39 Fun Things to Do in Copenhagen – Brunch, Cocktails and Blonde Beer

Fun Things to do in Copenhagen

Fun Things to do in Copenhagen We are all here for the best and coolest fun things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark. Right?! Welcome to Copenhagen, the pearl of the Scandinavian north: worldly, chic, and bike-friendly.

We are proud to share with you our secret tips for CPH and places for having serious fun.

This city offers so many different things to explore, to discover, that we could not resists to put together our top fun things to do in Copenhagen to let you enjoy the Danish capital like we do.

Personally, we are not huge experts of Copenhagen as we visited it just once, but our friends are! We asked a fellow blogger, friends, and expats to send us over their coolest secrets.

We are proud and happy to share them here all together with you!

What will you find in this guide?

  • free things to do in Copenhagen
  • unique things to do in Copenhagen
  • Secret spots
  • Things to do in Copenhagen in winter
  • Things to do in Copenhagen at night
  • non touristy things
  • fun things to do outside in Copenhagen
  • Must Do’s
  • find all places on our Map (for better planning)

During our trip, we checked the 3 best hostels in Copenhagen.

Wondering what is the coolest hostels in Copenhagen for solo-travelers, couples and friends?

Your shortcut:

  1. Steel House
  2. Woodah Hostel
  3. Urban House

Read the full guide: 3 best hostels in Copenhagen compared.

But let’s go back to the fun, unique things to do in Copenhagen. We added a useful map at the end of the article – so you can locate all the places in a simple glance.

List of Fun things to do in Copenhagen

Effortlessly chic. Picturesque. Laid-back.

It is hard not to fall in love with Copenhagen – a vibrant city that is packed with things to do beyond the traditional tourist must-sees like Nyhavn and The Little Mermaid.

If you are looking for tips on fun and unique things to see and do in Copenhagen, here is your insider guide to experiencing Scandinavia’s coolest capital like a local – from marvelous palaces and top-notch museums to Michelin-starred restaurants and charming amusement parks.

We start our list with the most wished things to do for backpackers.

Free things to do in Copenhagen

Everybody loves free stuff. Especially in an expensive city like the Danish capital. So, here you go.

1. Explore Freetown Christiania

For sure you have already heard about Christiana on your first research. It is so cool and free, we had to add it as #1.

Situated in the middle of Copenhagen is an independent community called Christiania.

Thanks to the stalls that sell all types of cannabis (illegal elsewhere in Denmark and mostly Europe); this place has been famous for many years.

However, Copenhagen’s most hippie and controversial neighborhood is more than that!

Christiania is a hodgepodge of music venues, art galleries, colorful murals, outdoor sculptures, homemade houses, workshops, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

It is not just a town; it is a way of living.

Tourists are welcome to visit but there are rules to follow:

  • no violence,
  • no cars,
  • forbidden to run and
  • the most important: NO cameras and no photos!

Otherwise, you are free to do as you please!

My best recommendation: Join an alternative tour to get an insight!

We just walked around Freeotnw on our own, but joining a tour is the much better idea!

The tour is only 20€ and you learn about the history of Christiana and what the future might bring.

Seriously, it gives you much more context!

Book Alternative Tour Copenhagen here

Entrance of Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen Entrance of Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen

Christiania Copenhagen

2. Castles galore

If you are a castle fanatic, there is no better place to see the most impressive castles than in Copenhagen!

As home to one of the world’s oldest monarchies, it is no wonder that the city is filled with countless jaw dropping fortresses to admire.

The most stunning castles are:

  • Rosenborg castle
  • Amalienborg palace

Rosenborg Castle

Just a 10-minute walk from the city center is Rosenborg castle where you can find Denmark’s national treasure.

Its crown jewels kept and secured in temperature-controlled vaults.

Check the map for exact location.

Rosenborg castle Copenhagen

Amalienborg palace

The official residence of the Danish royal family is the Amalienborg Palace.

