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    We fully recommend Gastama Hostel as the top hostel choice for Lille, France!

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  • Hostel Location and Direction

    Gastama Hostel is located in the historic part of Lille, just a 15 minute walk away from the citadel, and 10 minutes to the Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Treille.

    You can walk from the two train stations and the city center. It takes around 15 minutes. If you would like to take a Bus, you can take the Bus Line 10, departing from Gare Lille Flandres and stop at the station "Magasin" which is basically in front of Gastama Hostel. Another option is to take the bus from "Navette du Vieux Lille". Here you have to get out of the bus again at the bus stop "Magasin" or in front of "Las Tapas" Restaurant. From this stop you can reach Gastama Hostel in 2 minutes.

    Gastama Hostel, 109 Rue Saint André, 59000 Lille
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Okay, but back to Gastama Hostel.

Lille’s Gastama Hostel is a stylish, hip hostel in the historic part of the Northern French city. The hostel’s industrial design combined with its recycled furniture makes for an inviting and easy-going atmosphere. The 5 Star Hostel in Lille has its own stylish-designed bar connecting locals and travelers. Here you can enjoy several events including live concerts and language exchanges.

Ready to check-in? This is the reception desk at Gastama Hostel Lille

We had a closer look at this stylish accommodation with a trendy bar combined. We loved what we found, and we assure you, you will like it to. Lille is located in North France, and not too far away from the 5 Star Hostel CUBE Hostel in Leuven and Backstay Hostel in Ghent.

Let us have a look together why Gastama Hostel in Lille is a lovely design hostel to enjoy your time in Lille, and why it deserves to be a 5 Star Hostel.

Hostel Gastama in Lille is a 5 Star Hostel because …

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Gastama Hostel Lille opened its doors back in 2012. Locally managed by 2 partners, the Gastama Team cares about sustainability! Get some organic coffee & tea, fresh local bread from a nearby French bakery, and of course the requisite organic orange juices.

All cleaning products throughout the hostel are green and non-toxic, labeled with the green EU Ecolabel. Gastama Hostel’s decorations and furniture all come from recycled materials, turning the hostel into a precious, vintage-style 5 Star Accommodation.

If you are looking for any tours or activities in Lille or its surroundings, check out the local tour providers partnered with Hostel Gastama – ask the hostel staff, they will be more than happy to help you! Last but not least the Gastama Bar boasts local draft beer, produced by a local brewery with organic, ingredients – delicious!

Industrial Design! The Gastama Hostel Lille reused many different materials throughout the Hostel

2. Industrial Design at its Best

This fancy hostel features a new industrial style, using old materials like lamps, signs, chairs and more from the old train station, harbor and other locations. These materials have been turned into stylish furniture and decoration.

The hostel is located in the historic part of Lille which has kept its authentic Flemish character. Part of that character is also found in the hostel’s decoration: Exposed beams, brick walls, and panoramic view over the old city’s rooftops.

Stylish wooden furniture, clean design! The Gastama Hostel lille has a clear vision of design and accommodation!

3. Unique: The Mix

The most unique part about this hostel is its warm and cozy atmosphere. The staff is super friendly turning the hostel into a home. You have endless options to socialize at this hostel, whether you want to chill at the terrace or get a delicious beer at the hostel bar.

Of course, Gastama Hostel’s industrial design adds to the enjoyment and feel-good factor.

Bunk Beds with Privacy in mind - the 5 Star Hostel Gastama in Lille

4. Live Music, Sport Events, Game Nights – The Vibes

The hostel’s bar offers a wide selection of different beers from Northern France, Belgium, UK and USA. While enjoying and trying the different tastes of Northern France, and Belgium you can enjoy live concerts, watch sports events on the TV, improve your poker-face at Poker and Games nights, or try to get know another language.

The hostel hosts several language exchange events. The bar is a place where locals and travelers meet and have a drink together. However, the hostel itself has its own common area and a guest kitchen as well.

Local meets traveler! The Gastama Bar is the place to connect!

5. Meaning of “Gastama” – The Staff

Any idea what the words “Gastama” actually means? Gastama means “welcoming” in Esperanto, and it’s quite accurate for this hostel in Lille! The famed hospitality of the Northern French population shines through in the hostel’s friendly staff. The staff also love a good joke, so you can tell some “lille” jokes

They will make you feel right at home – Gastama is like a family. The Gastama Team knows all the best places to go, especially the city’s best non-touristic places to hang out. They enjoy spending time with travelers, and after work you can easily have a beer or coffee or even go out with them to these non-touristic places.

The staff is composed of travelers with a passion to discover new cultures and share experiences.

How to book Gastama Hostel?

We fully recommend Gastama Hostel as a top hostel choice for Lille, France!

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