Ximen Wow Hostel Taipei, Taiwan - homely design in a busy city

Ximen Wow Hostel Taipei, Taiwan – Awarded Best Designed Hotel

Awarded as the Best Designed Hotel in Taiwan, the Ximen WOW Hostel in Taipei is carefully designed hostel with sharing character. Stay here in the heart of the city, and experience the vibrant culture on offer, before relaxing in a traditional Taiwanese setting. And not just that, but also in a complete stylish environment. Ximen Wow is a top notch hostel we are keen to share.

The infobox on Ximen Wow Hostel ⭐

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If your wish is to indulge in delicious Asian cuisine, explore a bustling city and meet new friends within a cosy setting; this is the hostel for you.

Ximen WOW Hostel holds its name proudly, wishing to bring people together.

Because let’s face it, things are better ‘when we are together’!

Meet travelers in the common area at Ximen Wow Hostel

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Ximen Wow Hostel is a great youth hostel in Taipei, because…

Without further delay, let’s have a look to see why Ximen WowHostel meets all of the transparent criteria.

1. From nursing home to Hostel

The main concept behind Ximen WOW Hostel is built around being environmentally conscious.

When up-scaling from nursing home to industrial hostel, materials were chosen carefully, recycling concrete and bricks where possible.

The result?

A really homely interior that aims at hitting that all important nostalgia spot for travelers.

But it’s not only the concrete that holds it altogether that plays an important role.

Check out the decorations inside.

Traditional Taiwanese trinkets leave their mark in social areas to encourage travelers to trace back to the old times of Taiwan.

Small details such as free toiletries also support the environmental-conscious concept.

You will find soap and shampoo dispensers in the showers. No need to bring your own and use more plastic – share and share alike!

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Industrial design at Ximen wow hostel Taiwan

Bathroom at Ximen Wow hostel

When you wander around the district Ximening with its tattoo street itself, you can experience the nature and delight of old Taiwan – something the staff have put effort towards bringing inside the hostel.

We think it is special when you can immerse yourself in the culture, whilst enjoying a fresh coffee inside the hostel or on the terrace; it allows for wonderful people watching too.

2. Industrial design with warm feelings

The design of a hostel can sometimes be one of the most intriguing parts when deciding on where to stay.

Let us tell you; Ximen WOW Hostel will not let you down here!

It has been awarded as the Best Designed Hotel in Taiwan.

Let us tell you why.

Store your luggage at Ximen Wow Hostel

When the building was re-designed for the hostel, the exterior was kept to look the same.

The interior however, received a complete rebirth in order to create an environmentally friendly, intimate and warm living space.

The theme of this design uses old, up-cycled containers; some wooden, some iron.

Step inside the iron container door, and find inside a mix of concrete ceilings with steel components and long wooden tables.

There is in fact quite a lot of wood used throughout the hostel, and this mixed with warm, orange light really creates a home-away-from-home feel about the place.

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The shared dorms are wonderful – specifically designed for privacy in mind.

Draw your personal curtain and enjoy comfort with the all important personal light, plug socket and locker.

There is as well a double-bed in the dorm!

We wrote up a full overview of all hostel room types.

Ximen Wow Hostel is a mix of old and new, and this has been successfully demonstrated within hostel.

Double bed at a dorm at Ximen Wow Hostel Taipei

3. Homely tranquility in Taipei busiest area

The hostel name, WOW, means ‘home’ in Chinese.

Whilst the hostel is located in the busiest area of Taipei, extra effort has gone in to make the space as homely as possible.

The balcony outside allows for travelers to enjoy the unique tranquillity of Ximen, whilst overlooking the hustle and bustle of the streets.

It is a very special point of view that only Ximen WOW Hostel guests can enjoy, so get up there and embrace the contrast of Taipei and home life.

There are also quirky hidden extras here at Ximen WOW Hostel.

Well, we say hidden, you just need to look carefully and you will find them.

How about treating yourself to something sweet – there is a sweet machine in the communal area – you deserve it whilst you’re on holiday!

Have a drink at Ximen wow Hostel

Don’t forget to capture the moment either.

There are Polaroid cameras in the lounge area, so take a cool snap and be sure to share it on social media and add it to the WOW wall.

Oh and one last thing: Ximen WOW Hostel encourages travelers to tell their stories or show off their skills.

The staff post these special skills on Facebook to share with their audience, and you’ll get the special discount for accommodation in return – sweet!

We at Hostelgeeks also love to share stories, read some real-life short travel stories from travelers around the world.

4. When we are together – sharing!

The motto at Ximen WOW Hostel is:

When we are together!

So let’s explore this more.

Within this mix of home and industry-styled recreational area, travelers are invited to feel warm and relaxed.

Common area at Ximen Wow Hostel

The communal spaces are not particularly big, but this supports the cosy feel and creates a perfect platform for people to strike up conversation easily.

Traveling alone isn’t alone in Ximen WOW Hostel; it is better ‘when we are together’!

Start your day, or perhaps kick-start your evening with a tea/coffee at the 24-hr self service bar.

It’s a good excuse to head there to start with, and who knows who you might meet.

That also stands for a free breakfast in the morning.

There are always ideas floating around in the hostel, to make exploring Taipei all that much easier.

Check out the top places to visit and tastiest foods to try: It is definitely the best way to better understand the local life of Taiwanese people.

Here some interesting articles:

5. Core value of Ximen Wow Hostel

The core value of Ximen WOW Hostel, and many more of our 5 Star Hostels, is to have wonderful, helpful staff.

The staff here conveys the idea of home wonderfully, helping travelers to make long-lasting friends during their trip.

After all, they are a group of people passionate for travel, so of course they have a good idea of what their guests expect/enjoy.


Welcome to Ximen Wow Hostel

Due to the handy location of the hostel, the staff often hold walking activities around Taipei city to experience the real local life.

If you have time, you should join them and learn what Taiwanese like to do, and what they like to eat.

It’s a fun way to experience authentic life, and get to know the passionate staff all at the same time.

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