Here you can see the eminent Royal Guard or Den Kongelige Livgarde – for free!

Every day at noon, the Changing of the Royal Guards occur as they march from their barracks through the streets of Copenhagen to Amalienborg.

This sight is included in most of the walking tours.

Absolutely worth it to visit and have a look. With a bit of luck, you can even see someone form the Danish royal family.

Change of Guards at Amalienborg palace in Copenhagen Amalienborg palace in Copenhagen

3. Take a dip in the heart of Copenhagen

One of the fun things to do in Copenhagen in summer: Swim!

On hot days, Copenhageners flock to the harbor baths situated in Islands Brygge to cool off. These baths have been a popular recreational area to water-loving locals ever since it opened in 2002.

There are five pools, three diving towers, and a big lawn with plenty of space for sunbathing. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for that!

The quality of water is also checked daily and there are lifeguards who overview the facilities.

4. King’s Garden

A popular place for locals to meet and relax is King’s Garden – sometimes referred to as Rosenborg garden.

It is the oldest park in the city and has existed for more than 400 years.

The garden was originally a private royal garden established by King Christian IV until it opened to the public in 1770.

Today, the garden is a popular haven in the center of Copenhagen and is visited by 2.5 million every year.

Its avenues and open spaces are very popular in the summer and spring – not just for tourists but also for local families to relax, sunbathe, go for a stroll or have a picnic.

5. Sønder Boulevard

Packed with locals especially during sunny days is Sønder Boulevard.

It is one of the most vibrant green city spaces in the Vesterbro quarter.

Sønder Boulevard got a facelift in 2007 after a few meetings between Vesterbro’s residents, architectures and businessmen.

The goal of the facelift was to create an attractive and green city space on Vesterbro.

It proved highly successful as the boulevard today is one of the city’s most popular recreational areas and hang out spots filled with restaurants and cafes.

Furthermore, there are also many different sections including a playground for toddlers, a ping-pong table, and a basketball court.

If sports is not your thing, just choose the spot that you like the most and relax in the gardens.

Sønder Boulevard Vesterbro's Copenhagen

6. Check out the coolest streets

Copenhagen is overflowing with cool streets – all have their own distinct identity – filled with cafés, restaurants, shops, tattoo parlors, fascinating alleyways and more.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Jægersborggade

perpendicular to Jagtvej is vibrant, colorful, and youthful.

This hipster and buzzing street is brimming with art galleries, organic produce shops, vintage clothes, wine bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

  • Istedgade

For many years, Istedgade was dominated by drugs and prostitution.

Today, the street has somewhat cleaned up and is booming with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.

Istedgade is different, relaxed, and lively.

This is where all kinds of people hangout – students, hipsters, families with children. 

  • Magstræde

One of the oldest and most beautiful streets in Copenhagen.

A stroll among the colorful buildings will take you back in time and offer you some moments of relaxation away from the city noise.

Copenhagen Streets

7. Free Walking Tour in Copenhagen

No better way that get general information about the city than joining a free walking tour.

The free tours work tip based. Meaning you tip at the end of the tour the quantity you find fair- depending on your work appreciation but also your budget.

Normally, free tours offer a local perspective plus is an easy way meet new friends. We love to join the tour on our first day in the city. It’s a perfect introduction.

Here’s a list of free walking tours in Copenhagen:

When staying at a hostel in Copenhagen, ask the staff for their recommended tour.

Read: 3 best hostels in Copenhagen compared

Unique things to do in Copenhagen

8. Tivoli Garden 

The 2nd oldest amusement park in the world founded in 1843 by the multi-talented and well-traveled Georg Carstensen, Tivoli Park is the second-oldest amusement park in the world.

This amusement park and pleasure garden nestled in the heart of Copenhagen. Literally. You are walking out of the central station and you are standing right in front of the Tivoli Amusement Park.

It opened in 1843 and is one of the most visited theme parks in Europe.

