There are so many things to do and to enjoy in Quito. But what to see in Quito when you are not wearing those tourist glasses? We compiled a list of 5 things of what to see in Quito. We at Hostelgeeks are always keen to share with you unique travel tips. Those are these kind of travel recommendations you only get by friends. You can find all Geeky travel guides here.

In this article about “What to see in Quito” we introduce you to the local Quito. It will give you an idea of our special guides here on Hostelgeeks. You can find our Geeky Guide with 5 secret tips to Quito here as well. The only 5 Star Hostel in Quito is the great Boutiquito Hostel. We wrote a full article about Boutiquito Hostel in Quito.

What to see in Quito? 5 Unique by only for tranquil traveler!

Welcome to Quito! At almost 3000m above sea level, the Ecuadorian capital is one of the highest in the world. Within easy reach of both the scorching coastline and the lush Amazon, Quito is an excellent launch pad for exploring the best of Ecuador. Nestled in the Andes, the city is surrounded by mountains and is warm during the day all year round.

So, what to see in Quito? Here are 5 unique tips to get under the skin of Quito.

1. Bar full of locals: La Cleta bici cafe

La Cleta, a little bar in the heart of the La Floresta area of Quito, is always packed with locals and blasts out classic American tunes. All of the furniture is made from bike parts, quirky bike illustrations cover the walls, and even the menu is in the shape of a wheel!

La Cleta bici café serves huge pizzas to share starting at $10, which are delicious. You can find La Cleta Bici Café on Facebook for more information.

Address: Calle Lugo N24-250 y Guipuzcoa

What to see in Quito

2. Cafe: Omama Coffee Shop

Pretty Omama cafe, located in the bohemian Guapulo area, looks like a colorful Greek villa, and stands out next to the concrete constructions that surround it. The cafe is conveniently located close to Casa Guayasamin, one tourist attraction that is worth checking out.

At Omama Coffee Shop in Quito You can buy fresh juices and fruit milkshakes, light meals and fantastic homemade cakes there. Sit out in the garden in the evening to enjoy the lights of Quito.

Address: Mariano Calvache E17-169 y Lorenzo Chavez

What to see in Quito

3. Venture outside the city to: Laguna Quilotoa

A huge pool of sparkling emerald green water in the vast crater of an extinct volcano, the laguna is a must-see and can easily be reached from Quito. Many hostels organize excursions to Laguna Quilotoa but you can get there yourself on local buses for about half the price!

Staying the night in Quilotoa village allows you to support the tiny community and means that you are a 2 minute stroll away from the entrance to the crater in the morning!

4. Take a stroll in: Parque Metropolitano

To the east of the city lies this huge park with trails, barbecues and huge art installations. You will forget that you are in a capital city while walking here. Many Quiteños go running in the park, and it is an excellent spot for a stroll or a picnic. Get lost in the dense forest of Parque Metropolitano, play basket ball on one of the sports pitches, or admire the views of the mountains across the city.

Fun Quito

5. Chill out and appreciate great street art in: Plaza Borja Yerovi

#NuevaBorjaYerovi is a new renovation project in La Mariscal. All of the buildings in the square named Plaza Borja Yerovi have been painted with brightly coloured murals. Sit by the water fountains under a tree filled with lamp shades, enjoy the free street wifi and admire the art on all four sides of the plaza.

Address: Plaza Borja Yerovi, 9 de Octubre y Jeronimo Carrion

Summary What to see in Quito

There is more to explore in Quito than simply the old town, the Plaza de la Independencia, and Carondelet Palace. Those 5 things to see in Quito are really outside the tourist box. You can find more 5 Secret Tips for Quito right here with us at Hostelgeeks.

For a hostel in Quito, we recommend to check out Boutiquito Hostel. Besides this fantastic hostel name pun, the hostel comes in a lovely boutique-styled design, featuring as well a cosy, easy-going, homely feeling.

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Enjoy Quito,

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What to see in Quito? 5 ideas the local way