Airbnb in Review – Reasons NOT to trust Airbnb as a Traveler and Alternatives

Airbnb in Review - How to use it and fin amazing places to stay (+ 35€ Airbnb Coupon Code)

In this guide you find the famous discount to your first Airbnb stay, how to find super cool accommodation and how to select a good place to stay.

A complete guide; simple and free. We also list alternatives to for home-sharing platforms and accommodation.

Update: is another, even better platform to use. Here is a Vrbo review for details.

UPDATE 2023:

Lately, there have been many complaints about Airbnb and their customer service. Airbnb cancelled reservations due to “payment issues” and left the travelers stranded. Airbnb can cancel your reservation without prior notice and does not care about the travelers safety.

We recommend checking out alternatives to Airbnb such as and others. Read here about 43 alternatives to Airbnb.

Yes, check out the following websites:

These alternatives and competitors of Airbnb can be more legal. Couchsurfing is more a free way to stay with other travelers. Home Away, Home exchange, and Vrbo are rental platforms for houses and villas.

First things first, though: here is your precious coupon code for Airbnb you’ve been looking for. It let’s you save at least $35 on your first stay with Airbnb.

Update: Airbnb no longer offers discount codes for new users. That being said, we recommend checking other websites to book your vacation with.

Claim your $35 Airbnb Coupon Code

Please remember that this promotional code for Airbnb only works for your first stay. If you have already an account and have used Airbnb, the discount won’t apply.

In this guide we walk you through the process of creating a profile on Airbnb and renting your first accommodation. It is a really a 101-guide, and also useful for existing users.

In this Airbnb review we cover:

  1. Airbnb coupon code that works
    Alternatives to Airbnb
  2. Use Airbnb Discount with existing profile?
  3. Create your Airbnb Profile
  4. How to find your accommodation in Airbnb?
  5. Listings of Accommodations on Airbnb
  6. Airbnb first stay – How does it work?
  7. Airbnb Payment and other issues – is it safe?
  8. Pros and Cons of Airbnb
  9. Our Airbnb Stories
  10. Become an Airbnb Host – rent out your apartment or room
  11. Airbnb Experience – worth it?
  12. How does the Airbnb Coupon work?
  13. Get Your Own Airbnb Coupon Code
  14. Some Promo Codes more worth it?
  15. FAQ about Airbnb promo code

Let us start with the #1 reason why you came here.

1. Airbnb coupon code that works 2024

First and foremost, we share our discount codes with you. Come on, who does not like to save money?!

Follow this referral link and you get to the promotional code. Very simple.

The code can only be applied when you sign up.

But that does not mean, Airbnb gives you actual money or cash. This code is actually credit to book your next airbnb place to stay in.

You get at Airbnb €35 off a home booking of €65 or more. And you will get €9 off an experience of €43 or more.

You see, you need a valid booking to claim the credit. Awesome, right!?

How to actually claim your coupon code for Airbnb?

First you have to follow our referral code here.

The links opens in a new window and you will read the following message:

Hostelgeeks gave you up to 35€ toward your first trip

With one-of-a-kind homes and experiences, Airbnb is a great way to travel. When you sign up, you’ll get 35€ off a home booking of 65€ or more and 9€ toward an experience of 43€ or more. Coupons expire one year from date of sign up. Terms apply

Airbnb Claim Credit - Invited that actually works

You can claim the promo code by signing up with Airbnb. This is super easy!

You can sign up via:

  • Facebook
  • Google Email
  • Email (google, hotmail or any other)

Sign up and confirm your email address with the confirmation email. Pretty standard procedure.

Sign Up at Airbnb with Facebok, Google or Email

Then, with your first booking, your discount will be applied. (Jump to our section for how to prepare your first Airbnb stay)

Make sure you check the price before you actually confirm your booking in the final step.

To receive the discount, you will need a qualifying reservation. This is what Airbnb calls it officially.

Here is what that means: A Qualifying Reservation must have the minimum total value indicated in the referral invitation, accompanying promotional materials, Airbnb website, or Airbnb mobile application for that type of reservation. Note that this total value may change based on currency fluctuations. The Qualifying Reservation must be booked and paid for via the Airbnb platform, and the referred friend must complete the stay or the experience before the referring Member can receive Travel Credits.