Even Walt Disney visited Tivoli many times and found inspiration to his own Disney World here!

The scenery is stunning with striking architecture, historic buildings and opulent gardens.

At night, thousands of colored lights create a fairy tale atmosphere that is very beautiful.

Enjoy the lovely flowers and gardens, restaurants and cafés, and maybe a take a ride on one of the park’s roller coasters.

Young or old, families or couples – there is something in Tivoli for everyone. It is much more than your average amusement park.

Here visitors are welcomed with charming pathways, stomach churning roller coasters, family friendly rides, and Copenhagen’s largest collection of restaurants.

Whether you’re visiting Copenhagen on your own, as a couple or with your family, Tivoli Gardens has so much to offer.

You could easily spend the entire day simply walking around, taking in the sights.

Get your Skip The Line Ticket here

Tip: if you are just curious, but your budget does not allow you to go into Tivoli, you can just have a glance from the Toverhallerne food court terrace.

9. Discover the city from the water

Did you know that Copenhagen is an old harbor and maritime city?

And one of the best ways to appreciate it is by taking a canal tour.

Even Copenhageners take this tour to see the city from a different perspective!

Travel along idyllic canals and pass many of the city’s best sights and attractions like:

  1. Nyhavn,
  2. the Little Mermaid statue,
  3. Black Diamond Library,
  4. the Copenhagen Opera House, and
  5. Amalienborg palace.

As you cruise through the waterways, multilingual guides share stories and enlighten guests on the picturesque surroundings.

The tour takes approximately an hour and usually departs from Nyhavn area and Gammel Strand.

Join the canal tour here

Discover Copenhagen from a boat

10. Rent a boat

If you do not like the idea of sailing with other tourists, chartering a boat is a great option!

Be your own captain and sail comfortably around the harbor.

You can go wherever you fancy with no experience or special license needed to operate the solar-powered boats.

Best of all, you can stuff yourself silly with food and drinks as the boats are equipped with a table in the center!

Boats are rented on a pay-per-hour basis from the station at Islands Brygge.

This is a perfect idea for having a date in Copenhagen or celebrating a birthday. Maybe even as a surprise for your partner? You choose!

You can rent a boat here. Prices start from 449DDK.

Boat Rental in Copenhagen, perfect for dates and birthdays

11. Trendy Meatpacking district

Want to know where to find the city’s coolest crowd?

Check out the trendy Meatpacking district in Vesterbro.

Once a rough industrial space, Kødbyen has turned into a buzzy spot and a food hub.

Today, there are design and furniture shops, an impressive line-up of restaurants, and underground bars.

Make sure you sample the craft beer at Warpigs, the organic meat at Fleisch, and the cocktails at NOHO.

Do not also miss the weekend market open from April until October where you can find more than 40 food stalls serving dishes from all over the world!

Warpigs in Copenhagen; one of the coolest bars in Copenhagen
Warpigs, one of the coolest bars in Copenhagen
NOHO Cocktailbar in Copenhagen
NOHO Cocktailbar in Copenhagen

12. Michelin-starred restaurants

Hardcore foodie?

If you want to dine in at some of the best restaurants in the world, Copenhagen will not disappoint.

As of 2019, the Nordic Michelin guide has awarded 22 stars to 17 restaurants in the city.

Do not miss Noma, ranked as the World’s Best Restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

The head chef, world-renowned Rene Redzepi, is an expert in Scandinavian cuisine.

He has helped put Copenhagen in the map of contemporary gastronomy.

For moderately priced and ambitious modern Nordic gastronomy, head to restaurant 108.

Fancy Asian food?

Get a table at Kiin Kiin, the only restaurant outside of Thailand with a Michelin star.

13. Hipster Vesterbro

Located within easy walking distance of Copenhagen city center is Vesterbro, declared by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2017.

The area had a reputation as being one of the dodgy parts of the city but now it has evolved into a district filled with stylish boutiques, chic restaurants, and trendy galleries.

