8 BEST Yoga Retreats in Goa – Discover Balance and Wellbeing

8 BEST Yoga Retreats in Goa India

The yoga retreats in Goa offer a unique and immersive experience to visitors. From sunrise to sunset, you can enjoy the many benefits of yoga, meditation, and relaxation in a beautiful, tropical setting.

With dedicated teachers and a variety of different styles of yoga, there is something for everyone. From beachside classes to luxury spa retreats, there is a yoga retreat in Goa to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

 The top yoga retreats Goa has to offer are listed below, so keep reading to find out more!

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We also wrote up big guides to top yoga retreats in Mexico as well as Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka.

Relax at the best yoga retreats at Goa India

In this guide, you will find:

Quick Introduction to Yoga Retreats in Goa

Types of Retreats: There is a wide range of yoga holidays in Goa. In Goa, there are various types of retreats available such as yoga, meditation, spiritual, health and wellness, and art and culture retreats.

Yoga Styles: All these yoga retreats pretty much offer the following yoga styles: Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Power Yoga.

Prices & Duration: Goa retreats generally range from 3 to 14 days, with prices typically starting from around $650 and going up to $3000 depending on the duration and type of retreat. The cheapest retreat you can find would be this, 3-Day Rejuvenation, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat.

New to Retreats? Read our full yoga retreats guide for beginners. We especially recommend reading:

  • How to book retreats (and websites to use)
  • What to pack for a retreat
  • How to choose a retreat you will ❤️

8 Ideal Yoga Retreats in Goa

Goa, the party capital of India, is undoubtedly one of the liveliest places in the country. People from all over the country and the world flock to this place every year. But Goa offers more than just a party destination. Want to spend a relaxing vacation replenishing your Zen? Want to dive deeper into yoga? Then Goa is the best place.

Stepping into a yoga retreat in Goa will give you a wonderful experience amidst the scenic and peaceful beauty of the region. Tourists from all over the world visit Goa from October to May, which is the best time to visit Goa, and yoga schools offer classes between these months.

1. Ideal Yoga Retreat in North Goa, India

Goa is the smallest state in India, but this does not prevent it from having many attractions. It offers so much beauty and adventure; From historic Portuguese architecture, vibrant nightlife, water sports and flea markets in the north to scenic drives, wildlife sanctuaries, secluded beaches and tranquility in the south, Goa The Yoga Retreat was truly an unforgettable experience.

1.1 7-Day Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat with Yoga, Ayurvedic Massages, and Meditation in Goa

  • Retreat Center: Preksha Yoga Ashram
  • Yoga Type: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Location: Mandrem
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Price: $309

The retreat was held at Preksha Yoga Ashram in India. Nestled amidst towering banana and coconut trees and surrounded by lush green vegetation, the monastery is beautifully immersed in the rich nature of Mandrem, Goa. Peaceful and secure in its surroundings, the ashram is just a seven-minute walk from Mandrem Beach, and you can often hear the gentle deep sea sounds from your beds.

Book Preksha Yoga Ashram here

7-Day Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat with Yoga, Ayurvedic Massages, and Meditation in Goa

Preksha Yoga Ashram Cabins

1.2 14-Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in the Land of Smiles, Mandrem, Goa

  • Retreat Center: Ekant Yoga
  • Yoga Type: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Karma
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Location: Mandrem
  • Price: $618

Apart from the beautiful beaches, you will also find Ekant Yoga, one of the unique yoga retreats in Goa. This unique and minimalistic yoga retreat focuses on educating students about a simple lifestyle that can lead to the peaceful and stress-free life you all long for. Here, the happiest yoga masters teach travelers all kinds of yoga at affordable prices.

Book Ekant Yoga here

14-Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in the Land of Smiles, Mandrem, Goa

Ekant Yoga Private Bedroom

1.3 3-Day Rejuvenation, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in Goa

  • Retreat Center: Hatha Yoga School
  • Yoga Type: Hatha, Ashtanga
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Arambol
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Price: $150

Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh has made necessary adjustments to comply with government guidelines and ensure the safety of students. The school’s priority is to have fully vaccinated in-house teachers who can stay on campus during the program and avoid visiting teachers. Therefore, the instructors during your course may differ from the above list. If you want to know who will teach your lesson, send your inquiry before the class starts.

