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We travel a lot and especially through Europe just lately, visiting all of the 5 Star Hostels in Europe. Staying connected is crucial and very important for both of us here at Hostelgeeks, Anna&Matt. Before traveling to London to visit and review the Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage and Palmers Lodge Hillspring, the two 5 Star Hostels in London, we came across Hippocket WiFi.

The Hippocket WiFi is a small mobile device that puts WiFi straight into your own pocket, allowing you to stay connected as you travel across Europe. A local independent WiFi connection wherever you go? This sounded fantastic in our ears! This way we can use our favorite 8 travel apps for the iPhone.

Finally we have found a solution to how we can both have WiFi access outside the hostel – no need to search for a place with free WiFi anymore. It is the perfect add-on to the digital nomad packing list.

We had a close look and tested the Hippocket WiFi and here is our extended review of the product. Before we start, let’s have a look on how quick and easy it is to use. We created this short video:

Testing Hippocket WiFi in London, Berlin and Barcelona

As you may know from our Instagram page, we constantly visit the 5 Star Hostels in Europe, testing and reviewing the hostels for you from the bottom up! On our 5-day trip to London visiting Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage, we pre-ordered the Hippocket WiFi and the device was delivered just in time to our home. When arriving in London, we switched on the small pocket WiFi. Holding the big button for 3 seconds, the device switched on and connected itself automatically to the internet.

All we had to do was turn on the WiFi on our SmartPhones, choose the Hippocket WiFi and type in the password, written on the soft case.

That is it! From this moment on we stayed connected. Every single photo we posted to our Instagram and Facebook page was sent through our Pocket WiFi. We had the chance to keep you up to date on the secret tips for London we were testing out – without spending a fortune on roaming!

Same goes for Berlin. On our 4-day trip to Berlin to review the Wallyard Concept Hostel, Hippocket WiFi traveled with us. When we stepped out of the Wallyard Concept Hostel, we switched it on. In both destinations the internet connection was always solid. And yes, of course we also collected insider tips for Berlin!

Good to know: Especially for a destination like Germany a Pocket WiFi is a great choice. Due to the law in Germany whereby the owner of an establishment is responsible for its internet connection, you may find that in many cafes and bars you are required to register. This is quite a hassle. The Pocket WiFi is therefore the easier option!

How to get a Hippocket WiFi? Simple!

When we first discovered this Pocket WiFi, we were wondering how we can get one. And it is so simple, that is actually a shame we did not have a look for such a device before. So here is how it works in 5 simple steps.

1. Visit hippocketwifi.com

2. Order your Hippocket WiFi (just choose the time and rate)

3. Collect the device from the airport, your hostel/ accommodation, or any Post Office

4. Use it, enjoy it, and after your travels:

5. put the device in the provided return envelope and drop in any yellow mailbox

Simple as that! It is very convenient and no strings attached. You really get what you pay for.

Perfect solution traveling across Europe: Our Recommendation

When you are planning long term travel in Europe, you should seriously consider a Hippocket WiFi device. When traveling you can always stay connected through Facebook, WhatsApp and all the other platforms out there. There is almost no need anymore to buy a local sim card in every different country in Europe. Who is calling nowadays anyway?

And even if you wanna call, now WhatsApp allows calls hand-in-hand with their messaging feature. And there is still the good-ol’ Skype – both completely internet-based!

Talking business: How much is it?

With rates so low starting from 4,90€ per day or even less for long term travel in Europe, it is a great alternative. Keep in mind that you can connect up to 10 devices through the pocket WiFi, allowing couples or friends to split the costs.

Also, bare in mind the extra costs you may have when looking for WiFi in your destination e.g ordering a drink to avoid upsetting anyone. So if you like to stay connected to post one Instagram photo a day, check GoogleMaps, and time schedules, the Pocket WiFi is very useful and affordable!

Pocket WiFi is a great travel gear!

8 Advantages of Hippocket WiFi

Let us talk about the advantages of this WiFi in your pocket. Although Hippocket WiFi started their pocket WiFi in France, they are now available for all of Europe, making it the perfect travel device whilst backpacking.

We seriously love travel gadgets, and we are quite picky about them. This is why we love to challenge technology to see if the device(s) can stand up with the expectations. Here we have a quick overview of the 8 big advantages of the WiFi Pocket we appreciate:

1. Easy and fast to connect!

The very first connection to our private pocket wifi took us around 10 seconds. Just hold the button of the Hippocket device for 3 seconds. It switches on and connects itself instantly to the internet.

All you need to do (only once!) is go to your WiFi setting on your SmartPhone, select the Hippocket WiFi, type in the password and voilà!

From this moment on your device will connect automatically to Hippocket whenever it is in range.

2. Connect up to 10 devices

Yes, we actually tested it! In case you are traveling in a group you can simply connect up to 10 SmartPhones. This way the price for Hippocket WiFi is even cheaper!

3. Fast as lightening! 4G LTE Network with up to 100MB/Sec

For the non-nerds between us: that is super fast internet! You could easily download a movie here! And of course we are completely honest here: we were surprised about this speed! As said we tested the Hippocket WiFi in London for 5 days and in Berlin for 3 days. The Internet connection worked like a charm and was as fast as lightening!

4. Private WiFi Network for you all across Europe

Started in France, Hippocket WiFi is now ready to give you your Pocket WiFi throughout all of Europe.

Enjoying a creamy flat white, a banana-cinnemon muffin, and WiFi. We took this photo inside our recommended café in London. You can download the secret tips for London to get all the London travel tips by us!

5. Extend your SmartPhone Battery

It takes quite a lot of SmartPhone battery power to be connected to 3G or 4G. A WiFi connection takes much less battery power. This means you can extend the batter life of your SmartPhone without switching to AirPlane mode.

6. 10h battery power

The device charges enough power to give you a smooth internet access for 10 hours. This is enough time to stay connected during the day while exploring the Montmartre district in Paris, the different tapas bars in Barcelona, or the narrowed streets of the old town in Rome.

7. Small – because sometimes size matters!

Seriously, who would love to walk around with another big device in his pocket? Such a WiFI device should not be bigger than any SmartPhone, right?! The Hippocket WiFi is small and fits in every pocket you have in your jeans or jacket.

8. Android vs. iPhone? Both work perfectly

Many travelers may not even think about this, but it happened to cross our minds. Anna was using an Android phone, and Matt an iPhone. No problem at all! Same Android and iOs work quick, and we did not experience any bugs with either of them.

More Information

You can easily purchase your own Hippocket WiFi at Hippocketwifi.com/en starting from low prices such as 4,90€ per day. You can contact them for long term rental as well.

Do you have any further questions? You can contact Hippocket WiFi directly via their Facebook page or Instagram, or leave us a comment! Like always, we’d love to hear from you!

Stay connected,

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WiFi-to-Go for Backpacking Europe - Hippocket WiFi Review

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