Hang out with the local Vesterbro folks for community dinner (and much more) at Absalon.


Indulge in international contemporary art at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard.

We loved a brunch at Mad & Kaffe.


Find taps from the world’s best breweries at Mikkeller.

Fun Things to do in Copenhagen
Yummy food at Mad & Kaffe in Copenhagen – come here for brunch!

14. Multicultural Norrebro

We hopfrom Vesterbro to another cool district.

Skip the crowded and touristy places in Copenhagen and head over to Norrebro, perhaps the most diverse area of the city with a large concentration of Middle Eastern immigrants.

From street art and cheap salons to urban spaces, impossibly cool bars, international restaurants, Shawarma places, and hipster cafes, Norrebro is a mishmash of different eccentric things.

What to do?

Chill with young people playing music and sharing beers at Dronning Louises Bro bridge.

Where to eat?

Dine in at Beyti, a notably good restaurant serving up kebabs, grilled meat, and falafel.

Where to eat cheap in Norrebro and Copenhagen?

Get a burger at Banana Joe’s.

It is a tiny place with only 1 table; it smells like fries inside and it’s an authentic place. Joe (or actually Chiheb) the owner and cook is a lovely person with a big heart. He loves his job, and actually only opens from afternoon on. He runs this little restaurant as a side-business.

Fresh, cheap food and great conversations with the owner. LOVE this place!

Price range from 35DDK to 75DDK. Portions are big too.

We were not sure how much to order. Joe looked at us and only said: “One for each is more than enough, no worries!”.

Come here, thank me later!

Where to go for a night out?

Settle into The Barking Dog where the cocktails are good, prices are affordable, and the crowd is young.

Banana Joe in Copenhagen; one of the best burgers in Copenhagen!
Banana Joe in Copenhagen; one of the best burgers in Copenhagen!

15. Explore by bike

Rent a bike In Copenhagen – one of the best cycling cities in the world – everybody practically rides a bike; and if you want to live like a true Copenhagener, you can rent a bike and cruise around the city on two wheels.

It is fun, healthy, inexpensive, and without a doubt the best way to experience Copenhagen.

There are several bicycle rental companies in the city where you can rent relaxed bicycles perfect for enjoying an easy ride.

All bikes come with lock and lights.

Explore very neighborhood and discover that each of them has its own unique identity.

Don’t wanna ride a bike alone? Then join a bike tour

Book your bike tour here

Discover Copenhagen with a bike

16. Drop Towers – The Oldest Amusement Park in the world

This is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen for families with kids!

Feel like a kid again and head to Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world.

Nope, we don’t mean Tivoli. There’s another amusement park, Bakken.

Located just 10 minutes north of Copenhagen, Bakken offers more rides than any other amusement park in Scandinavia:

  • roller coasters,
  • ferris wheels,
  • drop towers…

If the rides do not tickle your fancy, the park also has restaurants, pubs, and bars with entertainment and live music.

17. See Copenhagen from above

If you want to see Copenhagen’s colorful rooftops and historic spires and towers from a different point of view, there are several high spots dispersed throughout the city that you can ascent.

One of the most popular choice is the Round Tower.

Climb up round tower for a city view in Copenhagen

For just 3.7 USD, visitors can walk up a 921-foot long paved equestrian path in order to reach the top and enjoy the 360 degrees view of inner Copenhagen.

Another option is The Church of our Savior known for its 90-meter high spire.

The Church’s tower is not for the fainthearted as the spiral staircase has 450 steps – 150 of which are outside – that take you to the top.

18. Glyptoteket

There are several museums in Copenhagen, but if you could only visit one museum, Glyptoteket has to be it.

The art museum was founded by brewer Carl Jacobsen in 1888 and houses two departments of ancient and modern art.

The antique department displays Northern Europe’s biggest collection of antique art, both Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman works.

