Varad Inn Boutique Hostel is located in an original baroque style building.

It was built in 1714 at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress. It is the only 5 Star Hostel in Novi Sad, and actually the first hostel in the city designed to accommodate today’s modern travelers.

It was refurbished with reused furniture, including original pieces from 1714.

We love the distinct ambience the hostel comes with. The art you will find all around the café, lounge, and rooms is created by a local artist (same as Hostel Celica, former-jail hostel in Ljubljana).

Varad Inn Hostel - Original Baroque Style from 1714 and 5 Star Hostel

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Varad Inn Hostel - Original Baroque Style from 1714 and 5 Star Hostel

Varad Inn Hostel in review

Maybe one of the most important things about Varad Inn is that it has brought awareness and new energy to this historic part of town, which had been forgotten by many.

We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to Varad Inn Hostel all around.

1. Sustainable? Look under the surface

The hostel is housed in a baroque building from 1714.

Exactly 300 years later, in 2014, it was turned into THE OLD TOWN’S first hostel.

The building was completely renovated, while the focus of the remodeling was kept on the future hostel installation. That included allowing air-conditioned rooms with ensuite facilities, a café, common areas, and more details.

In the process of reconstruction, old bricks, stones and wood has been reused, and integrated in the today’s interior. There is even something special about the roof.

During the construction, 12.000 clay roof tiles have been hand washed in one day, restored and returned to their original position.

Today, you still find them perfectly placed when you look down at the hostel from the famous clock tower.

The biggest sustainable win, however, got was a different one.

They gained lots of attention by starting a new business in the historic part of town, the part that has been forgotten by so many.

The old town lies across the river, a short walk away from downtown.

Thanks to Varad Inn Hostel, more travelers come across the river, stay here, and experience a local ambiance of Novi Sad.

Varad Inn Hostel - Original Baroque Style from 1714 and 5 Star Hostel

2. Neat and Quality – the design

Neat and clean, combined with a homey garden and a bit of upcycled furniture.

The hostel tried to keep their interior to a minimum, avoiding overloading the space with useless elements. By no means that’s to say the space is empty.

Just have a look at the photos to get an idea.

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The light in the corridor shines through partially colored glass bricks, and you can enjoy spacious, clean designed dorms. You can choose between bunk-bed style dorms as well as single beds and private rooms.

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All rooms, shared and private, are equipped with A/C and ensuite facilities.

When we say „all rooms“, we mean all 7 rooms.

Because, yes, in fact, the boutique hostel only offers 7 rooms, an intimate hostel for a wonderful quality time.

Yet it is not the smallest 5 Star Hostel in the world, it is this one.

Room at Varad Inn Hostel Bunk Bed Room at varad Inn Hostel

The design and art you find around the hostel and cafe is crafted by local artists.

The name of Varad Inn indicates it already, the design has a strong influence of boutique-style accommodation we love.

Not many hostels manage to design the accommodation trendy, neat, and yet so cosy that it fells like a home. Kudos, Varad Inn team, well done!

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3. 300 years of history and 7 rooms

What makes this place different and unique?

The hostel is housed in a renovated 300 years old building.

This building is a gem itself as it is an original baroque style building. Built in 1714 at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress, it welcomes today travelers from all over the world.

Also the location is great.

It is positioned at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress, the symbol of Novi Sad.

Private room with ensuite facilities is available as well The bunk bed option Twin Room at Varad Inn with lots of natural light

Varad Inn Hostel and Café is the only hostel in the city designed and reconstructed to be an actual hostel in all terms.

With only 7 rooms, the location, and its intimate atmosphere, this budget accommodation is special and highly recommended to join.

Also, please make sure you actually pick your right type of hostel.

4. Like a family home to unwind

This isn’t like a hostel at all, it’s more like a small hotel.“,

is one of the common reviews.

So many guests claim to feel a positive energy at Varad Inn, and love to extend their stay due to the great time they had here.

As mentioned, Varad Inn has only 7 rooms which makes it the perfect place to unwind, yet mingle with fellow nomads.

Travelers enjoying Varad Inn Hostel

We enjoy that the accommodation has so many different spots to get people together. You can socialize in the private garden, the cafe lounge, common room, or kitchen.

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5. Feeling welcome and 7 Languages

What’s to say about the staff? There are three words that come to mind right away: informative, educated and friendly.

Have you ever been to an accommodation where the receptionist does not speak a bit of English? Communication can be tough then.

However, not so at Varad Inn.

All together the staff speaks over 7 languages, which makes it so convenient and fun to chat.

The staff is the last big plus we wanted to include.

It gives this special feeling of feeling welcome, homey, and safe. We at Hostelgeeks really admire when the hostel team goes the extra mile, and it is even better to notice, this attitude comes from the heart.

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