With Inn Hostel Kaohsiung - Smallest 5 Star Hostel in the world!

With Inn Hostel Kaohsiung, Taiwan – the smallest 5 Star Hostel in the world!

Welcome to With Inn Hostel, a beautiful traditional Taiwanese building located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The With Inn Hostel is the smallest 5 Star Hostel in the world, offering 3 different rooms. The guests are impressed by the outstanding breakfast, and we are fascinated by the positive energy. A visit from Hostelgeeks.

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  • Location Advantage of With Inn Hostel Kaohsiung

    The location of With Inn Hostel is very good, safe and convenient. You can reach the subway easily within a walking distance. Taiwan is well-known for street food and many traditional markets can be found in the area, including Shinkuchan Shopping Area. The shopping area is only a short walk from With Inn Hostel. The hostel is also very safe to reach at late night.

    Kaohsiung, the 2nd biggest city in Taiwan and the location of With Inn Hostel, used to be very industrial. The government pushed to change this and as the city became more relaxed, more and more people flock here to visit. From here you can head as well to Kenting national park, a green park and small paradise with beautiful, relaxing beaches.

    Taiwan is popular for street food, and the nearby traditional markets offer up some delicious cheap, local delicacies for the foodies out there!

    Full Address: 📍 同.居 With Inn Hostel, No. 28, Lane 5, Wenheng 1st Rd, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 800
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    Private Room Types available: Double Room (Private Suite)

    Shared Room Types available: 6-Bed Female Dorm, 6-Bed Male Dorm

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Wake up with the smell of a fresh breakfast and coffee in the morning.

Throughout With Inn Hostel you’ll find stylish chairs, handmade chipboard furniture.

And when entering the hostel, you’ll see the big logo of With Inn Hostel at the facade.

There is something special about it.

The logo of With Inn Hostel Kaohsiung is made out of old tools and hooks – creative and unique!

Vintage vibes at With Inn Hostel Kaoshiung

Talking about the Logo. Let’s learn some Chinese.

In Chinese the name of With Inn Hostel is 同 居 literally meaning “with house” (or a livable place or live together).

The owners have adapted this slightly to read ‚With Inn‘ in English, and combined with their attractive logo 同‧居 the Chinese translation means God Within the house.

Very clever, right?

Creative Hostel Design par excellence!

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Floor tiles at With Inn Hostel. The hostel is inside a typical taiwanese house

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With Inn Hostel in Kaohsiung is a 5 Star Hostel because …

The helpful staff at this 5* hostel in Kaohsiung are always nearby to help you with travel and tourist information.

There is plenty to keep you busy With Inn and without the help of the hostel, but we strongly suggest making use of their awesome events (more of that in point 4 Social vibes).

Ensure you make time to chat to the staff, because after all,their local knowledge will come in useful during your stay.

So let’s have a look.

What is it exactly about the With Inn Hostel that makes it worthy for the 5* award?

Read on and find out!

1. Eco-Logo and traditional Architecture

With Inn Hostel is in fact ‚within‘ a traditional Taiwanese style house, built in the 1960s.

What’s great is that although the owners renovated the building by adding a modern style to it, much of the traditional style has been left to admire.

Some of the installations have been changed and a lot of effort has gone in to protect the LED lighting system throughout the hostel.

Check In at With Inn

Eco-Logo and traditional Architecture - With Inn Hostel

As for the beds? They are all made out of recycled wood – very cool! – and each come with that all important reading light to help save overall electricity usage in the room.

It is quite unique to have three levels of bunk beds rather than two.

What is also refreshing to learn is that With Inn Hostel provides free soap and shower gel, and for your further information, it is all organically bought – no need to worry about being caught short!

The private balcony at With inn Hostel

2. Taiwanese Design with Charme

As mentioned in point 1, the With Inn Hostel has kept much of the original Taiwanese design.

Thanks to the creative ideas of the owners, and the ingenuity of the designers, the added modern element has helped to successfully combine the old with the new.

Essentially, it has become a modern historic hostel.

A great twist!

In the lounge you’ll find black lamps hanging from the tall ceiling.

The rooms can be best described a ‚little loft style‘ and the private rooms have their very own balcony with breakfast included.

The bunk beds are handmade out of chipboard.

No odd sounds, those beds are super stable!

Find more details about hostel room types here.

The dorm at With Inn Hostel Kaoshiung

The logo on the facade of the building was created out of old tools and hooks.

The ironwork of the building was also completely renovated.

This fresh, new white reminds us as well of the building of Oxotel, one of the best hostels in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The outdoor graffiti at With Inn Hostel

Did you notice the graffiti-painted squirrel in the garden?

It is wearing a green sweater and is cutting the hedges.

We love it. And apparently it is also a popular spot for the guests to take photos.

The Best Hostels in the world: With Inn Hostel Kaohsiung, 5 Star Hostel!

3. Unique building and vintage vibe

Most of the houses in this area are sadly quite dilapidated buildings, but this is not the case for With Inn hostel!

Once upon a time this used to be home to regular, local people and much of the original (and special) design has been kept alive.

The kitchen with its vintage flair

For example, the ceiling and roof of the current reading corner and common area is completely original.

What once was a kitchen used for passionate cooking, has now become a reception where passionate staff await your arrival.

The lobby was once a dinner room and still manifests an authentic flare and vibe about it – a lovely start to your stay at With Inn hostel.

Slow down in the Lounge

The balcony that you will see on arrival is also original.

It can now be used as a place to enjoy some social time with new friends.

4. A foody paradise – sharing is caring!

If you particularly like trying new food, this is the hostel for you.

With Inn hostel pride themselves in their ‚local food party‘ which is something all guests should try.

Venture out into the streets, buy a dish from the market, bring it back to the hostel and share amongst everybody!

A perfect way to try lots of traditional, local treats.

The question is, can you finish all of the food?

Good morning, let's have some breakfast!

Let's get the morning started with a delicious breakfast at With Inn Hostel in Kaohsiung

Similarly you might like to get involved in their dinner party events, whereby everybody cooks one dish to share with the group.

After all that food you may perhaps fancy a venture around the area.

The staff at With Inn are keen to introduce you to the local bars, cafes, religious monuments and popular spots on their NEW walking tour.

Food is an essential part of the hostel experience at WithInn

There is also the option to rent a C-bike, free of charge (one hour free, if use the credit card), all they ask is that you leave a credit card with them until the bike is returned.

But if you’re not feeling confident enough or simply don’t want to venture off alone, then be sure to join their one hour bicycle tour!

As for being social inside the hostel, we recommend checking out the balcony.

There is also a lobby with a comfortable sofa and a garden, the perfect place in summer.

Open-minded Hostel: The With Inn Hostel in Kaohsiung

5. Welcoming & helpful staff at With Inn

We at Hostelgeeks believe that staff can really make or break a Hostel.

What we love about With Inn Hostel, is that all of the staff are from Taiwan.

Yet ‚all‘ suggests there are a lot of staff, when in fact there are only three: Shing, the owner and her husband and one other local member.

It’s true when they say less is more; Shing and co. ensure to make everyone feel welcome and treat everyone like friends.

All you need: a camera, computer and a fabulous hostel

In turn, this has provided their hostel with very good ratings. Thanks to their happy and fulfilled guests the ratings on the major booking platforms are great. This is always a good sign, right?

Last but not least, here is a fun hostel video. It’s a sneak peek behind the curtains.

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