Uff, complicated.

Simply put: You need a reservation of more than 65€ to claim our 35€ discount.

Important to remember: A reservation will not be considered a Qualifying Reservation, and therefore no Travel Credits will be earned, if the referring Member is the host or if the reservation is cancelled at any time.

Common Question: My Coupon code is not actually 35€?!

The value of our coupon can always change. This is due to Airbnb itself and your own currency and location. So our code is in EUROS, it can show to you in US Dollars or Great British Pounds.

There is no difference actually.

It does not matter if you are looking for a Airbnb coupon UK or Airbnb promo code Singapore, this link will get you your discount off.

Another common question: your Airbnb travel credit is not appearing?

This can be because the credit is applied automatically to your booking of your first stay. Remember, you will only receive the credit for your first stay, not your second.

Update: Alternatives to Airbnb

Due to some development in the tourism industry, here is an update.

Airbnb is great, but it fore sure has its issues. In fact, there has been some incredible horror stories about it. Besides that, it is said that Airbnb caused many communities and cities to go up in their rental properties. Read this article on what Airbnb really does to a neighborhood and about Airbnb in Barcelona.

So, are there any alternatives to Airbnb?

Yes, check out the following websites:

These alternatives and competitors of Airbnb can be more legal. Couchsurfing is more a free way to stay with other travelers. Home Away and Vrbo are rental platforms for houses and villas.

2. Use Airbnb Discount with existing profile?

Do you already have a profile on Airbnb and would like to claim the code? Well, we have bad news: You cannot.

This message will pop-up when you try:

Looks like you already have an account
These coupons are only for those new to Airbnb. You can still earn credit by inviting people you know to join.

A common question: “Can I create a new profile to get the discount?”

Well, no.

When your phone number is already associated/ connected with an existing account, you cannot apply the Airbnb Voucher. Bare this in mind! Same goes for your email address and the way you verified your account.

Looks like you already have an account These coupons are only for those new to Airbnb. You can still earn credit by inviting people you know to join.

3. Create your Airbnb Profile

This is a pretty standard procedure.

As mentioned before, you will need to use your Facebook account, google email or anything email to start. You need to confirm you agree to the Community Commitment and Terms of Service.

When signing up via email, you will receive a confirmation email. Just click on the confirmation link and you are in.

So far, easy.

Now, we start to add some content and information to your profile. After all, no one on the network wants to host a complete stranger with no photo whatsoever.

Add a profile photo that actually shows you in good quality. Although this is optional and can be completed later, do not forget this step. It is crucial.

You can also assign your phone number to your Airbnb account. This is super useful since you can receive SMS and booking confirmations here.

After that, you will need to verify your account. You’ll need to provide identification before you book, so get a head start by doing it directly. You can verify your email, phone and even passport.

Some hosts require their guests to have been verified with their actual ID or passport. Fair enough, we say.

All you need to do is to scan your passport and upload it to your profile. You will then get verified.

Find more information on verification here.

4. How to find your accommodation on Airbnb?

Obviously you know this already, the platform is a great way to find unique and cool accommodations.

In fact, Airbnb changed the way people search for places to stay. It was almost a paradigm-shift.

Due to the rise of private accommodation and the possibility to stay in a local home, Hotels lost quite a lot of business. Hotels and other professional businesses had to adapt, and were forced into becoming more creative again, and offer more than a private room to sleep in.

Anyways, how do you find your accommodation on Airbnb?

You can do three meta-searches for now:

  • homes
  • experiences
  • restaurants

Select “homes” and get started or start using Airbnb here.

Or, skip straight to our best Airbnbs in Rome guide and start there.

You can instantly filter. The most important one is actually the main search field: Your desired travel destination! In this example we want to travel to Bali.

Cool, right!?

