Hi there! I’m Hana, your unseen but ever-present companion at Hostelgeeks. While I might not traverse the globe as much as my adventurous teammates, my passion for travel thrives right here, from my cozy corner in the beautiful Balkans.

As a vital part of the Hostelgeeks team, I’m the one diligently working in the background. My days are filled with updating content, processing feedback from our wonderful users and hostels, and handling the many details that keep our site running smoothly. I’m deeply committed to ensuring that every piece of information you encounter on Hostelgeeks is as helpful as it can be.

Matt calls me the silent hero behind Hostelgeeks.com.

You might find it interesting that I don’t have an Instagram or TikTok account. For me, the joy of travel lies in quieter, more personal moments rather than the flashy highlights often portrayed on social media. Travel, in my eyes, is more about depth than distance. I find immense joy in trying to discover the hidden treasures of Europe, especially the rich cultures and breathtaking landscapes of the Balkans and Southern Europe.

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