9 Best hostels in belgium

9 Best Hostels in Belgium 2023 – Homemade Waffles, Belgian Beer and Delicious Chocolate

Are you looking for the best hostels in Belgium? Let a Belgian help you out. 

I’m part Belgian and have visited Belgium around 40 times so far. While this isn’t Europe’s most exciting country, it’s definitely worth traveling around.

Each of its cities, from Brussels (which we have a guide on!) to Bruges (also have one!), offers a distinct history, beer taste, and waffle texture.

To help you on your travel, we’ve gathered the 9 best hostels in Belgium, guaranteeing that your stay will be filled with great encounters, good restful nights, and memorable experiences.

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Whether you’re looking for a backpacker, a student, a solo traveler, a group, or a couple, this list has a hostel (or 9) you’ll fall in love with.

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List of Cities in Belgium with great hostels

Let’s not waste time and jump right into our collection of the top 9 best hostels in Belgium:

Here are all the destinations we cover in this guide:

We also cover the following:

All Top Hostels put on a map + sights

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Did you know that Belgium has over 40 hostels? This might not seem like a lot, but it’s still a large number, and we want to make sure you only stay at the very best and only have to worry about whether you’ll eat your fries with ketchup or mayo. 

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This guide is perfect for YOU, when you…

  • are tired of crappy hostels!
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Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🦸Best Hostel in Belgium:YUST Antwerp
👨‍👩‍👦 Best for Families in Brussels:Latroupe Grand Palace
🥳 Party Hostel in Liege:Liège Youth Hostel
🎒 Backpackes Hostel in Antwerp:YUST Antwerp
🤑 Budget-friendly Hostel in Belgium:Snuffel Hostel
🧘 Cozy Hostel in Belgium:KaBa Hostel
👩‍❤️‍👨 Best for Couples in Liege:YUST Hotel Liège
🧐Unique Hostel in Belgium:Treck Hostel
👯Youth Group hostel in Namur:Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur

Best Hostels in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is an extraordinary place. From its grandiose and relaxed atmosphere to its delectable culinary delights, to its captivating and diverse architecture, Brussels is a city of many textures and identities. Here are the best hostels it is home to:

We also have a guide with more details: Best hostels in Brussels.

Latroupe Grand Palace

Latroupe Grand Palace is a very popular hostel in Belgium for travelers of all types, as they have various private and dorm rooms that visitors can pick from.

This Belgium hostel has the following facilities: 

  • A shared lounge
  • A Terrace
  • A Co-working space
  • A Bar

Here, the atmosphere is always social and lively but also very family-oriented, as it is a favored pick amongst families traveling together. 

In a privileged location and in an emblematic building, Latroupe Grand Place merges a quality, trendy hybrid hostel with events, food, 

and culture, located in a vibrant neighborhood, in the heart of the city, near the tourist attractions.

Location: Belgium hostel in the center of the city of Brussels, next to the city’s most famous attractions. The Manneken Pis and Mont des Art are a 2 minute’s walk away. Other nearby points of interest include the Notre Dame du Sablon, the Magritte museum, and the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert. The area is also very well-linked to public transport.

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Latroupe Grand Palace Lounge Latroupe Grand Palace

Best Hostels in Liege

Liege is the third largest city in Belgium. Here, you’ll find an abundance of churches and medieval buildings, amazing museums and art galleries, and stunning scenery alongside the Meuse River. Liege is a paradise for architecture and art lovers, with something new around every corner. 

The best hostels in Belgium in Liege are:

Liège Youth Hostel

Liège Youth Hostel perfectly embodies the spirit of Liege: here, you can party the night away or comfortably sleep in early.

This Belgium hostel has the following facilities:

  • A bar
  • A terrace
  • A common lounge
  • FREE evening entertainment 
  • FREE breakfast 
  • A games room (with table tennis and a pool table)

This is a big hostel in Belgium which is housed in an old historical building in the middle of the city center. We really like the wide types of activities travelers can partake in, both within hostels around and around.

The only slight issue is that room cleaning starts at around 10 am, but this is also great news because the place is always kept spotless, and people who usually sleep in will be encouraged to wake up and check what Liege has to offer.

Location: Amazing location in the heart of Liege. The neighborhood is young and vibrant, with a variety of shops, museums, restaurants, and cafés to explore.

This is our favorite location for a youth hostel in Belgium, Liege. A 30-minute drive will land you in Maastricht in the Netherlands, and a bus stop is a short walk away from the hostel’s door.

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Liege Youth Hostel Liege Youth Hostel Lounge

YUST Hotel Liège

YUST Hotel Liège has one of the most impressive panoramic rooftops overlooking the city and architect Calatrava’s intricate roof structure of the Liège Guillemins train station.