How to find Accommodation on Airbnb in Bali

As you see in the screenshot, you can now filter by:

  • Guests
    • Adults
    • Children (ages 2-12)
    • infants (under 2 years)
  • Home Type
    • Entire place – have a place for yourself
    • private room – have your own room and share common spaces
    • Hotel room – Have a private or shared room in a boutique hotel, hostel, and more
    • Shared room – Stay in a shared place, like a common area
  • Price
    • Slide and chose the price range for your budget – Airbnb gives you as well the information of “The average nightly price is xx€” (super helpful!)
  • Instant Book
    • Choose only to see listings you can book without waiting for host approval
  • Trip Type
    • For Families (Explore entire homes with 5-star reviews from families and essentials like a kitchen and TV)
    • For Work (Explore top-rated homes with essentials like a workspace, WiFi, and self check-in)
  • More Filters (Super helpful extra filters)
    • Room and bed types
    • amenities like kitchen, Air conditioning, Washer etc
    • Facilities like swimming pool or gym
    • Property type – from boutique hotel to Cottage
    • Unique homes – from house boat to white islands
    • House Rules – events allowed, pets like cats and dogs allowed, Smoking allowed
    • Even Neighborhoods (depending on region you are looking for)
    • Host Language – very useful for communication

Especially under “more filter” you should go and become creative. Play around, filter for a pool AND house boat; you might get lucky. Okay, not in Bali exactly.

Bali is known for amazing jungle houses, bungalows, villas, even resorts.

Especially if you are looking for a luxury stay in beautiful Ubud with infinity pool, Airbnb will make you pretty happy.

Read: 3 best hostels in Ubud, Bali compared

Best Airbnbs in Bali with Swimming pool - now that is where it gets interesting!
Filtering Airbnbs for Bali – this is where it gets interesting

What can you do after finding your desired home?

There are two options:

  1. The host allows instant booking
  2. You have to send a request to the host

The host allows instant booking

When the host allows an instant booking, it works pretty straight forward. You choose your travel dates, your room, and you confirm your booking. BOOM, you are in! The host then usually gets in touch with you, and sends you an email on how to get there and other details.

You have to send a request to the host

Now, what should you do when the host does not offer a instant booking? You send a “Booking Request”.

Your request to book contains the dates you added before. You will already see how much the room would be.

You can also add a message to the host; which we highly recommend. This gives your request a personal touch.

Here is a template you can use when requesting to book on Airbnb. Try to add your own, honest notes and intentions visiting the city/ area. The host might even know some secret spots for you to explore you haven’t even heard of.

“Hi (name of host),

My name is Sarah, and together with my boyfriend Jimmy we are traveling to Bali. We are from Ireland, and are currently on an annual leave, exploring South East Asia, including your wonderful Bali. I found your listing here on Airbnb, and it looks so nice. We would love to stay with you.

Our plan for Ubud would be exploring the rice fields, do some kayaking and try out the many restaurants.

Maybe you also have some great tips we haven’t even heard of. That would be wonderful.

Is your room available for our dates? We would be happy staying with you.

Best regards from XYZ,

Sending a Booking Request on Airbnb

The host then has 24 hours to deny your request or to accept it.

Good to know: You can also contact the host without sending a request. This can be super helpful, when you have questions before you want to commit to a booking. Have a look for the button “contact host”. The host can then reply and send you an offer that you can accept.

5. Listings of Accommodations on Airbnb

The website delivers from the start super beautiful accommodations. It is easy to get lost, keep scrolling, get even more inspired to travel.

Seriously, Airbnb played a role when we started to develop our own website. (Open Airbnb here).

Anyways, it is a good thing you can create a wish-list on Airbnb, since you will mark many many accommodations; from glamping to Vans and lofts.

Here is a list of all different property types on Airbnb:

  • House
  • Apartment
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Boutique hotel
  • Bungalow
  • Cabin
  • Chalet
  • Cottage
  • Guest suite
  • Guesthouse
  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Loft
  • Townhouse
  • Villa

Under “Unique Homes” you can filter for the following too:

  • Barn
  • Boat
  • Camper/RV
  • Casa particular
  • Cave
  • Dome house
  • Earth house
  • Farm stay
  • Houseboat
  • Nature lodge
  • Tent
  • Tiny house
  • Yurt

The unique homes filter is the one that let’s the platform stand out. You can seriously stay in a cave, rent a campervan, even a yurt.

