Become a 5 Star Hostel

Become a 5 Star Hostel

Welcome to the Hostelgeeks’ 5 Star Hostels.

We are the independent travel brand & collective of worlds finest hostels: the 5 Star Hostels.

For every destination we only pick the #1 hostel to get awarded with the 5 Star Hostel Award.

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Become a 5 Star Hostel

We are keen learn more about your hostel.

Let’s impress us with your hostel and send us over as many information as you can.

Requirements for becoming a 5 Star Hostel

A 5 Star Hostel is the highest hostel standard. Your hostel has to fit the following criteria:

  1. sustainable
  2. special design
  3. unique
  4. social vibes
  5. top-rated staff

A hostel has to cover as well:

  • Social Events
  • Private Rooms and Dorms available
  • Free WiFi

WE Crociferi Hostel in Venice
Ani Haakien Hostel
YIM Hostel in Bangkok

Does your hostel match? Apply now!

Please fill out the form below with as many information as possible. The more, the better – please avoid copy-and-paste information.

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    Impress us: Tell us about your hostel

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    * Basic Characteristics a 5 Star Hostel has to provide:

    Kitchen available?
    Private Rooms and Dorms available?
    Free WiFi

    1. Sustainability:

    How green is your Hostel?

    2. Design:

    Describe design and background of origin?

    3. Unique:

    What is different at your hostel, what makes you stand out of the competition?

    4. Atmopshere:

    How social is your hostel?

    5. Staff:

    Tell us about your staff.

    Hostel Location: (not directions!)

    What is important to know about your location?
    What's around to see and to do? Is it safe, easy to get to, central?

    Directions to your hostel

    How do people get to your hostel? Train, metro, bus, car, walking.

    Hostel Photos

    Please send us over as many high-quality photos of

    • your hostel

    • your location

    • your city (landmarks etc.)

    For all photos provided, you have to have a full license.

    For sending us the photos, please use the free service of It is easy. In case you have problems, please find a video guide to WeTransfer here.

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    Hostel capacity & rates

    Please specify here your room types and capacity.

    Beds in dorms

    How many bed in dorms do you offer (total capacity):

    What type of dorms do you offer? (e.g. 6-bed dorm, 4-bed female dorm...)

    Lowest price for 1 single bed in dorm:

    Highest price for 1 single bed in dorm:

    Private rooms

    How many private rooms do you offer:

    What type of private rooms do you offer? (e.g. twin, double ensuite, ...)

    Lowest price per private room:

    Highest price per private room:

    Hostel Management

    Do you use a Property Management System? If so, which:

    Do you use a Channel Management System? If so, which:

    Do you use a Booking Engine for your website? If so, please specify:

    5-10 Best Things To Do in your City/ Area

    Share with us the 5 to 10 best things to do in your city and area. It can be visiting landmarks, sights, activities, tours. You are the expert!

    Would you like to add anything to your application? 🙂

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    Please note: Herewith you are applying to get awarded and listed as a 5 Star Hostel. We will contact you back with more details regarding the listing.

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