On the other hand, the modern department focuses on Danish painting and sculpture of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as Denmark’s largest collection of French art of the same period.

Good to know: Tuesdays is free entrance! So be a smart traveler and plan your trip accordingly.

Glyptoteket museum in Copenhagen

Non touristy things to do in Copenhagen

One of the greatest things about Copenhagen is that you can do plenty of local things.

19. Experience Hygge with family and friends

According to the 2016 World Happiness Report, Denmark is rated as the world’s happiest country and many believe that the positive stat can be attributed to hygge – a way of life and a big part of Danish culture.

But what exactly is hygge?

It roughly translates to coziness, but that definition does not quite cover it.

Hygge is so much more and always involves creating a nice, warm atmosphere (candles are always a part of the setting!) and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you.

If you seek a touch of Hygge on your trip to Copenhagen

There are many ways to experience Hygge yourself:

  • Walk around the scenic capital
  • Take bike trips
  • Cozy up in a nice restaurant
  • Indulge in a Danish pastry
  • Eat dinner with your loved ones

Wanna have more insight about Hygge?

Join a happyness Hygge tour here

Happiness Hygge Copenhagen

20. Hang out in a cemetery

Okay, wait…let me explain first.

One of the unique yet charming things about Copenhagen is that many cemeteries are also popular places for relaxation.

Of the several cemeteries to explore in the city, Assistens Kirkegård in Nørrebro district is the locals’ real favorite.

It is a delightfully special place to stroll around – as much a park and garden as it is a graveyard.

Here you will also see the gravestones of some of Denmark’s most notable people – Hans Christian Andersen, the writer of Little Mermaid and other fairy tale classics and Søren Kierkegaard, a distinguished Danish existentialist philosopher and poet.

Stroll around a cemetery, an unsual thing to do  in Copenahgen

21. Eat like a local

If you want a truly unique Danish experience, why not try traditional Danish food?

Copenhagen is home to plenty of great food – from artfully piled sandwiches to mouthwatering meat dishes – that everyone should try:

  • Smørrebrød for a typical Danish snack

These are open-faced sandwiches that consist of a single slice of rye bread piled high with a wide variety of fresh toppings like cold cuts, pieces of meat, and cheese or spreads.

  • Hotdog

Perhaps the country’s most popular street food is hotdog.

You cannot go wrong with a wiener topped with traditional ingredients like:

  • ketchup,
  • mustard,
  • remoulade,
  • fried crispy onions and
  • pickles.

Pair it with chocolate milk just like what a real local would do.

Traditional HotDog in Copenhagen

  • Stegt flæsk

Denmark has many meat dishes but stegt flæsk is unquestionably the crowd favorite as it was voted in 2014 as the country’s national dish.

Pieces of pork meat with fat are fried then served with potatoes and parsley sauce.

Too overwhelmead by the danish names?

Simply join a food tour and the tour guide will make sure you sample all the mentioned dishes.

Book your Food Tour here

22. Brunch like a Copenhagener

Be it boozy or healthy, Copenhageners love nothing more than a good brunch.

With a group of friends to recall the night before, by yourself, or with family; however you like to enjoy yourself, there is a brunch place in Copenhagen that is right for you.

Skip the mediocre hotel breakfast and head over to one of our Copenhagen secret spots Mad & Kaffe where brunch is bound to be a good time.

Here you are welcome to choose the elements of your brunch yourself – from greens to dairy to meat and fish and bread.

Mad & Kaffe, brunch in Copenhagen

Another option is The Union Kitchen known for its flavorful brunch dishes, which consist of avocado toast, scrambled eggs, and smoked salmon.

We also found a hidden gem: Kalaset.

This small restaurant Kalaset is a local place with a fantastic food for brunch and lunch – vegan brunch is also available and highly recommended.

Read the story of the owner Caroline, and the background of Kalaset at the last page of the menu.

The meals you are eating here are taken out of her grandmother’s cookbook.

