Unbox 32 Fun Things to do in Dublin, Ireland – Ready to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean?

Hidden Gems in Dublin

32 cool things to do in Dublin Curious to discover the hidden gems Dublin? Keep reading, buddy, you have come just to the right place to get the gems and the coolest fun things to do in Dublin, Ireland!

This is not your ordinary tourist guide; this is a tick more. A guide to quirky things, unique activities.

Dublin is a great city which has not only good vibes but also the most known black beer and lots of live music at pubs – every single day! Also, the nature around the Irish capital has so many different shades of greens.

Read this guide and make it a perfect combo by staying at the coolest places. Here’s our guide to the 3 best hostels in Dublin, Ireland.

List of 32 FUN Things to do in Dublin

Alright, enough. It is time to have some serious fun. This list covers all the cool stuff, and obviously creamy Guinness beer.

Here is our handmade map with all cool things to do in Dublin as a backpacker:

How about we start with some live music?

1. Live music at the Aber Brown’s Barbershop

How about some music… in a Barbershop?

Aber Brown started to host bands at his barbershop and had to change the business model.

Aber Brown’s Barbershop is a refurbished barber shop in Dublin where you can delight many cool live music events. They describe themselves as.

The coolest shop in town , old school not old fashioned.

One of the hippest places in Dublin. Have a look, even The Ash played there!

2. Yoga at the Pub

I am sure you will visit many pubs in Dublin, but MVP is not a traditional pub…

With a dog-friendly policy and a very relaxed atmosphere, this pub holds some free events on their upper floor. For instance? Yoga.

Yes, you can do a yoga class in a pub.

They also serve fantastic cocktails and food.

But no worries, this is just the first of the many unique things to do in Dublin.

3. A cozy restaurant: The Fumbally

From yoga to good food. The Fumbally is a nice and cozy restaurant with delicious coffee and amazing food.

All the products they use to cook are organic, fresh and local. You can see the fresh vegetables that they use to cook in the shelves!

There is a good variety of vegan dishes and the menu is changed every 2 days in order to adapt it to the fresh products that they do currently have. With very cool atmosphere, it is one of the hipster brunch places in Dublin.

Website: http://thefumbally.ie

Address: Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

A cozy restaurant in Dublin: The Fumbally

4. Watch a hurling match at the Croke Park

Ever heard about hurling?

For Irish, hurling is the most important sport in their country, it will be like football in Argentina.

So if you are in the city while they are playing at Croke Park, the Stadium in Dublin, you should go!

A real Irish experience.

5. Pub quiz at Mother Reilly

Obviously you may end up spending some time in the Dublin Pub Scene. Show off your knowledge at the Pub Quiz at Mother Reilly Pub.

Make sure you check their facebook page. Here they share the events.

Good to know: You are not allowed to use your smartphone during the pub quiz – for obvious reason.

Fun Things to do in Dublin - Pub Quiz

6. Storytelling at the Brazen Head

How about you impress your friends by saying “Tonight we go to Irelands oldest Pub”?

The Brazen Head is officially Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198 – BAM. Yes, that’s right. They are much longer drinking here, even before “discovering” America.

The Brazen Head pub is famous for live Irish music sessions  and it is even an award winning restaurant.

Anyways, again, impress your friends! As a solo-traveller, this could be a great ice-breaker in the hostel. Just ask in the group: “Who wants to go to Irelands oldest Pub?”

You won’t get a lot of no’s. Have fun!

Here’s their facebook page.

Best Pubs in Dublin

7. Dare to bath in the Irish Sea at 40 Foot

This is our absolute favorite thing to do in Dublin. Non-touristy at all, in fact the most local thing to do in Dublin we have found!

For those who are brave enough to face the chilling temperature of the Irish sea, head to Forty Food and have a bath!

Located in Dún Laoghaire, just 45 minutes with public transport from Dublin by train, Forty Foot is the place to go for a swim if you are in Dublin. It is a deep sea water place hidden through the rock strewn coast.

The best advantage of the Forty Foot is its depth: you can always jump in even at low tide. Don’t think a lot about it, you only have to jump!

The locals come here every morning between 6am and 8am to take a dip in the sea before heading to work. Join the locals, it’s fun – we promise! (bring a towel and some warm clothing for afterwards!)

Address: Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland

Dare to bath in the Irish Sea at 40 Foot

8. Kayaking on the river Liffey

Alright alright. You do not want to swim int he cold Atlantic? Then here’s an alternative: Kayaking!

If you do well, you won’t get really wet – I guess.