Unique Homes on Airbnb

You may have already noticed this.

Did you see in the listings above that you can also find hostels on Airbnb? In fact, many professional accommodations like resorts, hotels, guesthouses can be listed on Airbnb.

The great thing is, you can filter by property type. We just mention this again to make it clear: not all Airbnb listings are privately owned.

Good to know: We even know of hostels that can be found only on this platform. No or Hostelworld.

It is fair to say, Airbnb platform is not the best page to find hostels. Not at all. It is not their core-business, obviously.

Better stop by and read our best-hostels-in-guides to actually find only hostel-type accommodation.

6. Airbnb first stay – How does it work?

We have airbnbed a lot! And we have experienced a lot of different accommodations, met different types of hosts etc.

When we entered our first Airbnb stay, we rented a room in a flat. We met the super-friendly host, and I actually wanted to pay in cash. The guy told me that the payment is done via Airbnb; no need to pay here. See, I did not even pay attention to this important detail.

So, here you go. Also Airbnb has a kind of guideline on how to enjoy your first Airbnb stay.

1. Search and use the smart filters

We already covered this in how to find accommodation on Airbnb.

2. Read the ratings & reviews

Faked reviews are quite unlikely. There is not really a point to fake reviews and listings, since the community will filter the black sheep out quickly. Obviously, pay extra attention with new listings without any reviews.

3. Get your questions answered

When having doubts, always ask. You can always send a private message to the host with the doubts you might have, and most of them reply quite fast.

4. Always communicate & pay on Airbnb (remember my own story above…)

5. Do a safety check and say hi to the host

Have a look around your room and see if everything is ok and safe.

Make sure to also you say hi to the host and chat a bit. This is always helpful. We always do this. It is quite easy to bond and sometimes the host is even interested in having a drink or dinner later

This happened a lot to us.Especially the private listings are usually not anonymous places you just sleep in.

Read our Airbnb story here.

6. Let the host know if something is wrong

Is something not working, something missing?

Maybe the host forgot the towel in your room?

Please talk to your host and fix the problem right away. No need to get grumpy and then leave a bad review afterwards. It is better for everyone if you just point out the small things.

7. Airbnb Coupon Code First Booking

The very first time booking you want to add the discount. The discount is applied automatically – as long as you make a booking of 65€ or more.

When getting to the payment page, there is a little box asking “apply discount code”. When you have referral credit, it will be applied automatically. However, you can tick the box to NOT apply the discount.

Why would you do that?

Maybe you want to save it. Maybe you are booking an accommodation with friends, and want the credit only for your own stays. Who knows. Point is, you can activate and deactivate the box. Pretty useful at times!

You see, it is very easy to claim your Airbnb credit.

7. Airbnb Payment – is it safe?

Airbnb is a very safe platform. We never had any single issue or problem.

And we are talking about several safety concerns.

For instance, Airbnb does not allow any discrimination.

They make this very clear. There has been incidents where hosts pointed out publicly they do not allow gay couples to stay here. This is against Airbnb rules and you can report them. This host will be removed from the platform directly.

Then, Airbnb also has a emergency-control if something happens with the apartment you are renting out. There has been the incident of an apartment in the USA. It was rented out to a couple. The hosts returned a few hours later to bring something back to the flat. As it turned out, the people renting the flat planned an unusual and big party. This was against the host’s rules.

Airbnb immediately took care of the incident.

In terms of Payment, Airbnb is also safe.

We actually like that they take away the money-barrier between the guest and the host. You can arrive at a place, say hi, chat, relax – and the payment is done online without exchanging money in cash. This also removes any currency issues and such.

Did you know Airbnb gives a smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector to their hosts for free? Hosts with an active listing can get a self-contained, battery powered combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector at no cost.

Read through all the safety and community standards here.

8. Pros and Cons of Airbnb

All that glisters is not gold. Airbnb has had and still has its issues, especially with local communities.