Book Hatha Yoga School here

3-Day Rejuvenation, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in Goa

Hatha Yoga School

1.4 8-Day Seven Chakra Journey Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Mandrem, Goa

  • Retreat Center: The Rosewood Hotel
  • Yoga Type: Vinyasa, Kriya, Nidra, Chakra, Therapeutic
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Location: Mandrem
  • Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Price: $864

The retreat was held at the Rosewood Hotel. It offers a complete program of events starting on Day 1 and Day 2 starts at 07.00 and ends at 20.30. or 21:00 (depending on the event). Participation in all activities is mandatory.

Activities for each day of the week vary by day, but there is something you can choose to do at any time. There are two yoga classes daily – one in the morning and one before breakfast. Start times vary. When you arrive at the ashram, you will be given a schedule of activities.

Book The Rosewood Hotel here

8-Day Seven Chakra Journey Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Mandrem, Goa

The Rosewood Hotel Outdoor Area

1.5 3-Day Yoga Retreat with Philosophy, Meditation, and Pranayama in Goa

  • Retreat Center: AYM School Spanish
  • Yoga Type: Hatha, Ashtanga
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Arambol, North Goa
  • Price: $150

This retreat was held at the AYM Spanish School. Explore the dramatic expanses of Goa on this three-day retreat where you’ll connect with each other, engage your senses, and focus on self-reflection. When you return home, you’ll be refreshed, invigorated, and ready to conquer a healthy work-life balance and continue to be your truest version of yourself.

Book AYM School Spanish here

8-Day Seven Chakra Journey Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Mandrem, Goa

Have fun at The Rosewood Hotel

1.6 8-Day Surf & Soul Yoga Holiday in Goa

  • Retreat Center: Nalanda Resort
  • Yoga Type: Yin, General
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Location: Mandrem
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Price: $925

In Mandrem, Goa, the “Mecca of Yoga”, you can find the Nalanda Retreat. A beachfront property where you can enjoy the sea, experience the yoga life, practice, and study on a rooftop terrace with fantastic sea views. Nalanda Retreat, the smaller offspring of Devarya Wellness Resort, is located just a few kilometers from the neighboring village beach. Nalanda offers the perfect serenity to immerse yourself in a yoga journey and enjoy the perfect setting of the tropical seaside resort of Mandrum.

Book Nalanda Resort here

8-Day Surf & Soul Yoga Holiday in Goa

Relax at Nalanda Resort

2. Restorative Yoga Retreat in South Goa

Some of the most popular places for beach yoga retreats in Goa are Mayorda, Baga, Sinclair, Candolim and Anjuna. Once you set foot on the wonderful beaches of Goa, wherever you go, you won’t want to leave!

2.1 4-Day Relaxing Wellness and Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

  • Retreat Center: Lotus Nature Cure
  • Yoga Type: Hatha Yoga, General Yoga
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Location: South Goa
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Price: $214

Lotus Nature Cure is a unique 6-bedroom full-service sanctuary offering a structured holistic wellness retreat in the comfort of a holiday home. Nestled in the tranquility of South Goa, Lotus Nature Cure has many charming elements that allow visitors to create their own space while being free to engage in all aspects of an active lifestyle vacation. This retreat is a life-changing experience for a healthier and better quality of life! What better idea to do so while enjoying beaches, countryside, sea walks, dolphins, delicious Indian Satvik food, art, cooking workshops, and more?

Book Lotus Nature Cure here

Private Room at Lotus Nature Cure

4-Day Relaxing Wellness and Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

2.2 15-Day Yoga Retreat on the Backwaters of South Goa, India

  • Retreat Center: Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage
  • Yoga Type: Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Location: South Goa
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Price: $1,304

Palm Tree Ayurveda Heritage houses the Palm Tree Yoga School, an Ayurvedic Spa, and an on-site restaurant. The resort is located in the palm-shaded backwaters of Goa, just a 10-minute walk from Putnam Beach. The resort has only 10 cabins, which are small and cozy.