The quality, vintage interior, menu design, and especially the pricing convince us to tell you: enjoy here your brunch and lunch!

23. Shop til you drop at Strøget

Bursting with shops from budget friendly chains to big and expensive international brands is Strøget, Copenhagen’s largest shopping area.

This 1.1-km. shopping district is Copenhagen’s aorta and is one of the most vibrant spots in the city.

To get a taste of the internationally-renowned Danish fashion, fashionistas should check Mads Nørgaard‘s store.

24. Indulge in Danish interior design

Edgy. Well-designed. Unfussy. Ageless.

Danish interior design is recognized all over the world for its simple design, functionality and minimalism.

Quality is high and whether you are into the classic or the more experimental, you are bound to find something that will fit your style.

One of the popular interior design shops is Hay House.

Here you will find practical and straightforward furniture and design pieces in eccentric shapes.

If you want to see Danish designs from the 20th and 21st centuries, visit the Design museum.

The exhibit features one of the world’s largest collections of Danish design by internationally acclaimed designers like:

  • Poul Henningsen,
  • Kaare Klint, and
  • Arne Jacobsen

Visitors are also invited to buy Danish industrial designs, ceramics, glass, and fabrics.

Danish design in Hay House

25. Eat your way through one of the best food markets

Whether you are looking for gourmet ingredients, delicious eats, or local delicacies, Torvehallerne is the place to go!

Located right smack in the city center, this supermarket is brimming with stalls selling literally everything from gourmet chocolate, exotic spices, and biodynamic wines to seasonal fruits, classic Danish pastries, fresh meat, and so much more!

You could easily spend an hour or more exploring the halls!

Food Hall everywhere Copenhagen’s supermarkets are more like food halls, and they are worht a sampling!

Our top food markets are:

  • Torvehallerne
  • Papirøen
  • WestMarket

Explore a local food market in Copenhagen

26. Play on top of a parking lot – with stunning views!

Not a common playground. Copenhagen has a playground on top of parking lot.

Yes, on top of it!

Located in Nordhavn city district, 24 meters above sea level on the roof of a car park.

Park and Play Playground sets new standards in the way people think about designing public space.

A great place not only to play and/or rest but also to see the sunset colors.

Tip: Wanna see how fast you get to the top?

At the beginning of the stairs there is a red button that will track your time.

Once you got to the top of the parking lot press the button again and see how fast (or slow) you were.

Nordhavn city district park on top of a parking lot in Copenhagen

Park'n' Play in Copenhagen

And btw, inside the parking lot it is quite instagrammy!

Instagram Copenhagen; A parking lot

Fun things to do outside of Copenhagen

You may have ended up on this list as an actual local or as a travelers visiting for a longer time.

Of course, there is a lot of cool day trips outside of Copenhagen.

27. Superkilen – Unique diverse Public Park

There is an outdoor Thai boxing ring, a sound system from Jamaica, swing benches from Baghdad, a sculpture from Japan, and a fountain from Morocco.

Welcome to Superkilen, Europe’s most surreal international public park.

Stretching along a half-mile-long cycle route in Norrebro neighborhood, Superkilen is an urban space that represents more than 60 nationalities in Copenhagen’s most multicultural district.

It was born from a collaboration between residents and some of Europe’s most experimental architects.

This willfully eclectic playground is divided into three main areas:

  • The Green Park,
  • The Black Market, and
  • The Red Square

The Green Park is a park for picnics and sunbathing.

The Black Market is where locals can play chess or backgammon while the Red Square is an area for sports and other cultural activities.

Superkilen alternative Copenhagen

28. Fancy a beach?

Just a 10 minutes ride from the city center you can find a true oasis – Amager strandpark.

There are always plenty of different events like beach soccer, festivals, and more cultural events.

Check out Visit Copenhagen to see what’s on when you are in Copenhagen.

Even in winter this place is wonderful to stroll or go for a run!