Airbnb and other platforms have been partially responsible for the increase of rent in certain cities like Barcelona and Berlin. It is also said, hosts earn black money through the platform, not paying legal taxes, renting illegal apartments.

On the other hand, Airbnb tackled the crazy rise of pricing for accommodation. Since there was less competition, many accommodations put up high prices – since people had less choice, travelers had to pay. So, in a way, Airbnb and other competitors made traveling in some areas and aspects more affordable.

Here is a quick, simple overview of pros and cons of Airbnb. This is by no means a full list.


  1. Aims for a more personal experience
  2. the website and app is safe and fantastic to use
  3. The app is off the chart


  1. Local communities can have issues with Airbnb rentals – e.g. increase of rental
  2. Listing of illegal apartments without license possible
  3. the extra fees are annoying – but fair in a way
  4. Hosts can cancel your stay – without prior warning! Airbnb does not do anything against this
  5. When a host does not accept 2 request, Airbnb threatens hosts to remove their listing and block them. As an owner, you are forced to rent – even to travelers you do not trust.
  6. Airbnb Customer Service is HORRIBLE! This goes for both the service to hosts as well as travelers. Airbnb left travelers stranded after they had reservations but Airbnb itself cancelled.

There are reports of tech issues at Personally, we do not trust Airbnb reservations.

Here are some articles criticizing the movement and development of the so-called shared economy, and Airbnb in particular:

  • The Guardian – Airbnb and the so-called sharing economy is hollowing out our cities
  • Airbnb vs Berlin – Data comparison – they state that in Berlin there is “an average of 2.9 beds per flat” listed on Airbnb

9. Our Airbnb Story

We have stayed in several airbnb’s all over the world. From Vietnam to Maldives; from Cyprus to Ireland.

One of our favorite stays was in a room at a big lake house in Switzerland. We rented a car and were driving around Europe. We needed a stopover before arriving to Interlaken and found a beautiful room in a house near Neuchâtel lake.  The host was a lady around 50 years old and a friend of hers stayed for the night too. We arrived around 7pm and were hungry.

The room was gorgeous, the landscape and views from the balcony breath-taking. “Oh, the morning will be great to see all this in full sun shine”.

Anyways, we asked them if we can use the kitchen, which was no problem (we checked this before online!). They already had dinner, so there was no point of eating together.

Nevermind, we always bring a bottle of nice Spanish Red and White wine with us when we do Airbnb.

We invited the host and her friend for a glass of wine. They were so so happy.

It never happened to them that a guest wanted to spend time with them. On top of that the red wine would cost around 50€ in Switzerland.

It cost us 4€ – and it made 4 people happy!

What I am trying to say is, Airbnb can be quite a social experience. We like to look for places where we can meet the host and maybe spend time with him or her.

In a way, Airbnb can be your paid version of Couchsurfing.

10. Become an Airbnb Host – Rent out your Apartment/ room

The official statement goes like…

No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, Airbnb makes it simple and secure to host travelers. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests.

Do you want to start hosting your extra room or flat on Airbnb?

Do you run a hostel and want to be listed here too?

Sign up with this link to start hosting.

Airbnb is a great way to fill your beds or rent out your extra room at home.

Good to know: Airbnb will make you a proposal for the price per night you should sell your room. In the past these prices have been incredibly low. For instance, for Barcelona in August they suggested 20€ for a private room with good location.

Just to compare, one single bed in a dorm in a good hostel in Barcelona summer is around 25€ already.

Last but not least: Make sure you follow the law of your city and country when hosting. In many countries you need a license to rent out your full apartment. In other countries you can rent out your extra room up to a certain limit of time and money.

This is always different in each country. Please bare this in mind, play fair, and inform yourself.

11. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb started out with accommodation rental. But this has changed already.

They added their so-called “airbnb experiences”.

Good to know: Our $35 Promo Code is also valid for Airbnb Experiences.

Here locals and tour agencies alike can list their tours, experiences like kayaking, concerts, wine tastings, you name it.

The list has so many cool things to do and activities like:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Concerts
  • Social impact
  • Surfing
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Nightlife
  • Music
  • Arts
  • History
  • Nature
  • Food & Drink
  • Classes & Workshops

So far we only tried out one Airbnb Experience. And unfortunately it was not the best.

