Wow Tainan in Taiwan - Unplugged Concerts, Yoga Studio and Honesty Shop

Wow Tainan in Taiwan – Unplugged Concerts, Yoga Studio and Honesty Shop

Welcome to the Wow Tainan Hostel, one of the coolest hostels in Tainan. This fun backpacker hostel is a great place to stay to mingle and relax. Whilst the staff at Wow Tainan are keen to introduce you to their home, we at Hostelgeeks are delighted to show why WOW is a super-cool budget accommodation.

The infobox on Wow Tainan ⭐

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Update: This hostel has permanently closed its doors. We keep this content here for your information.

Grab yourself a bicycle from the cheap bike rental, explore the historical attractions before returning to the laid-back atmosphere of Wow Tainan.

Welcome to Wow Tainan Hostel in Taiwan

Wow Tainan Hostels Double Room

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WOW Tainan in Review

We are Hostelgeeks, and we award 5 Star Hostels around the world.

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WOW Tainan Hostel is the second reviewed hostel in Taiwan by us, right after With Inn Kaohsiung.

In the heart of Taiwan, in Puli, you can find the Puli Center Center Hostel.

Is your head spinning with excitement of so many possibilities?

Ours too, and that is just a taster! So without further ado, let us share with you why Wow Tainan Hostel is a cool hostel in Tainan.

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Artist at work at Wow Tainan, Taiwan Hostel

1. Sustainable – local run and… Heat pump!

It’s always good to know that you are supporting your carbon footprint by simply staying at a hostel. By staying at Wow Tainan, you will be doing just that!

Throughout the building are installations of water saving toilets and faucets.

In the bathrooms you can forget plastic waste that one-time toiletry packages produce, and instead enjoy shared shower gel and shampoo facilities.

And don’t panic, if you realize you left your trusty toothbrush on the side at home, you can grab a new one at the honest corner shop nearby.

Double room Wall decoration at WoW Tainan

The hostel has also found an efficient way to keep the place warm and cosy.

You’re probably thinking solar heating system?


Instead they use a „heat pump“ technology – an air to water boiling system which keeps the temperature consistent.

This 5 Star Hostel is also run by locals from Taiwan and Tainan itself ,which is fantastically sustainable and supportive for the area.

2. Artistic folk design

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of an artist?

Then you will love Wow Tainan hostel, for sure!

Over the past few years talented artists and illustrators, from both Taiwan and other parts of the world, have come together to leave their personal mark in, on and around the hostel – literally!

Double room Wall decoration at WoW Tainan

The owners decided to offer these artistic folk the entire hostel as a blank canvas to work on.

As a result, the walls reflect memorable times spent in the hostel and in the charming city of Tainan.

Some of the artists even helped the hostel to launch their own walking map and postcard collection!

The owners have stayed in many hostels around the world, and have gone above on beyond to make their own hostel comfortable for guests. This is evident as soon as you sit on the beds.

The bunk beds are tailor made by local craftsmen to make sure guests of all shapes and sizes will be satisfied with their space.

Well, it’s 200 x 85 x 20 cm, so maybe not Hodor!

6Bed Dorm at Wow Tainan

Every bed comes with universal outlets (no need for converters), personal reading lights and curtains.

Each guest has use of a coded locker that can easily fit a 10-year-old (not advisable though)!

In fact, a lot of guests have said that they had the best night sleep of their hosteling experience in Wow Tainan.

3. Wow-hostel and Yoga Studio

If you thought Wow Tainan is just a hostel, well, no. It also has a yoga studio!

Lessons are taught everyday by experienced tutors in the quiet surroundings at the back of the building.

Special discounts are offered to hostel guests who want to join, and when there are no classes going on, guests are welcome to use the space to stretch out and relax.

Just ask the staff!

Yoga at Wow Tainan

4. Unplugged concerts, games and custom parties

We have said it time and time again: what is a hostel without memorable social vibes?

The common room at Wow Tainan is a lively space, perfect for hanging out with old friends and new.

Ice can be broken over a trusty board game and you can learn how to play the Asian classic game of Mahjong.

As always, the social vibes always depend on the people staying there; obviously. Do not be shy, and say hi to your fellow mates.

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The common area at WOW Tainan Hostel

5. Staff with a genuine love for the travel essence

The staff at Wow Tainan are from different parts of the country, and have extensive traveling experience.

Which means they are the perfect people to ask for advice! Their genuine, deep-hearted love for the unique essence of Tainan is evident, and it is the reason they decided to settle in this historical city.

Alongside the regular staff, the hostel welcomes 2-4 exchange volunteers staying with them.

Arriving from all over the world, they bring with them amazing travel stories to share. The staff often have ‚cook-offs‘ and invite guests to enjoy cuisine from different cultures.

Wall of fame at Wow Tainan Hostel

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