You can do Kayaking on the river Liffey. Unless you bring your own Kayak, you need to join a tour. Visit the tourism board for more information. Prices start form 30€ per person while children are cheaper.

9. Whelans silent disco

Have you ever been in a silent disco? This is for the nightlife in Dublin.

A silent disco or silent rave is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones.

So basically, there is no music unless you put on your headphones.

Whelan’s famous Indie/Alternative music policy gets the silent treatment.

Absolutely fun! Still not convinced?

Okay, here’s a super funny video about Silent Discos:

10. Picnic at the Botanic Gardens

Even the capital of the green Ireland has its own Botanic Gardens.

Pack some snacks and get prepared to do a picnic surrounded by nature!

11. Take a step back into the past at the Kilmainham Goal

Kilmainhan Gaol is one of the most important Irish monuments of the modern period.

This former prison relates the struggle of the Irish independence. If you are curious about the Irish history and nationalism, add it to your plans.

12. Ice Cream SCOOP

Grab an ice cream at Scoop and enjoy the rain and wind like the Dubliners do.

13. Rent a bike and discover Phoenix Park

One of the things to do in Dublin with good weather: Ride a bike!

The Phoenix park is an enormous park in the city center, it is even home to the Dublin Zoo.

Grab a bike and ride around. When we cycled around, there was even a little concert taking place.

14. A vegetarian option: Cornucopia

Yummy food! We enjoyed Cornucopia in Dublin.

For us, it is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Dublin; with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

There are two artistically decorated dining areas, where in the afternoon you can enjoy life music.

They have delicious home-cooked vegetarian food, vegan-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, juices, bread, cakes and desserts.

They have also a list of organic wine, delicious cold-pressed juices and takeaway meals.

Cornucopia does offer a lunch menu with a main course with two salads of choice and green juice. A great idea for a sunny day is to take your food away and wander down to Stephen’s green park, which is quite near.

Website: http://www.cornucopia.ie

Address: 19/20 Wicklow Street. Dublin 2, Ireland

A vegetarian restaurant in Dublin; Cornucopia

15. Baking classes at The Cake Café

Yet again something you will not find on many guides to fun things to do in Dublin.

And it may be something, you do not really expect anyways.

Join the Baking Class at The Cake Café!

In times of digital media, we love to work with our hands and actually learn new skills.

Anyways, let us quote from the website of the Cake Café:

Learn to bake the perfect afternoon tea delights

“In Michelle Darmody  hands-on baking class you will enjoy making some of their famous cakes and pastries. Furthermore, you will receive a beautiful Cake Café apron and tote bag to take home, along with a box of your very own, freshly-baked cakes.”

Check out their baking classes here.

16. Tour and testing at the Teeing whiskey distillery

This list does not get boring. Next is a Teeing Whiskey Distillery.

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery is the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years. Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre, our distillery is a fully functional pot still distillery producing up to 500,000 liters of spirit each year.

You can join a Distillery tour, a Single Malt Experience and special events. You can even get a gift card.

Check out the website to see prices and schedules.

17. Pub crawl – Party in Dublin

Again, that is one of the obvious things to do in Dublin at night: join a pub crawl!

At a Pub Crawl you pay a fix rate and visit with a local guide several bars. That is the simple definition of a pub crawl.

As for Dublin, we enjoy the Backpackers Pub Crawl. It caters to young and fun travellers, looking for a good night out. It can be the better alternative to an actual party hostel.

That being said, there is also Whiskey Tastings and Guinness Bar tours. You can find all pub tours directly here.

Before you take the tour, read this article about the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

Book your Pub Crawl here

Pub crawl - Party in Dublin

18. Fusion Sundays at the Foodcoop

Foodcoop, a food co-operative in Dublin not only offers vegetarian wholefoods. They also host a monthly traditional music session in NewMarket and are a creative hub for artists in Dublin.

Check out their events here and join them in the many markets, concerts, or volunteering programs.

19. Six nations rugby tournament in a local pub

Okay, I have to admit I am not really a rugby kind of person; football (or soccer) is more my thing.

However, let’s respect the local culture and join the local buddies on a six nations rugby tournament.

It is basically the greatest championship in Rugby.Even if you are not into rugby, it is fun to watch how people enjoy it and celebrate their team.

Here’s a guide of pubs you can watch the Six Nations.

20. Pub and good pizza? Oh Yeah! The Bernard Shaw

You could never imagine that inside this ruined building there is such an amazing place!

It is not just a regular pub, it is also a dance bar, an open patio, a cool café and a cozy pizza place.