This is one of the best hostels in Belgium, in significant part due to its outstanding facilities: 

  • A 360-view rooftop with a bar
  • A shared lounge (closes at 11 pm)
  • A shared kitchen (with oven and dishwasher!)
  • A living room (with books!)
  • A fitness center
  • A garden
  • A Restaurant (with buffet, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options)
  • FREE towels (that you can change)

This is an excellent hostel in Belgium for couples because it provides ample spaces for privacy and peace. You also won’t run out of things to do in this hostel, and all its facilities offer great opportunities to socialize with fellow travelers. 

The area surrounding this Belgium hostel is also very popular with cycling, and you can rent bicycles from the reception. 

Location: The perfect Liege base for exploring the rest of the city. It is near the Liège-Guillemins’ station as well as the Congress Palace and much of Liege’s art scene and museum areas.

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YUST Hotel Liege YUST Hotel Liege Lounge

Best Hostels in Ghent

Ghent is a hidden gem, boasting stunning Gothic architecture and street art, waterfront cafes, and even a castle. With so much to explore, it’s no wonder why Ghent is a favorite destination for many. 

Here are the best hostels in Ghent:

Treck Hostel

Treck Hostel in Ghent is located inside a former brick factory that is considered part of Belgium’s cultural heritage of the Flanders region.

Here, you’ll find:

  • FREE breakfast buffet
  • A terrace (with BBQ facilities)
  • A shared lounge (with table tennis, ping pong, and books)
  • A shared kitchen
  • A meeting room
  • A children’s playground 
  • A bar (with board games)
  • Bicycle rental 

This is a unique accommodation in Belgium as rooms are made of different styles of Caravans. Travelers can pick from various themed caravans (bicycles, Hawaiian, retro, upside down, jungle, beach, …) with different bed numbers and add-ons.

Couples, in particular, like their ‘Bird’s nest,’ which is placed on top of a platform overlooking the hostel.

Location: In the Brugse Poort-Rooigem area, near the historical center of Ghent. The neighborhood is quiet, but you can easily walk or cycle to the livelier city center.

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Treck Hostel Room Treck Hostel

KaBa Hostel

KaBa Hostel in the city of Ghent is a very calm and cozy hostel in Belgium that prides itself on providing a comfortable space for its guests to relax in after a busy day of sightseeing.

On-site, you’ll find:

  • A garden 
  • A terrace 
  • A shared kitchen (extremely well-equipped)
  • A dining area

This hostel is beautifully decorated with original paintings adorning some of its walls, depicting various art styles throughout the premise. 

If you’re visiting Ghent for the yearly celebration of musical Gentse Feesten, this is a great hostel to stay in because it’s an easy walking distance from all the stages. 

Note that this hostel observes a ‘quiet time’ after 22h.

Location: Belgium hostel in the center of Ghent, a very short bicycle ride away from central Korenmarkt Square and Koning Albert park. The area is surrounded by famous sights as well as different dining, cafés, and a few bar options.

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KaBa Hostel KaBa Hostel Room

Best Hostels in Antwerp

Antwerp is the ultimate destination for culture and art enthusiasts, with chic boutiques, intimate galleries, and elegant restaurants dotting the city. Not to mention, it’s the diamond capital of the world.

Plus, the nightlife scene is vibrant, with plenty of music venues and clubs offering drinks and entertainment. Here are the city’s best hostels:

Check out our in-depth guide for more details: best hostels in Antwerp.

Yust Antwerp

YUST Antwerp is one of the best hotels in Belgium for travelers looking for a relaxing atmosphere in the beautiful city of Antwerp.

Here, you’ll find:

  • A garden
  • A shared lounge
  • A terrace
  • A shared kitchen
  • A restaurant
  • A bar

Rooms are spacious, beds are comfortable, and they are equipped with privacy curtains. The communal areas are beautifully decorated and serve as great spaces to socialize with fellow travelers, and the overall experience is quite peaceful.

This is definitely not a party hostel in Belgium.

Location: In the Berchem neighborhood of Antwerp, the hostel is surrounded by a park, cafes, and restaurants and is very well linked to public transportation. 

Book YUST Antwerp here

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YUST Antwerp YUST Antwerp Lounge

Best Hostel in Namur: Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur

Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur is one of the best youth hostels in Belgium for students and young travelers.

It is set in an old but renovated manor-style house and has the following facilities:

  • A garden
  • BBQ facilities
  • A terrace
  • Meeting Facilities
  • FREE bio breakfast

The staff in this hostel is known for catering to its guests by offering them various entertainment and activity options throughout the day. Rooms are spacious, clean, and well-lit, with each bed having its own light and USB outlet. 

Location: Belgium hostel in Namur, facing the banks of the Meuse River, a short walk from the local bus stop. The famous citadel of Namur is a short 15-minute walk away, and the hostel lies on the route to the way of St. James pilgrimage.

Book Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur here

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Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur Lounge

Best Hostels in Bruges

Bruges is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From its cobbled streets to its historical towers, and delectable cuisine, the city is a sight to behold. Not to mention the beer scene – one of Belgium’s most renowned assets.

