5 Amazing Things To Do In Córdoba, Spain – Europe’s most remarkable Architecture?

5 Amazing Things To Do In Córdoba, Spain - Maybe Europe's most remarkable Architecture

Welcome to Córdoba in Spain, a small city loaded with world history and one of the most amazing buildings in Europe: La Mesquita. We put together the 5 local things and hidden gems to do in Córdoba.

After a long time being on the bucket list, we have been to this very interesting city and really enjoyed it.

We experienced the local and inspiring Córdoba thanks to José, the owner of Bed And Be (unfortunately this hostel closed in 2020). Therefore we decided to set up this guide, so you can enjoy it the same way we did!

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This guide here is not your tourist guide to Córdoba. Those travel tips are recommendations you get only by friends. It’s the perfect introduction to the best things to do in Andalusia.

Travelling around Spain? Make sure you read this guide on best things to do in Spain – from North to South.

We share following secrets to Córdoba:

  1. A delicious Restaurant with creative, international cuisine – they even inspired our daily cooking!
  2. Córdoba is a romantic city – we show you a Romantic walk
  3. A lovely Panoramic spot to take photo, and to enjoy a picnic
  4. Sightseeing Must-Do – We tell you what you cannot miss, even though it is touristic!
  5. A recommendation to relax forever and to experience the historical background and uniqueness of Córdoba!
  6. Extra: As for a day trip, the Ruins of Madinat al-Zahra are an interesting place to check out

1. Delicious Restaurant

A great Restaurant is “Restaurante La Boca“, a creative kitchen with different styles of food. Super delicious and ecological for a decent price (~10€ for the daily menu).

2. Romance: Walk the Roman Bridge during night

The city is lightened up and from here you can take beautiful night shots of Córdoba, so bring your camera.

If you fancy a good wine at the rivers bench, this is also your place to be!

3. Panoramic: View from Bell tower

Go up the bell tower to get a beautiful panoramic view all over Córdoba. You cannot enter right away as the entrance is limited for every 30 minute visit.

Make sure you get the ticket as soon as you get there before entering la Mesquita. Sometimes you can purchase your ticket directly with Get Your Guide to the Bell Tower.

Bell Tower in Cordoba, Spain

4. Enter la Mesquita – 100% recommended

May sound obvious, but lots of people have doubts as they want to save the money. It is 100% worth it, and basically a stunning Cathedral inside another stunning Mosque.

After entering, you will understand more the history of Córdoba, Spain and even Europe.

5. Relax: Spa and Hammam

Relax and get a Massage a the local Hammam.

This is the city to visit a Spa due to its history. We recommend “Hammam Al Andalus Córdoba“. Check out their website for special offers.

Best Spa in Cordoba, Spain

Where to Stay in Córdoba, Spain

How about staying at a typical local place in style?

The best hostels in Córdoba are:

  1. Hostal Osio by Arc House – best hostel for female solo travelers
  2. Mayflowers Hostel – best hostel for couples & older travellers

Check out our full guide to the best hostels in Spain, including two lovely hostels in Cordoba ideal for couples, older travellers and solo travellers.

Mayflowers Hostel, Cordoba is one of the best hostels in Spain
Mayflowers Hostel in Cordoba

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