-in is smooth, entering the airplane is smooth, attendants are welcoming. It’s just a great experience and you feel very welcome.

The planes are very new and well maintained. You will receive a comfy, purple blanket for sleeping, headphones, and a small snack before even taking off.

Ready for Dinner: The meals being served by two Flight Attendants at Qatar Airways

5. Is it safe to use Qatar Airways?

Being one of the best airlines in the world, it’s definitely a yes to Qatar Airways for safe to use. This is one of the famous airlines so you don’t have to worry. You can have its name for quality.

Qatar Airways has proven its name through the years which has given them multi awards from different trusted organizations.

6. How to pay?

Qatar Airways gives you plenty of options for payments. You can choose between the following below:

  • Credit or Debit Card

American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Master Card, UATP, and VISA

  • Other Payment options

PayPal, Masterpass, China UnionPay, and Visa Checkout.

7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds

Changes – All changes in details can be done in the “Manage Booking” feature right before you confirm your booking. Again, below are what you do with this feature.

  • View, print out and e-mail your itinerary and ticket
  • Change your booking date, time, cabin class, and fare class
  • Edit your frequent flyer number and contact details
  • Select your seat
  • Cancel your booking/Refund request
  • Request services including special meals or disability assistance
  • Rent a car, book a hotel, purchase excess baggage, arrange for a meet & assist service in Doha, book lounge access pass

However, all changes after the booking are not possible. That is why we have emphasized earlier that you check your Trip Summary multiple times to see any errors you need to change.

Although Qatar Airways allows correction of customer’s family name, first name, middle name, a title can be processed exclusively on tickets issued on Qatar Airways operated flights for up to 03 characters.

Note: Spaces and titles are to be counted within the number of character corrections.

Cancellations – For cancellations, you have to contact the agent/office where you booked your ticket, or if you changed your booking, contact the office where you last modified it. According to Qatar Airways, the cancellation will be acknowledged depending on the fare conditions of our ticket.

Refunds – But if it happens that your flight was canceled, Qatar Airways will give a full refund on your ticket to its original form of payment.

8. Support

Qatar Airways offers excellent customer support and service around the clock. Feel free to contact them for any inquiries or complaints regarding your bookings and their services.

You can check their numbers back at number 2. Why Qatar Airways.

Doha from above Doha Airport is beautiful!

9. Is it worth to try Qatar Airways?

Yes, 100%!

Being one of the best airlines in the world, why would it not be worth to use Qatar Airways? Aside from this, as a regular user of this airline, we also personally recommend Qatar Airways.

And apart from what we have enumerated 14 reasons “Why Qatar Airways”, here are more reasons why it’s worth it to try Qatar Airways.

  • They have very comfortable and big legroom space for Economy Class seats
  • They provide complimentary meals, beverages, and wines
  • Pillows and blankets are provided
  • Crews are attentive, prompt, helpful, and patient (Perfect Crews!)
  • TV Screens are huge with hundreds of films to choose from. They have Hollywood, Bollywood, classics, Arabic, South Asian, and almost everything you want.

Again, these are only some of the many things why it is worth it to try Qatar Airways. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

10. Flying Qatar Airways First Class

You all must be thinking, how awesome would it be to try Qatar Airways’ First Class. Well, that got us dreaming, too.

Just imagine how great it is to fly with the Economy Class then what more if it were in the First Class, right? Even we pay more, at least we get more of what we expect.

Actually, one of the rarest cabins you will find of the Middle East carriers is Qatar Airways’ First Class. These can only be found in their 10 Airbus A380 aircraft since the company is planning to phase these out.

The reason behind it? Excellent as they can be, Qatar Airways has made another breakthrough with its Qsuites Business Class. And this has upgraded their service in the First Class and has been praised by many as the best business class in the world.

However, is it worth the extra to try First Class? For us, it would definitely be a yes. It would always be good to try things step by step so we can see how much difference is made.

What do we need to expect from Qatar Airways’ First Class? Just like we have mentioned in the earlier part of this article, they have excellent quality service.

  • First Class Lounge

You will enjoy Qatar Airways’ top lounge which is only open for first-class passengers. It has a very wide space and entirely huge where you can expect more than just your personal space. Great a la carte meals are also served where you can order from a delicious menu depending on which airline you are. Not to mention the expensive wines that will be poured on your glass.

Complete with amenities, the lounge amazingly has a spa facility where you can use the Jacuzzi for free (the rest services you have to pay), several lounges, a library, media rooms, working desks equipped with Mac and PCs, and a private Duty-Free store.

