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We LOVE stories. And even more fun, inspiring or transformative stories from the road! You can find more than 100 real-life travel stories, written by us, our fellow travelers, and the 5 Star Hostels!

Freezing Christmas Sea Swim and I survived

Freezing Christmas Sea Swim and I survived

The annual Christmas sea swim has been taking place for almost 60 years on Clacton beach, Essex, United Kingdom. The low mumble of excited folk, showing off their Santa hats whilst sipping mulled wine, increase the tension as everybody stands, half naked and raring to go. Without much warning, hilarity ...

The power of spontaneity - College, friendship, and travel!

The power of spontaneity – College, friendship, and travel!

I live in Fullerton, California and attend CSUF with my friends. None of us knew each other before coming to college, but we were all brought together by sheer luck. Our friendships have blossomed and we have been on so many adventures together throughout the first semester of school. It ...

The little Asian Spot in Orsigna, Italy - Tiziano Terzani

The little Asian Spot in Orsigna, Italy – Tiziano Terzani

Tiziano Terzani was a famous Italian journalist and writer. He traveled across Asia and he witnessed important historical events like the Vietnam War and the coup d’etat organized in Cambodia by Pol Pot. Old and ill, Terzani decided to spend the last years of his life back in Italy, in ...

Upcoming 5 Star Hostels

Curious as to what’s coming next? We keep adding the Crème de la crème of Hostels worldwide. As always, the criteria of our Hostels are:

1. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly 2. Excellent Design 3. Unique Character 4. Social Vibes 5. lovely Staff

Here is a sneak peek of the latest upcoming 5 Star Hostels:

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How to travel on a budget? Where to score travel deals? And how to stay safe? We share with you useful travel tips. On our travels around the world we learned many tips and tricks we love to write down. This is your resource to travel in a smart way.