5 Secret Tips for Paris - Jazz, Crêpes, and Café for friends!

5 Secret Tips for Paris – Jazz, Crêpes, and Café for friends!

It’s every travelers dream to visit one day the city of love and lights: Paris! Walk down the narrowed streets in the footsteps of Voltaire, Sartre and de Beauvoir, and have a coffee in a bohemian Parisian café – c’est la vie!

As Paris is one of the most popular destinations, we wanted to share with you our Secret Tips for Paris.

With our Geeky Guide Paris and the included secret recommendations you will discover the hidden gems of Paris.

In addition, we collected 28 fun things to do in Paris including roller blading, picnic pizza, and party boats. We included a few unique tours from airbnb experience as well.

For your perfect hostel experience, have a look at the 3 best hostels in Paris.

Your shortcut:

  1. Generator Paris – best for solo-traveller
  2. Les Piaules – best for couples
  3. St. Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord – best for party

Sick of the touristic tips you find everywhere? Then this guide is your handy solution. As always we keep it simple, awesome, and non-touristic – completely for free!

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The Secrets to Paris include:

  1. Parisian bloggers love it: the most favorite Café in Paris (for insider)
  2. An authentic restaurant with french cuisine: C’est du nanan!
  3. Super fun jazz-bar in a museums atmosphere – interesting, right?!
  4. 3 beautiful outdoor spots to hang out, have a wine, and watch the world
  5. A super-local Creperie: Crêpes deluxe and on budget
  6. Extra Tip: from here you have a great view all over the city – for free!

7 COOLEST Things to do in Paris

Here are our best recommendations for things to do in the city of love. Please note, we wrote a detailed guide on cool things to do in Paris here.

1. Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs are quite something to visit, very unique.

Go underground and experience the dark side of the French capital. There are also night tours available . One of the perfect things to do in Paris at night!

Visit the Paris catacombsc

2. Canal Cruise

Hop on a boat along the river Seine and join a beautiful 1-hour cruise for the sunset. There are also cruise ships by night.

Find prices and schedule directly here.

3. Go up the Eiffel Tower

This is a serious must-do.

Make sure you book your Skip-the-line ticket for Eiffel Tower before you go.

Ice skating on the Eiffel Tower

4. For Families: The Aquarium

This aquarium is a special experience for families, especially the kids will love it, being curious about the magnificent sea world.

Find schedule and prices here.

Aquarium Paris

5. Louvre Museum

A Must-visit, even for the ones that do not like museums. The Louvre Museum is worth it a visit or two!

Louvre Museum is a must-see

6. Arc de Triomphe Rooftop Access

I love this building. Go up there and enjoy a view from here.

7. Versailles

The last sight on this list is the Palace of Versailles, former home of France’s famous Sun King. A day trip that comes with the French glamour.

Full-Day Tour of Versailles with Lunch

5 Star Hostel in Paris? No, but the 3 best hostels

Are you looking for a great Hostel in Paris? Currently, there is no 5 Star Hostel in Paris.

Find the 3 best hostels in Paris right here including a booking recommendation.

Quick overview:

  1. Generator Paris – best for solo-traveller
  2. Les Piaules – best for couples
  3. St. Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord – best for party

You can also contact us via Instagram, and we will recommend you the best hostels in Paris.

Best Hostels in paris for solo-travellers: L
Dorms with curtains: Les Piaules

Smart and Simple Packing List

It is time to see what you should pack in your backpack or suitcase. Make sure you always pick a quality accommodation, it totally reduces the things you need to pack. Here is our ultimate packing list. It features 23 items you should really throw in your backpack.

The most important things to pack are: Read the full packing list here. Download Hostel Packing List