And if ever you need a nap or on a layover, some lounge even has sleeping rooms which come with its own bath and shower. All for free.

Note:  Just remember that all these facilities we have mentioned may vary depending on the airport.

Visit Qatar Airways here
  • First Class Cabin

The First Class cabin is placed on the upper deck of the plane where you board a private jet bridge. You will be greeted and welcomed by their award-winning cabin crews and will be escorted to your seat. And the moment you take a seat, they will ask you for anything you might need. Maybe a glass of champagne?

There are only eight seats in the First Class cabin which will make you feel more of the exclusivity. Plus, all your bags will be stored in a storage locker near the front of the cabin, not in overhead bins.

Two lavatories are also open for the eight first-class passengers where the bathrooms are huge and beautifully decorated.

And another thing to be excited about is the two small bars located in the front of the cabin which is filled with drinks and snacks you can access during your entire flight. But wait, there’s more. Wait until you see their onboard bar where you got plenty of space to enjoy yourself. And the drinks are FREE. You can even grab a bottle and take it back to your seat.

  • The Seat

Furthermore, the cabins are designed with dark purple and gold flourishes which shouts the brand of Qatar Airways. And on the window-side seat arm, you will find the preset positions perfect for take-off, sleeping, and landing. Each seat also comes with the IFE remote.

You also have your own big entertainment screen and lamp. There is also a counter and a pull-out tray table. You will also see a closet big enough to put some of your personal belongings. Two pillows are also placed on your seat that measures about 23 inches across.

  • Amenities

Bric’s Amenity Kit – These include a leather luggage tag, socks, eyeshade, earplugs, pebble leather glasses sleeve, and Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio cream, anti-aging moisturizer, lip balm, and a bottle of facial mist.

Pajamas – These pajamas are from The White Company which comes in a soft cloth bag and slippers.

Bed Linen and duvet – When you want to catch some sleep, you can convert your chair for sleeping and you will be provided with these.

  • Food

The menu is very impressive and has plenty of varieties thinking it only serves eight passengers in the First Class. And you can really say that you have more than you paid for. The menu is world-class and very delicious.

And the table setting? Just like you’re having a meal in a restaurant. Complete with table decoration. Excellent!

  • Entertainment

The entertainment system has over 4,000 options from movies to audio to television, and games. You surely won’t run out of things to do. The screen also has options to view the tail of the plane during take-off and landing.

They also give out promo codes for free WiFi throughout the duration of your flight.

  • Service

Qatar’s crew wouldn’t be awarded the best if the service is not great. Their service is exceptional. They are very attentive and accommodating. They make sure that you have everything you need and enjoy your flight.

And finally, after knowing all these, are you in for their First Class flight? Say it’s a yes! Because you get MORE THAN you paid for.

First Class with Qatar Airways

11. Travelling Qatar Airways with kids

Among the many airlines in the world, Qatar Airways has proven its name even when traveling with kids. We may have not tried their services but we have read plenty of positive feedback and reviews regarding traveling with kids.

And according to our research, here are some of the wonderful services Qatar Airways has to offer.

11.1 Child Airfare

There is one factor that determines whether your child is eligible or not for infant or child fare and that’s your child’s age at the date of your departure for each flight.

Here’s their policy regarding their fare eligibility.

  • Infant fare: From 8 days until 2nd birthday (at the time of departure for each flight during the course of the journey)
  • Child fare: From 2 to 11 years
  • Adult fare: From 12 years and older

Moreover, children ages 2 to 11 are provided with discounts that range from 10%-50% off the adult fare. However, this will also vary depending on your route.

Note: Babies lesser than 8 years old are permitted to travel as long as you can provide a travel certificate from a qualified Pediatrician indicating they are fit to travel.

Check out the chart below for better understanding. (details were taken from Qatar Airways website)

Age range Acceptance criteria Fare type eligibility
8 days until 2nd birthday One infant with one adult Infant fare if travelling on a parent’s lap.

Child fare* if travelling in a separate seat or car seat**

8 days until 2nd birthday Two infants with one adult:

The second infant should be over 12 months and able to sit on a seat with a seat belt.

If both infants are less than 12 months old, they need to be accompanied by a second adult passenger (at least 18 years of age).

Child fare* if second infant is over 12 months old and is travelling in a separate seat or car seat**
8 days until 2nd birthday Three infants with two adults:

The third infant should be over 12 months old and able to sit on a seat with a seat belt.

If all three infants are less than 12 months old, they need to be accompanied by a third adult passenger (at least 18 years of age).