We were under the impression, these activities are more local, more intimate, in smaller groups. We did “kayaking in Dubrovnik”.

Instead of a group of like 6-10 people, our group was 24 people. Now, that is not a lot, you might say.

But, here is the kicker: That’s not all of them! There were in fact more than 400 people doing their sunset kayaking, separated in different groups and with different guides.

It is no joke when we say we had to queue up with our Kayak to get back on land again.

So, while we had quite an underwhelming experience, the majority of activities seem much better. Friends of ours joined private guitar concerts on a roof top terrace in Barcelona, snorkeling trips in El Nido and more.

Our best recommendation: Ask beforehand how many people you should expect; to avoid a surprise like ours. Many experiences show also the maximum number of attendants.

Start exploring Airbnb experiences here.

Some other booking platforms for travel experiences worth considering:

12. How does the Airbnb Coupon work?

Let us talk again about the discount. When you sign up with our referral link here, you will receive a sweet 35€ discount on your first stay.

This is an Airbnb discount code that works.

In the unlikely but possible case it does not work, please get in touch. We will send you another one right away.

Also, once you sign up, you will also receive your own referral code. This means YOU can send this code to your own friends, and let them save money and you receive more Airbnb credit.

How it works in three simple steps:

  1. Send people you know an invite with €25 off a home booking of €65 or more and €9 off an experience of €43 or more.
  2. Get €15 for every person who completes a stay and €8 for every person who goes on an experience.
  3. Use the credit you earn to book your next trip on Airbnb.

Can you cash out the Airbnb credit?

No, you cannot. This referral code only allows you to accumulate credit you can only use on their own network, If you are frequent traveler, this is really like cash.

Bear in mind, your credit can expire. Airbnb will send you a reminder email before it expires. Usually the credit is valid for 1 year at least.

13. Get Your Own Airbnb Coupon Code

Did you know once you signed up, you actually avail your own referral code for Airbnb?

So, go ahead, share that one with your friends at home. You can earn money credit with Airbnb that way.

It is important to remember that you cannot earn money with the Airbnb referral. You cannot cash it out!

You “only” receive credit and can use it in accommodation and experiences.

How do I find my Airbnb referral code?

  1. Log in and click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Invite Friends”
    (it states “You have up to €18 to use toward your next booking. Invite people to earn more”)
  2. Here you see your referral link in form of a simple URL like
  3. You’ll then see options to copy and paste your referral link or share via email or on Facebook.

Important to know: Your referral credit is valid for 1 year until it expires.

Get Your Own Airbnb Coupon Code

14. Are some Promo Codes higher?

You may have come across website claiming a super high promo code value. Well, do not be too impressed by that. Truth be told, all promo codes have the same value. It only depends in which currency they are shown.

45$ seems much more than 40€, right!? Well, this is exactly the same. the only difference is that the user has set their currency to $.

Did you notice, we did not even say US Dollars? We could even share high 170$ promo codes, making someone think the value is incredibly high.

Well, it would be Hong Kong Dollars, or Singapore Dollars, or Australian Dollars.

Therefore, do not let them fool you. The value is the same the procedure is the same, the result is the same.

That might lead to a question: Can I apply an Airbnb Coupon Code for New Zealand when the other user is from Spain?

Yes, you can! There is no geographical limit. You can use it in Australia, Italy, Spain, Singapore, USA, you name it.

15. FAQ

Here you have some frequent asked questions that we receive a lot. Even though you have the full answer on the guide, it might be useful fo your to check these questions if you are in a hurry.

How can I get a valid Airbnb coupon code?

You can get a Airbnb discount simply by clicking this link. When you sign up for a new Airbnb account, you will get an discount up to $40 off your first reservation.

How does the Airbnb coupon code work?

Airbnb promo code provides new customers with up to $50 discount on their first reservation. Existing users can get the discount as well by signing up for a new account.

Any questions?

We would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, opinion and questions in the comment section below.

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Airbnb in Review - How to use and 35€ Airbnb Coupon Code (that works in 2019!)

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