Pack your luggage for your weekend trip, and get prepared for another pleasant travel experience. But so cool a weekend trip may be, there are some points to consider. What should you pack, and what should you do in your destination? We had a close look on what you need to have an outstanding weekend trip to any big city outside your own country.

Here are the 7 worst travel tips for a weekend trip you may want to consider. You can find the 14 worst travel tips of all time here.

1. Book every Extra for your Flight

Can you book your seats beforehand, and a reminder via SMS? Maybe you can even prepay the wine you wanna have during the flight. Do it! It does not make any different what so ever, but at least you spend your money.

2. Try To Do and To See Everything

You are not traveling for fun, remember that! It’s all about getting done all the things to do and to see in the city, even you just have the time of 3 days. Make sure you do all your items on your list so there is no need of coming back again. You can enjoy the weekend trip afterwards from your sofa at home when looking at all the pictures and videos you took.

Try To Do and To See Everything

3. Pack for every weather and occasion

You can never be sure if the weather follows your vacation calendar so bring every second jeans and every single T-Shirt you own. Make sure there is no wedding, or any costume party you wanna join in your travel destination. You are not sure? Just pack some wedding-suitable clothing, and just in case a clown costume. In point #5 we created a quick packing list for traveling for a weekend.

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Weekend Travel Tips

4. Buy 3 books about your destination and bring ’em

This is important, as you may not know your destination at all. Forget any YouTube videos, blog posts, or any other tips you may find online. The book is way more handy and never runs out of battery. The weight will also make your bag look serious.

If your into eBooks, check out our eBook to the “Greatest Hostels of Europe” here.

5. Book an extra luggage when booking your flight

As mentioned before in #1 an extra luggage is necessary as the weather is unpredictable. The rough rule of thumb for packing your luggage for one weekend (3 days) is:

  • 7 T-Shirts
  • 4 Long sleeves
  • 3 Jackets
  • 1 Blazer
  • 2 Cardigan
  • 4 Shorts
  • 4 Jeans
  • 8 pair of socks and underwear
  • 4 pair of shoes
  • 1 glorious dress/ suite (see #3)
  • 1 clown costume or anything similar (see #3)

6. Do not forget your cliches

Another important point to keep in mind. You need to know what kind of people you are meeting, and what kind of culture you will experience. If you are missing any cliché, talk to your friends at home to get some. You can only drink a true Sangria in Spain, eat Croissants in France, and have only a delicious beer in Belgium, Germany, or Czech Republic. As you can see, it is not easy to keep up with all the clichés, but you can do it! If you don’t find any clichés, you can create your own.

Alternative Guide for Marrakesh

7. Complain before, during and afterwards about your destination

There is no place like home, right?! It is too hot, too cold, too loud, too wide, to small. It is truly important to complain about the weather as you paid your well-deserved vacation, and a decent, appropriate weather isn’t too much to expect.Also, complaining just shows all the other people how great your very own country is – a good way to create sustainable tourism.

Also, complaining just shows all the other people how great your very own country is – a good way to create sustainable tourism.

Backpacking Weekend Trip

Last but not least …

Every traveler reading this post will have realized how sarcasm works. Living in a big city with many weekend-travelers, at one point you have heard and seen everything. Be calm, take it with humor. Traveling is about enjoying your time. Go out there, explore, try and taste new things, and talk to people. One weekend-trip at a time you will learn what to bring, and how to enjoy a quick glance at a big city.

Do you have another worst travel tip? Leave us a comment!

We could not come up with any more worst sarcastic weekend travel tips. Based on your travel experience, do you have any? We are looking forward to your travel experience.