Note: Any additional infant (e.g. 4 infants and 3 adults) must be accompanied by an additional passenger (at least 18 years of age). Booking details of the accompanying passengers must be provided at the time of reservation.

Child fare* if third infant is over 12 months old and is travelling in a separate seat or car seat**
2 to 11 years Children between 2-5 years should be accompanied by an adult over 16 years of age when travelling. Child fare*
2 to 11 years Children between 5-12 years can travel as unaccompanied minors. Click here for details on unaccompanied minors. Adult fare
12 years and older N/A  Adult fare

*Child fares are available on selected routes. For all other routes, children must travel at the adult fare.

**Car seats may be used for infants and children aged between 6 months and 36 months only.

11.2 Baggage Allowance

Children and infants that are traveling on a child fare are also eligible with the same baggage allowance as the adults.

You can check the baggage allowance policies at this link. On the other hand, a traveling infant can be with one stroller, collapsible carrycot, or pushchair for free.

Another factor you should consider is your route. The baggage allowance differs depending on the route.

For Flights to and from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the United States, the allowed baggage allowance is one piece, not to exceed 23kg (50lb) or a maximum dimension of 115cm (45in). Plus the carry on allowance for infants in all the other routes is 1 bag up to10kg (22lb) with dimensions of 115cm (45in).

11.3 Onboard infant and child services

  • Bassinet seats – Traveling infants are provided with bassinets. The maximum body weight of the infant should not exceed 11kgs (24 Lbs) and age must not exceed 24 months.

Note:  If you wish to request a bassinet, you should contact your nearest Qatar Airways office. Bassinets are also not available in the First Class cabin.

  • Activity Packs – These activity packs for children will depend on the length of your flight. This may include games, stickers, activity books, and coloring kits. And for infants, soft-plush toys or soft-plush books are given. All these are different on each trip. Like the soft toys that come in 5 different characters.

Aside from the soft toys for the infants, the kit also comes with a diaper bag (2 diapers, 4 wipes, baby lotion, and baby powder) and toys.

  • Meals – Children are given meal boxes that feature some of the most loved games and characters from Hasbro which they can bring home. This may include sandwiches, mac & cheese, pasta with chicken, fruit, chips, cookies, cake, and juice. While infants are given baby meals in pureed jarred food.

Not to mention the impressive crew that will also ask if you want anything more for your baby which we find very considerate.

Note: When booking your child’s ticket, make sure you pre-order their meal.

  • Others – Strollers are available for free of use when in Doha Airport. Besides, children will enjoy the series of eight bespoke bronze playground sculptures spread throughout the concourse of the Hamad International Airport when waiting for a flight.

Aside from these, families with traveling kids are also provided Mac stations for entertainment, family rooms, and most of all, the 25-meter, temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool, located in the Oryx Airport Hotel.

As you could see, Qatar Airways has so many services installed for families traveling with kids. That is why without a doubt they have been the most favorite airlines by families and parents. These services are proof that you are taken care of including your children.

How Child-Friendly is Qatar Airways?

12. Qatar Airways discount code

At the moment, we do not have a valid discount code or promo code for Qatar Airways. We requested one for our readers. As soon as a promo code is available, we will publish it here. Therefore, we will keep this guide always up to date.

You can bookmark this page to stay up to date. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get the promo code or voucher for Qatar Airways right to your inbox.

13. FAQ

14. Summary: Qatar Airways

As a whole, Qatar Airways has truly proven its name throughout its year of service to the world. From being one of the best airlines in the world to its numerous achievements compared to the other airline to the amazing development it has continued to offer its passengers, Qatar Airways is really one of the best.

Aside from offering excellent service, you get to travel the world with just one airline since they have all connections to all the six continents. This is also a great opportunity to save your miles and exchange them for future travels.

Overall, we really love Qatar Airways and it has not failed us ever since. There can be some small issues but all were managed pretty well by the staff and crew. And this is what we come to love about it. Their people and service.

We are very amazed to see how they listen and fix certain issues in a very calm and open manner. Still having smiles on their face. And you would certainly love that, too. We’re sure of that.

So whether you’re a first-timer or an Nth time user like us, Qatar Airways will always be close to our hearts and we will always recommend it to other people.

Visit Qatar Airways here

Over to you

Have you tried Qatar Airways? What country did you visit and how was your experience? Have you tried their First and Business Class seats? What did you love about it?

Or do you have any questions you want to know about Qatar Airways? Then please, hit the comment section. We would love to hear from you. Your comments, your feedback, and your questions will make this article and guide even more useful for all fellow travelers.

Safe travels!

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