6 Secret Tips for Menorca - Sunset Spots, Caves and more RomanceWelcome to the beautiful island of Menorca. The little brother of the famous Mallorca is known for being less touristy, and more recommended for families, couples, and the tranquil traveler.

Although this island is less popular, it doesn’t say anything about the quality.

Get ready for beautiful beaches, fabulous food, and endless nature. Well, okay, not endless, the island is tiny.

This is our list of the 6 best things to do in Menorca – that still remain secrets.

It is not your typical “best things to do in Menorca” list.

We thought it would be interesting to have a closer look and unbox the hidden gems.

We have been to Menorca, and thanks to our local friends we enjoyed some incredible food we still dream about, we had ice-cold cocktails in a cave, and we were sunbathing at some paradise beaches.

Furthermore, we added a small introduction and 3 basic recommendations, because we think it is important to be properly prepared for the Balearic island.

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Ready for the secret tips?

Usually, we only share this guide via email. We made an exception and made these things to do in Menorca public.

Top (and secret) Things to do in Menorca

We are keen to share with you our best-kept secrets for Menorca + plus some important recommendations!

Here you can find all tours and trips in Menorca.

Let us start with the super cool things to do in Menorca:

1. 3 Paradise Beaches

These 3 beaches are the most popular beaches at Menorca, and they are all next to each other.

You can drive here by car, but take care as the narrowed streets are tricky.

It’s not dangerous if you don’t drive too fast, so no worries. Bring some sun cream with you and especially drinks and snacks.

There is one restaurants at Cala Macarella though.

It is a good restaurant, but obviously quite touristy! Save your money for Matt’s favorite Restaurant in the world!

Stay hydrated, especially when it’s hot otherwise you will feel terrible at the end of the day – we do not want to sound parents-like, we just highly recommend it!

#1 Macarelleta and #2 Macarella

Macarelleta and Macarella are right next to each other, and you can walk from one the other in about 5 minutes.

There is a parking spot around a 10-15 min walk away.

Also, there is a paid parking. Then it is only a 2 minute walk to the beach. Up to you!

Address Macarelleta, Menorca and Address Macarella, Menorca

#3 Cala Turqueta

If you love hiking along the coast you can also walk from Macarelleta to Cala Turqueta, it takes you around 30-45 minutes.

However, you can also park closer to Cala Turqueta. Please note that there may be some fees for the parking spot. As this changes almost every year we cannot give you a final recommendation here. In any case it won’t be a high fee anyway.

Address Cala Turqueta, Menorca

2 favorite beaches: Playa de la Tortuga and Cala Presili

Those two beaches are up in the North-Easter corner, next to Favàritx Lighthouse (also very picturesque). There is a parking lot, and it takes you around 15 min walking to get to beaches.

First there is Cala Preslili, and 10 more minutes south is the Platja d’en Tortuga.

The water is crystal clear and super flat. Very recommended therefore as well for families with little kids.

Important: There are no beach bars, not even shadow. Take this into consideration!

Address: Platja d’en Tortuga, Menorca

2. Have a cocktail inside a Cave overlooking the sea: Cova d’en Xoroi

These Caves are quite popular, and yes, we think you should come here as this place is unique!

During the day there is an entrance fee and you will have one drink included. You can sit right above the sea or inside the caves, and enjoy the horizon.

During the night you can come here as well as this place is actually a night club where locals also enjoy the night.

Whatever you do, we think it’s worth it to come here and have a look.

Address: Carrer de Sa Cova, 2, 07712 Cala’n Porter, Menorca

3. Matt’s favorite restaurant in the world: Restaurante à Cap Roig

(recommended food: arroz ciego/ arroz caldoso)

Located next to Mahon, Cap Roig is a specialized fish restaurant, sitting on the top of the cliffs!

During the sunset you have a romantic view from the terrace and you can see the sun saying good bye.

Get a wine, get some „Arroz Caldoso“, or „Paella“, and enjoy the best Mediterranean food.

Address: Carretera Sa Mesquida, 13, Menorca

4. Nice village to visit: Binibeca

The beautiful village of Binibeca is an old fishermen’s village with only white houses. There are many cafés in the tiny „city center“, and it is located directly at the sea.

Have a swim, and walk around this beauty in the south-east of the island.

Address: Binibeca, Menorca

5. A Sunset just for you – Cala Morell

We love “Punta Nati” and the lighthouse.

But, here is the thing: It is a quite common spot to go for the sunset!

What do we do as a smart traveler? We seek a different spot.

And we found one. In fact, this is the most beautiful sun set spot we have discovered on the Balearic islands.

Cala Morell is the Menorcian-Answer to Santorini!

White houses, climbing up from the beach to the cliffs. BEAUTIFUL! There are some platforms downstairs. You can come here, bring some snacks and watch the sun falling into the water.

We actually made a video of the sunset in Cala Morell.

Address: Cala Morell, Menorca, Spain

6. Extra Tip: a mud beach „Playa de Cavalleria“

Menorca is loaded with stunning beaches all over the island, and most of them are amazing.

If you would like to find another special one, check out „Playa de Cavalleria“.

Here you cover yourself in mud. However, watch out with your swimsuit/ Bikini, as it is hard to get rid of it afterwards.

Once you reach the parking you should go to the right (in the direction of the lighthouse).

There is a gate you have open and close again – no worries, everybody does it, just make sure you are at the right parking spot (see address below).

Address: Playa de Cavalleria, Menorca

Small introduction to Menorca:

1) Menorca is a small island, and to get the most out of it plus to reach the best beaches across Menorca, we highly recommend to rent a car.

A motorbike might not be enough as you may be packed with your beach luggage.

Important: We recommend NOT TO TAKE the first cheap rental service you can find. They WILL take your money one way or the other. We had some bad experience here.

We tested SIXT rental car for renting our car in Menorca.

A very professional service with fantastic cars to choose from.

2) Whenever you leave your accommodation for the beach, make sure you bring an

  • umbrella,
  • sun cream, and
  • enough water.

Again, we do not want to sound parents-like, however, it’s indeed dangerous for your body not stay hydrated, especially when the sun is burning down.

The small beaches usually do not have any beach bars!

3) Last but not least: All our recommendations are beautiful spots, but they might not be easy to access. There are usually no signs for the beaches for instance.

Therefore: Make sure you check out the Google Maps beforehand so you won’t get lost somewhere on the island.

One of our favorite apps is Fog of world, this could help you a lot!

Short Video from Menorca

We made also a short video.

It is really just a short video capturing the magic of Menorca in one moment, as we like to think.

This video by Girls vs Globe Blogger is also a great insight to the island. Enjoy!

5 Star Hostel in Menorca

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Over to you: questions?

Alright alright, we just threw a lot of information on you.

Is there anything you would like to ask?

Then please please bother us and leave a comment below. We want to make this guide as useful as possible.

Your question actually helps us to understand what information we may have forgotten or isn’t detailed enough.

Safe travels,

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6 Secret Tips for Menorca - Sunset Spots, Caves and more Romance

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