Checking the backyard is a must: pool tables, sitting area and a giant blue vintage bus serving pizza! On the top of the bus there is also a sitting area with board games.

With nice vibes, this pub has great live music and DJ’s parties, host a flea market on Sunday once a month, and support local breweries

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebernardshaw

Address: 11 Richmond Street South, Dublin, Ireland

Pub, and good pizza? Oh Yeah! The Bernard Shaw

21. On a rainy day, board games at Pmacs

P’macs is one of the best pubs in Dublin. They do have great burgers, paints and , occasionally, board games.

Wanna join? Check their events on their facebook page.

22. Comedy night at the International bar

The International Bar is one of the oldest pubs in Dublin, the house is over 200 years old.

Wanna enjoy free shows and plays surrounded With Victorian original decor and ornamented hand-carved pieces? Then this is the place you were looking for.

Psst… the shows and plays free of charge.

23. Folkloric evening at Johnnie Fox’s

When there’s pubs, there is folkloric music. Deal with it! Or even better: celebrate it!

After the oldest pub in Dublin, we have also found the highest Pub in Dublin: Johnnie Fox.

The “Johnnie Fox’s Hooley Show” is famous throughout Ireland and abroad for its originality and unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

Check prices and schedules here.

24. A quirky Café: Foam Café

Comfortable place with very goofy but interesting decoration. This place has two floors, head straight upstairs and get yourself a comfy couch!

They have great cakes and coffee, nice relaxed atmosphere and a great selection of teas served in lovely teapots. They do also offer gluten free cakes.

The service can be a bit slow, so it is not recommended for a quick coffee, but, hey, you came to enjoy the atmosphere, don’t you? Just order and relax.

Address: 24 Great Strand St, Dublin, Dublin City, Ireland

Best Coffee Shop in Dublin, Ireland, the Foam Café

25. Spin roller disco in Walkinstown

The Rink at D12 is the only roller disco you will find in the city – even the whole country!

Put your skates on and start showing your moves to the crowd. A unique experience that can be enjoyed with your family and friends.

26. Whelan’s song cycle on Mondays

Every Monday, in front of Whelan’s bar, you will be able to enjoy the “Song Cycle”.

Regular hosts Ollie Cole and John Byrne will perform some of their works in progress as well as old standards. Also, if some  of their special guests feel like playing a song or two, they will be able to!

27. The Flea market at the Green door market

An organic fresh food market that takes place every day. Look for the green door!

The green door Market takes place indoors at Unit A1 in Bluebell Business center.

28. Open Mic

Be brave enough and go on stage at one of the open mic nights that Dublin has to offer.

Our favorite places are:

29. Berry me

If you are traveling to Dublin during autumn, make the most of it and take advantage of the blackberry season!

There are many pubs and restaurants that will offer lots of blackberry special menus in the Irish capital. Chutneys, jams… you will be amazed with the many different forms you can eat blackberries.

30. Day Trip to Howth

Would you like to enjoy some amazing views? Let’s take one of the many day trips from Dublin.

Have you heard of Howth?

Howth is a small piece of paradise located 30 minutes from Dublin.

There you will find some of the most stunning scenery in Ireland and many different activities. Whether you are interested in taking one of the cliff walks around Howth, or simply want to immerse yourself in the deep history of this fishing Village, Howth has it all.

After completing your journey around Howth,  you can then choose from one of the huge variety restaurants, with the best locally caught Seafood, fresh off the fishing fleet – and enjoy a few pints.

In Howth, you can even join a free walking tour around Howth.

It is the best way to get the full experience and background stories.

Day Trip to Howth

Hostels in Dublin – Where to stay

Are you looking for a great hostel in Dublin? Currently, there is no 5 Star Hostel in Dublin. However, there is super cool ones!

We did the leg work for you.

The coolest places to stay in Dublin are:

  1. Jacobs Inn Hostel
  2. Gardiner House
  3. Generator Hostel

Detailed guide: 3 Best Hostels in Dublin

It also covers photos, the cheapest place to stay and a map. Learn everything you need to know about Hostels in the Full Guide to European Hostels.

Fancy a more private accommodation?

Then have a look at this article about where to stay in Dublin. There you have personalized recommendations as well as a neighborhood guide.

Who wrote the cool things to do in Dublin?

A very close friend of us lives in the Irish capital since 2014. She knows Dublin inside out.

When we visited Dublin, we had the chance to explore the city and surroundings thanks to her secret recommendations, mostly only locals know. No boring museums or overrated tourist bars!

We at Hostelgeeks are always keen to share with you exactly those hidden gems!

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32 cool things to do in Dublin


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