Address: Amager Strandvej (Amager Strand)

29. Sunday’s Furesoen’s Flea Market

We love to explore towns outside a big city.

Therefore we are keen to tell you about Farum, a small town north of Copenhagen, just a 40 minutes ride with the train.

Here you can explore the Furesoen’s Flea Market right at the main square in Farum, every Sunday from 9am – 2pm (from late April to late September).

More than 140 stalls, many cafés, and parks are waiting for you to join.

Address: Farum town square, 3520 Farum, Copenhagen

30. Roskilde Festival

Only 30 minutes from Copenhagen lies Roskilde – a city where around 130,000 music lovers come together every summer to attend Roskilde Festival.

The Roskilde Festival is the largest cultural festival in Northern Europe.

It is an all-inclusive eight-day experience where music, events, food and activities unite with the deep sense of community among the audience.

The festival’s camping site opens a few days before the main festival area in order to get people settled for the music program that will rock eight different stages for four days.

Every year, the Danish festival brings a solid line-up of nearly 200 bands and solo artists.

Roskilde Festival Copenhagen

31. Head over to Sweden

Sweden is just one bridge away! Really!

You can just take the train or boss and cross the Øresund Bridge, which carries road and rail from the Danish capital to Malmö.

A good idea is to spend a day Malmö, which is a cute student city.

Things to do in Copenhagen at night

Alright,let’s go back to town and check the nightlife in Copenhagen. Obviously, there is many activities and things to do at night.

We start with a super fun one…

32. Go crazy on a Pub Crawl

This is a classic, and yet not to miss: A pub Crawl!

Meet local people and travelers from around the world who are looking to party.

Experience the true Copenhagen party scene, and see the many highlights this vibrant city has to offer.

These pub crawls are famous across the continent – join them and find out why!

You must be over 18 years old to enjoy this night out.

This pub crawl supports the responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.

They want everyone to have an unforgettable night, and the mission is to experience Copenhagen’s nightlife, not to get you drunk.

Join the Pub Crawl here

Pub Crawl

33. A drink at Mikkeller Bar

We dropped this bar a few times already in this article.

Whatever you do in Copenhagen, this one is a must-do for the local traveler! Mikkeller bar is one of our favorite bars in Copenhagen.

Reasonable prices, and a cosy, local vibe.

The Mikkeller Bar is super popular among locals and every draft beer lover. Let us quote the Mikkeller’s from their website:

“20 taps from Mikkeller and other great breweries from around the world, specialized bottle selection, selected sodas and spirits, gourmet cheese and other snacks, excellent service, great music and atmosphere every day of the week. Located in the heart of Vesterbro.”

34. Make it a hipster Danish bar

Probably one of the best venues to experience authentic Copenhagen nightlife is the so-called bodegas.

These are century-old and traditional Danish pubs where you can enjoy cheap beers with regular locals and young hipsters.

Discreet and welcoming, some of the elements that give a classic bodega atmosphere to the place are wooden walls, vintage jukeboxes, the overwhelming smell of beer, and overflowing ashtrays filled with cigarettes.

One of the oldest bars in the city is Bo-bi bar, a local favorite since 1917.

With its bizarre red and gold wallpaper, small wooden tables, and faded curtains, this small smoky bar is the perfect setting to mingle with locals and hear stories from the cold north while enjoying your drink.

Cool bars are:

  • Bo-Bi Bar
  • Det Rene Glas
  • Moose
  • Lygtens Kro
  • Café Intime

35. Café, Tea House, and… Cocktail Bar

How about a stylish, chic place to have a tea, coffee, and sugar-free cake?

The Living Room is a hidden secret spot for locals, and considered the best tea place in Copenhagen.

For the night it turns into a industrial-chic cocktail bar. Have a seat at the cozy seats downstairs, next to the fireplace – we at Hostelgeeks love this place.

