Beautiful Andorra - Hiking between the clouds in 17 Photos

Beautiful Andorra – Hiking between the clouds in 17 Photos

2500 meters above sea level, nestled in between the high mountains of the Pyrenees. Andorra is one of the smallest countries of Europe, and home to Mountain Hostel Tarter. The majestic mountains are your playground for hiking and cycling in summer. And together with the numerous cable cares and ski lifts, Andorra is your best friend in winter.

Hostelgeeks visited Andorra. We stayed at the countries first 5 Star Hostel, a design-conscious hostel accommodation in an old farm house.

We dedicated a full article to our stay at Mountain Hostel: Our review of Mountain Hostel Tarter.

Our Andorra Photo Gallery

Hike with us between the clouds of the Pyrenees Mountains, and enjoy the company of cows, hiking-enthusiasts, and birds. There are many beautiful and different trails all over Andorra and nearby France and Spain. There is a slight difference between hiking and trekking though.

As an alternative, you can also enjoy mountain biking in the Pyrenees. There is many different bike rentals dotted over Andorra.

Here is the Andorra Photo Gallery by Hostelgeeks.

Mountain Hostel Tarter

The days started with a cup of coffee along with a magazine and a mountains view. Mar, the owner of Mountain Hostel Tarter, is an expert of the area.

She knows every mountain, trail, and things to do in Andorra.

We listened. Carefully. And we slowed down to the Mountains rhythm.

andorra-mountainhostel andorra-coffeeWaking up with a good cup of coffee Have a seat at Mountain Hostel Tarter

La Vall d’Incles and Riu d’Incles, Andorra

The valley of Vall d’Incles takes you up the Riu d’Incles, and is only accessible during summer.

Passing small camping sites, old farm houses, and numerous of cows, this valley is perfect for slowing down, and enjoy purest nature.

andorra-photo-gallery andorra-photo-gallery2 andorra-in-photos andorra-foto-gallery andorraphoto-gallery beautiful-andorra

“Muh, how are u?”


Cows in Andorra

Viladomat Solanelles, Andorra

Taking the funicular railway in Encamp brings you right up to a height of 2500m above sea level.

Here, a different world is awaiting you. The views from here are simply marvelous, and you can see how the clouds are climbing up the mountains as well.

Viladomat Solanelles, Andorra Viladomat Solanelles, Andorraandorra-photo-gallery-3Viladomat Solanelles, AndorraViladomat Solanelles, AndorraViladomat Solanelles, Andorra

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Smart and Simple Packing List

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