Here are the best hostels in Belgium, Bruges:

We have a guide with more details that you can also check out: best hostels in Bruges.

Snuffel Hostel

Snuffel Hostel is housed in a modern-style building and is another option for the best youth hostels in Belgium for students. 

Here, you’ll find:

  • Interior garden
  • Terrace
  • Bar (where you can try a lot of different Belgian beers!)
  • Shared living area
  • Shared kitchen
  • Multi-purpose room (where various activities take place)
  • Bike rentals

This accommodation has a total of 120 beds. This capacity, combined with its popular outside bar (that often has live music) and terrace, make it a popular social space for young travelers and locals.

This very affordable hostel in Belgium focuses on providing guests the opportunity to travel within their budgets while still being able to stay in good quality accommodations.

Although they focus on youth tourism and school excursions, you will also find other types of travelers here.

​​Location: In a lively area of Bruge, a 10-minute walk to Market Square, the belfry of Bruges, and the fries museum. The neighborhood has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and gallery options. There’s also a bus stop a 1 minute’s walk away.

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Best Hostels in Charleroi: Auberge de Jeunesse Charleroi Youth Hostel

Another great Belgium Youth Hostel, Auberge de Jeunesse Charleroi Youth Hostel is a very popular pick for travelers looking for an affordable hostel near the Charleroi Airport. 

This accommodation has the following facilities: 

  • A shared lounge (With table tennis, board games, and table soccer)
  • A terrace
  • A karaoke room (why not)
  • A bar
  • FREE breakfast

The hostel has a smart design and decor and provides clean and comfortable dorms and shared spaces for guests to enjoy their stay. The atmosphere is friendly but quiet, which guarantees excellent and enjoyable sleep.

Location: In the center of Charleroi, a short walk away from the Museum of Photography and the banks of the Sambre canal. It’s also next to the bus station that will get you to the Charleroi airport. 

Book Auberge de Jeunesse Charleroi Youth Hostel here

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Auberge de Jeunesse Charleroi Youth Hostel Auberge de Jeunesse Charleroi Youth Hostel Dorms

Backpacking Tips for Belgium

1. Transportation:

Belgium’s excellent train system makes getting around the country a breeze. The trains in Belgium are clean, efficient, and run frequently. You can use the Inter-City IC trains within Belgium, which are cheaper than international ones. If you’re planning on taking multiple trips, consider getting a discount pass from Rail Europe. 

Belgian cities usually have excellent transport systems and are easily walkable. Many locals and travelers also opt to rent a bicycle, and you’ll find several bicycle renting options throughout all of the cities you visit.

Bruges is probably the worst city for public transportation, so consider using taxis as well here (or, again, bicycles if it’s not raining).

2. Best time to visit:

Belgium is a great country to visit any time of year – but the weather can be unpredictable. It rains a lot, especially in the fall and winter.

The summer months – June to September – are usually sunny and warm, with very long days as the sun sets around 10 pm. But you can also expect the occasional drizzle. 

While summer brings the popular tourist season, Belgium is also great to backpack in Europe in winter because the country loves its holiday spirit. Most of the major cities host seasonal markets and love to adorn themselves with lights and Christmas decor 

Since the majority of things to do in Belgium aren’t really weather-specific, you don’t need to think much about when is the best time to visit, as long as you don’t mind the rain and you dress warmly during winter (or grab a cup of hot mulled wine, which might make you forget you’re cold, to begin with.)  

3. City cards:

Save money and see everything with a city tourist card. Local tourism offices offer these cards for all their attractions, tours, and restaurants. You’ll find them in most major cities. The card gives you free entry and substantial discounts on attractions and tours. You also get free local public transportation and discounts at some restaurants and shopping malls. 

Our favorite one is the Brussels city card.

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All Top Hostels put on a map + sights

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We included handy links to each of the recommended hostels. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

Here is the overview:

We recommend booking your hostel as early as possible!

All of the best Belgium hostels are popular; especially during the high season. To make sure you end up in those stylish hostels, secure your room or bed as soon as you have your travel dates fixed.

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Here we share with you the most asked question:

How long should I spend in Belgium?

We recommend spending at least 3-4 days in Belgium so that you can explore some of its beautiful cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges. Thanks to Belgium's great transportation system, you can easily fit in one city a day, or take it at a more relaxed pace and dedicate two days to each city. Either way, you can tailor your trip depending on how many cities you want to visit.

What are the best sites for finding hostels in Belgium?

Of course, the best site to find hostels is Hostelgeeks.com

We are doing our best to deliver the best hostels to you. Check out the best hostels in the world guides; from Paris to Tokyo.

You can also have a look at Hostelworld.

How much are hostels in Belgium?

Hostels in Belgium vary from 23$ to 72$ per night depending on the city, room type, and season. This is an average price, just to give you an idea.

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