Welcome to Córdoba in Spain, a small city loaded with world history and one of the most amazing buildings in Europe: La Mesquita.

We put together the 5 local things to do in Córdoba.

After a long time being on the bucket list, we have been to this very interesting city, and stayed at the Bed And Be Hostel in Cordoba.

We experienced the local and inspiring Córdoba thanks to José, the owner of Bed And Be.

Therefore we decided to set up this guide, so you can enjoy it the same way we did!

You can get the travel guide Córdoba right here for free including 100% local tips to relax, try delicious food, and get a lovely view. Sounds good, right?!

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This guide here is not your tourist guide to Córdoba. Those travel tips are recommendations you get only by friends.

It’s the perfect introduction to the best things to do in Andalusia.

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Enjoy Córdoba,

We share following secrets to Córdoba:

  1. A delicious Restaurant with creative, international cuisine – they even inspired our daily cooking!
  2. Córdoba is a romantic city – we show you a Romantic walk
  3. A lovely Panoramic spot to take photo, and to enjoy a picnic
  4. Sightseeing Must-Do – We tell you what you cannot miss, even though it is touristic!
  5. A recommendation to relax forever and to experience the historical background and uniqueness of Córdoba!

Extra: As for a day trip, the Ruins of Madinat al-Zahra are an interesting place to check out

5 Star Hostel in Córdoba

How about staying at a typical local place in style?

Check out the Bed And Be Hostel.

We love especially the vintage influenced Boutique design, the Cordoba-styled terrace, and last but not least the numerous events at the roof top terrace.

Bed and Be in Córdoba, Spain

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