Welcome to Copenhagen, the pearl of the Scandinavian north: worldly, chic, and bike-friendly. We are proud to share with you our 5 secret tips Copenhagen. This city offers so many different things to explore, to discover, that we could not resists to put together our top 5 secret tips for Copenhagen to let you enjoy the Danish capital like we do.

We are not an expert of Copenhagen, BUT: our friends are! We asked a fellow blogger, friends, expats to send us over their coolest secrets. We are proud and happy to share them with you! Here are our and your 5 secret tips Copenhagen: free and unique – as always! Here is another cool travel guide for Copenhagen we recommend.

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The Travel Guide Copenhagen includes:

  1. Café, Tea House, and Cocktail Bar – yes, all in one and highly recommended
  2. Lunch and Brunch – a hidden gem & must-try when in town!
  3. 1 outdoor activity like the locals do
  4. Get out of Copenhagen: a half day trip to feel the danish vibes!
  5. The absolute must-do for local traveler and beer lover!

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