What is a 5 Star Hostel?

The most amazing hostels on the planet: the 5 Star Hostels!

We from Hostelgeeks award the most outstanding Hostels around the world based on 5 criteria – transparent and open for everybody.

The 5 Star Hostel Award, presented at The Passenger Hostels Reception

There are certain characteristics and criteria a Hostel has to meet before it can become a 5 Star Hostel.

Naturally there are basics every hostel has to offer to be a basic hostel such as a kitchen, shared common areas, free internet, and dorms.

Official 5 Star Hostels share a badge on their official website, the reception desk and more.

In total, there are 7 different types of Hostels.

Oxotel chiang Mai

What does this mean for you as a traveler?

We did and will keep doing the leg work for you. You can simply find the one top Hostel in your destinations around the world! We, Anna&Matt, will continue adding the crème de la crème of Hostels.

You can find all 5 Star Hostels around the globe with here at Hostelgeeks.

In detail, we will present you each hostel and tell you the background story. Additionally, you will find a link to the hostel’s website where you can usually book for the lowest price.

Find more details on how to book the 5 Star Hostels here!

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The criteria of a 5 Star Hostel

What does it take to become a 5 Star Hostel?

The criteria is 100% transparent and there is no way around them! Each Hostel awarded with 5 Stars fits with the 5 Star Hostel standard. We know the Hostels inside out and will show you each star in detail.

For the backpacker-newbie, we recommend our article of “What is a Hostel? Definitions and meaning” as a start-kit.

what is a 5 star hostel?

Here you will find the details of what makes a 5 Star Hostel.

1. Sustainable – Conscious travel at its Best

With staying at a 5 Star Hostel from Hostelgeeks you are supporting the local environment and economy – guaranteed!

A 5 Star Hostel puts effort into sustainable projects such as Eco-Friendly installation, social charity projects, local economy support, and more. We will present you the sustainable factor fully transparent.

Sustainable! CUBE Hostel in Leuven, Belgium
Fancy this vintage upcycled design? This is CUBE Hostel Leuven in Belgium

2. Exceptional interior Design

A 5 Star Hostel offers a unique interior design and art.

Welcome to your Boutique hostel or cozy homely designed accommodation with a social heart! Most important here is the local influence of design, authenticity, and passion brought into the decoration and building.

It is the local art and design scene which makes the difference here.

Simply a great design may not be enough! We have a close look on the design and the ideas behind.

Design Hostel at its best: We Hostel Design
This photo shows WE Hostel Design in Sao Paulo.

3. Unique: Swimming Pool, Co-Working, concert meets breakfast, …

Special events, swimming pool at the roof top terrace, unique tours, or simply the most amazing staff in the world. A 5 Star Hostel has its unique selling point and we are presenting it to you. A 5 Star Hostel is not any regular, fancy-looking hostel, it’s about the uniqueness.

When was the last time you listened to a concert while having your breakfast? A unique experience at Superbude Sankt Pauli.

How about swimming at a roof top terrace pool with a adequate view? No problem, have a look at the 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon.

The 5 Star Hostels are unique in many different ways.

Celebrating life! This is Lisbon, this is Sunset Destination Hostel!

4. Feel-Good and Social Vibes

Offering a social environment to engage with other travelers and locals is an important experience when traveling. This makes the difference between a nice trip, and an outstanding one.

The 5 Star Hostels do not only look stunning, but they also support a great social experience.

All 5 Star Hostels offer a social environment, putting together people around the world.

Hostels are a social spot, and events can have a great impact on the social experience. We will check out the events for you and tell you what is going on!

Guests enjoying the hostel bar

The in-house bar of The Passenger Hostel in Porto.

5. Top-rated staff

These are your friends at your hostel before you even met them, and you get 100% local tips from the hostel staff on what to do in and around your destination.

Great staff is very important at a hostel as it’s the bridge between the city and the traveler.

All 5 Star Hostels know this! Last but not least, we also have a close look on this point!

Best Staff - Swanky Mint Zagreb
Wanna check-in? This staff will meet you at Swanky Mint Zagreb

Basic requirements

Additionally to the basic criteria of a 5 Star Hostel, all hostels awarded with 5 Stars provide following amenities:

  • Private Rooms and Dorms
  • Free WiFi
  • Guest Kitchen *

** A Kitchen is required for more expensive destinations like Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and more. Cheaper destinations like Bangkok, Bali and Hanoi a kitchen is not required to become a 5 Star Hostel.

Unique concept by Hostelgeeks

The concept of 5 Star Hostels is unique to Hostelgeeks.com.

This rating system is based on 5 simple criteria and fully transparent. All listed Hostels on Hostelgeeks are 100% guaranteed to fit with the criteria to make sure you get the best hostel for real in your destination.

Do you manage a 5 Star Hostel?

Do you work at a hostel and think your Hostel should be listed here?

Do you know any outstanding Hostels you would love to see awarded as a 5 Star Hostel? Great, then we should talk!

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