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We LOVE stories. And even more: Short, fun stories! You can find more than 100 real-life travel stories, written by us, our fellow travelers, and the 5 Star Hostels!

The monk who didn't want money but silence

The monk who didn’t want money but silence

We were visiting Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, surrounded by hundreds of pilgrims all dressed in white. Suddenly we noticed a buddhist monk staying silently close to a Stupa: he was still, his eyes to the sacred monument in front of him, at his feet a handwritten sign: “Do not give me money, ...

Meeting the nicest person in Lithuania

Meeting the nicest person in Lithuania

I arrived at Siarliai, a small Lithuanian town by bus to look at the „hill of crosses“. I had just missed the connecting bus that was supposed to take me there, so took a taxi, spending much more than I had planned. We drove through the fields, far away from ...

The power of spontaneity - College, friendship, and travel!

The power of spontaneity – College, friendship, and travel!

I live in Fullerton, California and attend CSUF with my friends. None of us knew each other before coming to college, but we were all brought together by sheer luck. Our friendships have blossomed and we have been on so many adventures together throughout the first semester of school. It ...

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Curious of what’s coming next? We keep adding the Crème de la crème of Hostels worldwide. As always, all our Hostels are:

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Guide to Hostels

We know it can be hard to understand Hostels. We cover all questions about hostels you might have. Where to book hostels? What to bring? What is a hostel actually in the first place?

We are here for you to find solutions!

Ultimate List of gorgeous +105 Design Hostels

Ultimate List of +105 gorgeous Design Hostels

Staying on budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fantastic design and style. We at Hostelgeeks collected +105 beautiful Design Hostels you want to stay at. What is a design hostel? It is simply a design-conscious and hostel-typed accommodation. Besides being a design hostel, some of the mentioned ...

Creative Hostel design ideas you can steal (or get inspired by!)

13 Creative Hostel Design Ideas to steal (or get inspired by!)

Creativity! So many hostels around the world have a creative design. We at Hostelgeeks decided to collect cool hostel design ideas. Creative ideas that you can simply steal from Hostels (or, well, borrow!) for your own good. When it comes to design, there is no doubt that the 5 Star ...

Why Female Dorms? Pros and Cons of Female Dormitories

Why Female Dorms? 7 Pros and 3 Cons of Female Dormitories

Let us talk about Female Dorms. Nowadays many Hostels offer as well female-only accommodations. We at Hostelgeeks, Anna&Matt, love to introduce you to the world of hosteling. This article about female dorms is part of our Guide to Hostels where we cover all hostel-related topics and questions you may have. ...

Useful and Smart Travel Tips

How to travel on a budget? Where to score travel deals? And how to stay safe? We share with you useful travel tips.

Fun Things to do in Amsterdam

18 Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam (+80 ideas!)

Let’s get the Amsterdam party started! This is your super handy guide for everything you need to know for having fun in Amsterdam. And there is way more than just cycling around, visiting the red-light district and chartering a boat on the canals. After introducing you to the hilarious fun ...

18 Fun things to Do in London - Spies, Kayaking, and Tarzan

18 Fun things to Do in London – Spies, Kayaking, and Tarzan

Life it serious enough, right?! Let’s go to London and have some fun. We collected some ideas of entertaining fun things to do in London. Just browse through the list, and pick your favorite(s). We got all those fantastic ideas for things to do while we asked our fellow-travelers. Before ...