5 Backpacker Hostels in Paris – a Beautiful and Cultural City with Great Sights

Paris is undoubtedly one of the world’s most stunning and romantic cities! The city is adorned with architectural masterpieces, iconic landmarks, and historical prestige. Additionally, Paris is the capital of culture, showcasing some of the best works in traditional and contemporary art, fashion, literature, and culinary artistry. Today, we would like for you to join us on our journey through the City of Love, and as usual, we’re going to provide the best backpacker hostels in Paris.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🦸 Solo Traveler: Caulaincourt Montmartre
🙎‍♀️ best for Female Solo Traveler: The People Hostel - Belleville
🥳 Party Hostel:St. Christopher’s Inn
👩‍❤️‍👨 Couple Hostel: Caulaincourt Montmartre
📍Top Location:3 Ducks Eiffel Tower
🎒 for Backpacker:
The People Hostel - Belleville
👫 For Socializing:JOE&JOE

JOE&JOE Common Space

We have to start with the landmark that Paris is the most recognisable for – the Eiffel Tower! The 300-metre tower was designed in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel and can be seen from any point in the city. Can you imagine that it was considered kitschy at first? However, now it brings in millions of travellers worldwide, making it one of the most visited landmarks. As you walk along the gorgeous Champs de Elysees avenue, you’ll be met with the magnificent sight of the Arc de Triomphe. Furthermore, history buffs will fall in love with the allure of the iconic Versailles Palace, as you’ll have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of French royalty. There are over 23,000 rooms to explore, enriched with stunning artwork. Finally, you’ll never find a city more romantic than Paris – don’t forget to leave a love lock on the bridges by the Seine with your beau; rumour has it, it will make your love eternal!

Good to know: If you’re hopping around France quite a bit, we have other guides that could come in useful, like our best hostels in France. This guide is also an extension of our initial guide on the best hostels in Paris and hostels in Paris near the Eiffel Tower.

😛 The Best Hostels for Backpackes in Paris are:

  1. The People Hostel - Belleville
  2. 3 Ducks Eiffel Tower
  3. JOE&JOE
  4. Caulaincourt Montmartre
  5. St. Christopher’s Inn

Paris is the mecca of culture! Some of the most renowned museums and galleries are located in the city, making it a haven for all art lovers. One fine example is the incomparable Louvre, the most visited gallery worldwide. Here you can find notable works by Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci, including the magnificent Mona Lisa. In contrast, if you’re looking for a more contemporary approach, head to The Centre Pompidou, the French National Museum of Modern Art. In addition to the stunning art, you can even find a cinema and a panoramic terrace with a trendy restaurant. The Haussmann architecture shapes the recognisable cityscape, making it a true feast for the eyes.

There are so many more things that make Paris into the dazzling city that it is today – we’ll need hours to list all of them! The diversity of its neighbourhoods has allowed the opportunity of establishing accommodations for likings of all kinds, from cosy guesthouses to luxurious hotels. Additionally, it has allowed us to create our very own list of backpacker hostels in Paris!

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This guide is perfect for YOU, when you want …

  • to party!
  • a social Hostel to actually meet people!
  • a cool hostel with drinking games and such!

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Quick Introduction to Paris

Average price for a bed: Hostels in Paris cost 20$ – 35$ per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room has an average of around 96$ – 148$ per night. This is a rough average, just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on the season and holidays. Please always check the exact rates on Hostelz.com or Hostelworld.com.

Check-In and Check-Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3 pm), while the Check-Out time is before 11:00 (11 am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

Backpacking tips for Paris: The City of Lights is filled with unique experiences unlike anywhere else! Take a look at some handy backpacking tips to make the most out of your trip.

  • Parisian metros are some of the busiest in Europe – it seems like there is a station around every corner! Furthermore, certain stations like “Concord” and “Arts et Metiers” feature authentic designs, so it’s a sight you definitely need to see! In order to be most economical, you should buy metro tickets in bulk instead of one per trip since it’s much cheaper.
  • Be extra careful of your personal possessions because there are plenty of pickpockets in the city. If someone hands you a petition to sign, just avoid it – it’s mostly a trick to get you distracted.
  • French cuisine is a delight that everyone must taste once in their life! However, Parisian dinners tend to be quite expensive! If you want to dine in any of the hundreds of fine restaurants, you should opt for lunch. You’ll be treated to a meal that will tingle all your tastebuds, and you’ll save a pretty penny while at it!

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The Coolest Party Hostels in Paris are …

Let’s jump right into the fun hostels in Paris for partying:

  1. The People Hostel - Belleville
  2. 3 Ducks Eiffel Tower
  3. JOE&JOE
  4. Caulaincourt Montmartre
  5. St. Christopher’s Inn

These are our favorite hostels in Paris to party. We put all these hostels on the map, including our own insider tips for bars, clubs, and popular night life areas in Paris (and more!).