Address: Larsbjørnsstræde 17 (Studiestræde), Copenhagen

Must see in Copenhagen

In this list we offered many alternative ideas to the must things to do in Copenhagen. But of course you should not leave the city without spoting at least this Copenaghen attractions:

36. Little Mermaid Statue

It is famous. It is tiny. It is worth it to stop by.

Do not expect any big statue here, Little mermaid is, as the name indicates, little.

The perfect lighting is the sunset, but of course you can see it any time of the day.

The best way? From a boat, as then your background will be a nice park.

Little mermaid Copenhagen

37. Kronborg Castle

Built in 1574, this outstanding Renaissance castle remains intact to this day.

Kronborg Castle has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, and is located in Helsingor, north of Copenhagen.

Kronborg Castle occupies a strategically important headland overlooking the Sund, a narrow stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden.

This castle is a symbol of Denmark’s historic power, as between 1429 and 1857 over 1.8 million shops passed through at the narrowest point of the sound and all paid a toll at Kronborg Castle.

38. Hamlet Castle

Don’t let anyone fool you, the know Hamlet castle is the Kronborg Castle we just mentioned.

For many visitors, however, Kronborg Castle is more famed as the setting of Hamlet, that is why many people name it The Hamlet Castle.

If you happen to visit Denmark during summer season, Kronborg Castle today plays host to a troupe of actors who move through chambers, rooms, and courtyard playing out this world-renowned drama of murder, lust, and drama in a surprisingly tasteful manner.

Nevertheless to say, even without the Hamlet connection, you should visit Kronborg for its magnificent beauty as a castle.

Fun things to do in Copenhagen in Winter

Here are some activities that can only be done in Winter (and unique to do  in Copenhagen.

39. Ice Skating at Frederiksberg Runddel

Frederiksberg Garden becomes a cool ice rink in the winter season, and admission is free!

The most probable is that if you are traveling you don’t have you own skates with you , but worry not, there is a rental kiosk just next to the ring.

Rent a pair and join the fun!

Extra: 40. Christmas market at Nyhavn

Nyhvan is one of the coziest and prettiest Christmas markets in Europe.

The streets are lit with lights, the restaurants serve Danish Christmas delicacies and the streets are packed with…

Christmas market stalls!

Wandering around is really a Nordic Christmas experience.

Make sure to stop by the oldest house on the block. (House N. 9)

How to move around Copenhagen To explore the city we do totally recommend renting a bike.

I would say it is one of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

Nyyhav one of the must things to do in Copenhagen

Map with all Things To Do

Below we put all cool stuff to do in Copenhagen on a map.

It helps you to get an idea, and to plan your trip. We also included all hostels we recommend.

(You can activate and deactivate the layers in the left sidebar. Open the map in a new tab here.)

Summary of Fun things to do in Copenhagen

So that’s our list of cool things to do in Copenhagen, the pearl of the Scandinavian north.

We hope you enjoy the Danish capital like we do!

To make it easier and simple, we put all the mentioned locations on this map.

We even added the hostels we tested during our stay in Copenhagen.

Where to stay in Copenhagen?

Wondering what is the coolest hostels in Copenhagen for solo-travelers, couples and friends?

We wrote up this big guide to the 3 best hostels in Copenhagen.

Here you have a quick overview of the best hostels in Copenhagen:

  1. Steel House
  2. Woodah Hostel
  3. Urban House
Welcome at Woodah Hostel Copenhagen
Game rooms hostel Copenhagen

Read the full guide guide to the best hostels in Copenhagen to decide which one will suit your travel best.

This guide covers locations, the best things to do, pub crawls, the cheapest hostels to stay in.

Looking for an Airbnb instead ? You are lucky! There are plenty of beautiful Airbnb in Copenhagen.

Our Booking recommendation?

We collected 15 hacks to book hostels like a pro which might be quite helpful for you. Check out all our hostel guides to learn everything you need to know about Hostels!

Any questions?

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Safe travels,

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Fun Things to do in Copenhagen

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