Book Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage here


Enjoy and meet new friends at Goa

Cheapest Yoga Retreats in Goa

As mentioned in our introduction, Goa yoga retreats prices range from around $650 and going up to $3000. And as always, there are always cheaper options.

Besides checking the total price, it is also worth it to consider the following:

  • What exactly is included, such as
    • accommodation
    • meals
    • daily yoga classes
    • other activities
    • transport
  • What is specifically not included
  • Where exactly is the retreat located? Is it easy and cheap to get there? This plays a role if you are planning to also eat in other restaurants or want to do other activities.
  • What is the duration, how many days?

With all that being said, if you want to find the most affordable yoga retreats in Goa, it is quite simple:

  1. Open BookYogaRetreats.com and BookRetreats.com with the full list
  2. Add your travel dates or time window
  3. Order by price

Simple as that.

Why do we recommend opening both sites? Well, there is no real indication that one site is cheaper than the other. We found good deals on both platforms.

Good to know: Please always check the descriptions in the listing, especially the part of “What is not included”.

We wrote a big guide on where to book yoga retreats. We compare BookRetreats vs. BookYogaRetreats, and more. Here we cover different websites, pros, cons and fees. It is a must-read.

Why choose a yoga retreat in Goa?

Looking for a true yoga experience but with a little extra flavor? As you may already know, India is considered one of the most spiritual destinations on earth and a great place to learn and practice yoga. It is home to several of the world’s holiest sites and the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Goa is a popular destination as it offers many extras to enhance your yoga vacation in India. With beach parties that go on into the morning, various cruise ship casinos, exciting water sports, and carnivals, Goa has more of an icy atmosphere than anywhere else in India.

However, Goa retains its distinctive Indian spirit, which can be seen in several notable yoga centers and retreats. In addition, you will enjoy its delicious traditional cuisine, architectural wonders, and fantastic street markets.

Where to book your Yoga Retreats?

There are two major websites to use. We are working on a big comparison guide, stay tuned. The two best sites are:

Find out more booking sites in this detailed guide.

All Yoga Retreats on a Map

Personally, I find maps always very useful for planning my travels and holidays. I created this special map for you.

You will also love one of our travel guides on the best hostels in Goa with all our insider travel tips. I am adding the map below as well.

All our recommended Yoga Retreats:

(Zoom in for details. You can also activate and deactivated layers in the left sidebar.)

Please note: The locations are approximate.

Best Hostels in Goa plus Travel Tips:

As promised, here is my Goa Travel Map, complete with all of the best hostels and travel recommendations. You might be surprised on how fantastic some of these hostels are.

We also included the main tourist attractions you’ve to know in this list:

  • Aguada Fort
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Chapora Fort
  • Anjuna Flea Market

The main beach list in Goa is included on the map. We deem these the best beaches of Goa for foreigners:

  1. Baga Beach
  2. Arambol Beach
  3. Calangute Beach
  4. Palolem Beach


Well,  this is already a super detailed article. I am sure that you already have your favorite retreat in mind! Below we list all the frequently asked questions.

Where to find Yoga retreats in Goa?

BookYogaRetreats and BookRetreats.com are the two best sites to find retreats for Goa. You can find the best yoga retreats for Goa easily at Hostelgeeks.com. We picked them by hand.

What should I bring to a yoga retreat in Goa?

The most important things to bring to a yoga retreat are comfortable clothes that are suitable for exercise, a yoga mat, and any personal items you may need.

What types of yoga classes are offered?

Goa yoga retreats typically offer a variety of yoga classes such as Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, and Iyengar yoga.

What are the benefits of attending a Goa yoga retreat?

The benefits of attending a Goa yoga retreat include increased physical and mental health, stress relief, improved mental clarity and focus, improved physical strength and stamina, and improved flexibility and balance.

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Over to you: Any questions?

We just shared with you our top yoga retreats for the area of Goa. Do you have any questions left? Then please, do not be shy and type away your question in the comment section below. Your question helps us to improve this guide.

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