De Banjaard in The Netherlands - dunes, seashells and Rüdiger's Birthday

De Banjaard in The Netherlands – dunes, seashells and Rüdiger’s Birthday

Have you ever heard of De Banjaard? The small village in the south-west of the Netherlands is known for the more family-type of traveler.

Dunes, long beaches, cute little villages all around, and a cosy relaxed vibe. In the colder month locals love to come here with their dogs, while others were fishing.

We love to travel outside the box. After falling in love once again with Ani&Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam and exploring Rotterdam, we were looking for more adventures.

We landed in the dunes of De Banjaard, just a 1 hour ride away from Rotterdam.

De Banjaard is located on one of the small peninsulas in the south-western part of the Netherlands. Long bridges connect the different islands and peninsulas.

The landscape is a dream for photographers and dreamers.

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De Banjaard Beach in 8 photos

Join our wanders around De Banjaard and its dunes.

The day we arrived, clouds were hanging over us. Once in a while the sun took a glimpse, and the sunset we saw was surrealistic.

The sun showed its fullest, crawling behind a big white cloud, and disappeared again behind another one. De Banjaard De Banjaard

Call me Rüdiger and take me to the beach! Happy Birthday, Rüdiger.

Hope you had a great celebration at De Banjaard beach.

De Banjaard De Banjaard De Banjaard

A surrealistic sunset at De Banjaard. The sun came out, said good bye and disappeared in-between the clouds.

De Banjaard

The perfect place for a picnic.

De Banjaard

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