1. The People Hostel - Belleville

The People Hostel - Belleville is a chain of hostels across Paris, however, we’re going to be focusing on the one in the Belleville neighbourhood. It is nestled in a vibrant and youth-dominated area atop a scenic hill. You’ll get to enjoy the mesmerising view of the city lights and remarkable landmarks.

Although the location might not be attractive for most people since it’s a bit far from the city centre, there is a metro station just steps away that can take you there easily. The People features dorm rooms, and double and family rooms. Additionally, if any lovebirds are flocking down to the city, there’s an exclusive rooftop private double room just for you! The accommodations are quite spacious and clean and provide all the necessary amenities. If you’re booking a dorm room, bring your own lock for the storage space.

You can spend your nights at the lively bar where jazz groups usually host live gigs and create an alluring atmosphere. There are even more options for entertainment, like a foosball table and an arcade. You absolutely must try their home-roasted as it is a delight, however, you may want to skip breakfast since the surrounding cafes offer much better options. Remember that this is not the most social hostel, so solo travellers should look for other options.

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The People Hostel - Belleville Dorm

The People Hostel - Belleville Bar

The People Hostel - Belleville Room

2. 3 Ducks Eiffel Tower

Ever wanted to stay in the oldest hostel in Paris? You could look at 3 Ducks Eiffel Tower! The hostel was established in 1987 in an 18th-century coaching inn which is considered a historical landmark, and underwent restoration in 2014. What makes 3 Ducks ultra attractive though, is its location – just 15 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower!

You should know that this is not the most spacious accommodation as the rooms are quite narrow. Additionally, there’s not a lot of space for large luggage bags, so the hostel might be most appealing for backpackers. However, the bars and restaurants in the area are really vibrant and provide various entertainment. There’s also a bar in 3 Ducks, but it closes around 11 since there’s a strict noise policy. If you’re looking for peace and quiet after a long day of sightseeing, this is the perfect spot!

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3 Ducks Eiffel Tower Dorm

3 Ducks Eiffel Tower Room


JOE&JOE is a modern hostel located near the Place de Nation, with an abundance of green spaces and cute cafes. A nearby metro station nearby that can take you to the city centre in just a few minutes. In addition, the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery is in the hostel’s vicinity, so any fans of rock music out there could visit the grave of Jim Morrison. And don’t worry; there’s no visit from the supernatural!

JOE&JOE is a pretty social space attracting solo travellers from all around the world! It features quirky common rooms with plenty of entertainment options where you can meet lots of great people. They also boast an amazing burger as well! The rooms are spacious, with sophisticated furnishing and really cool wall murals. Finally, most travellers have said that this is one of the cleanest accommodations they’ve stayed in!

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JOE&JOE Garden

4. Caulaincourt Montmartre

Montmartre is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Paris, enriched with extraordinary architecture and a charming atmosphere. Here you can find the stylish Caulaincourt Montmartre, minutes away from the historical Sacre Coeur. Although the accommodation is tiny, it certainly has a cosy appeal.

There are plenty of room options, from dormitories to private triple bedrooms. They are nicely decorated, though not the cleanest. Caulaincourt Montmartre offers a French breakfast every morning with croissants and traditional jams, and there’s a bakery across the street if you want to make your meal even more delicious! Finally, you’ll greatly enjoy that the staff speaks multiple languages, which is not common in Paris in general.  They can also help with anything you may need and suggest some trendy spots in the area!

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Caulaincourt Montmartre Room

Caulaincourt Montmartre Living Room

5. St. Christopher’s Inn

The award-winning St. Christopher’s Inn  is one of the best hostels in Paris and a hotspot for all people who adore socialising. It is located near the famous Gare du Nord station, meaning that you might want to be a bit more mindful of your belongings while you’re outside since the area seems a bit sketchy. The rooms are ample and spacious and feature pod beds with personal storage spaces under them.

The highlight of St. Christopher’s Inn is Belushi’s – a vibrant bar that is open to everyone, not just the guests, leaving plenty of opportunities for meeting new people. Additionally, there are live gigs almost every night, so you can be entertained during your entire stay! On the other hand, the inn doesn’t have the best soundproofing, so you can hear the noise coming from down below. That being said, earplugs are a must!

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St. Christopher’s Inn Dorm

St. Christopher’s Inn Room

Through meticulous searching, we have picked out the backpacker hostels in Paris just for you – trust us, there were a lot! We hope that you fall in love with the romantic city and experience the best time during your trip!

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Our Favorite Hostels in Paris put on a map + sights

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Flights to Paris?

There are two Paris airports — Charles de Gaulle (CDG), northeast of the city, and Orly to the south. Orly was the original airport in Paris but today is used mostly for domestic flights.

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