When it comes to Design Hostels, the WE Hostel Design Sao Paulo sets the standard very high! With only one glance you can get an idea of why WE Hostel Design is so famous and popular around the world.

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  • Location advantage and Neighborhood

    The WE Hostel Design located at Rua Morgado de Mateus, 567. It's in the heart of the Vila Mariana neighborhood, right near many attractions (like the Parque do Ibirapuera and some modern art museums) and nightlife, and it has the added bonus of being close to public transportation too, making it easy to get to and from.

    How to get to WE Hostel Design:

    You can get here quite easily from the Guarulhos International Airport by combining the 257 bus (go to the Tatuape station) and the metro (your stop is Ana Rosa). If you're coming from Congonhas Airport, take the 5158-10 bus (direction Pq. D. Pedro III) and get off at Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral. 
    The nearest metro station is Ana Rosa. It's easy to get on the metro from any of the major bus terminals (Tiete, Barra Funda, or Jabaquara). 

    WE Hostel Design, Rua Morgado de Mateus, 567 04015-051 Vila Mariana São Paulo - Brasil
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  • All room types at WE Hostel Design

    Private Room Types available: Private 5-Bed Suite for Women, Double Room, Private Room with 2 Single Beds

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Dorm, 6-Bed Dorm, 7-Bed Dorm, 8-Bed Dorm

    Not sure what room to pick? Our guides will help you to decide:

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WE Hostel São Paulo is a relative newcomer on the Sao Paulo hostel scene, having only opened its doors in 2012.

This boutique hostel is all about a mix of comfort, style, and fun.

You can get the most out of the vibrant Brazilian city while still enjoying your home comforts.

We are Hostelgeeks, and we collect the most amazing Hostels around the world: the 5 Star Hostels.

All awarded accommodations tick all the boxes of our transparent rating criteria.

Onas Hostel & Suites is also a 5 Star Hostel, located in Córdoba, Argentina.

Design Hostel at its best: We Hostel Design

Enter the design & fun zone! We Design Hostel in Sao Paulo

Should we get started?

Let’s enter this magnificent building by walking by the garden full of plants.

The reception is painted bright red, and those stairs will bring us right into the heart of the WE Hostel Design.

WE Hostel Design in São Paulo in review

WE Design Hostel’s chic contemporary design is one of the most famous design hostels in the world.

This, combined with the eco-friendly installations, the social vibes, and the superb staff, is a full 5 Star Hostel at its best.

We’re keen to share with you the details of why this outstanding Hostel fits all 5 of our transparent criteria for a 5 Star Hostel.

WE Design Hostel is located in an old villa - Sustainable & powered by Solar Energy

1. Sustainable & powered by solar energy

We love a hostel that’s sustainable, and the WE Hostel is great at practicing eco-friendliness.

This design accommodation is locally managed by a team of Brazilian friends. They work with a variety of local tour providers. Here, you get the full authentic experience of Sao Paulo, and of Brazil.

Another big plus is the effort they’ve put into their Eco-friendly installations.

They’ve got a recycling program, and even more impressive is the fact that the hostel is powered by solar energy.

Contemporary Design Down to the Details - WE Design Hostel

2. Contemporary design down to the details

Right off the bat, the building the WE Hostel is housed in is pretty cool – it’s a mansion from the 1910s.

Its layout is almost unaltered, but the amenities are all definitely 21st-century.

Young architect Felipe Hess and designer Rodrigo Marangoni worked with WE Hostel to get just the right mix of contemporary and vintage. 

It’s bright, airy, and cozy – so job well done, boys!

No wonder the WE Hostel Design is one of the most famous design hostels!

The rooms at WE Hostel Design follow this concept.

They’re kept simple and bright.

Comfy mattresses ensure a good night’s sleep.

On top of the mandatory dorm rooms, WE Hostel Designs offers a private 5-bed suite for women only.

You can also choose between a double room and a twin room.

P.S. The difference between twin room and double room is the type of bed.

Check out our article about the different Hostel room types.

The green garden - the design does not end here!

And don’t miss the cool lighting project by Ana Spina, especially the awesome fluorescent tube chandelier in the entryway.

Taking all this into account, this hostel sets a new standard when it comes to combining contemporary art with hosteling.

It’s not surprising that the WE Design hostel gets featured so often in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

Another interesting fact: There are frequently photo shootings happening at WE Hostel Design, including shoots for underwear ads and shoes.

Innovation & Interactivity: The Uniqueness of WE Design Hostel

3. Innovation & geeky interactivity: The uniqueness

You know how we were talking about 21st century touches just a second ago when we discussed the design?

Well, one other totally modern touch is the QR codes strategically scattered around the hostel.

Scan them and you’ll get custom set lists straight on your phone.

You can also download helpful things like maps that tell you where the main sights and the metro stations are.

This pure innovation definitely impressed us.

How about we show it to you right now?

Check out the video about QR Codes at the WE Design Hostel.

WE Design Hostel in Sao Paulo - From Concerts, Flea markets, presentations, and more!

4. Social butterflies, walk this way – the social vibes

There’s no shortage of common areas at the WE Hostel, like the eating and drinking area with a bar, the cozy TV room, and the laid-back lounge.

The goal here is to make you feel like you’re almost at home surrounded by friends around the world.

It couldn’t be easier to meet people, especially as there’s always something going on organized by the hostel (like concerts, BBQs, gallery exhibitions, and more).

There are even some secondhand flea markets organized at the hostel.

The WE Hostel Design is quite active on social media.

Their Instagram style is particularly worth having a look at. Mojito time! There are many events happening at WE Design Hostel plus they have their very own garden bar, cheers!

And when you feel like taking your social activity from the hostel to the city streets, you’re just a block away from Joaquim de Távora, known for its bohemian bars and dynamic nightlife scene.

We Not Me - The WE Design Hostel cares!

5. Helpful & friendly staff – “We Not Me”

The super friendly staff at the WE Hostel Design are trained to be (and are by nature) helpful above everything else.

They’ll sort out your stay to make sure to goes smoothly, and they’ll also give you tips about what to do and see in the city so you have a good time.

World class breakfast at WE Design Hostel Sao Paulo

They actually don’t have a tips board on purpose so that you chat with the hostel staff instead of looking at a board! Social geeks, as we say!

They frequently organize fun social activities too, like karaoke nights and happy hours.

This staff puts the friendly and cozy life into this amazing design hostel so everybody feels welcomed.

We Design Hostel really understands what a Hostel is all about.

More impressions of We Hostel Design

How to book WE Hostel Design?

We fully recommend WE Hostel Design as a top hostel choice for São Paulo, Brazil!

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Hostel Packing List

Now that you found this amazing hostel, make sure you pack the right away and the right things.

Here is our ultimate hostel packing list. It features 23 smart items you need to pack.

The main things to pack are:

  1. earplugs
  2. eye mask
  3. key chain flashlight
  4. the right backpack, the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Pack
  5. packing cubes
  6. generic padlock
  7. quick-dry travel towel
  8. universal power adapter
  9. travel-sized toiletries
  10. The hostel address – written down
Read the full packing list here.Download Hostel Packing List

FUN Things to do in São Paulo, Brazil

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