Valencia Lounge Hostel - game-changing Reception & Contemporary Design

Valencia Lounge Hostel – game-changing Reception & Contemporary Design

Neo-classical, geometrical design with a new understanding of reception. The team reinvented the understanding of a receptionist‘s work and included smart technology to achieve a deeper hostel experience. A visit by Hostelgeeks.

The infobox on Valencia Lounge Hostel ⭐

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Valencia Lounge Hostel is a small, intimate boutique hostel. With only 11 rooms, the hostel caters for the millennial traveler looking for a unique, tranquil experience.

It is not a real social hostel, more a hostel for couples and everyone enjoying a cool and stylish place.

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The Lounge Hostel is located right in the centre of Valencia’s old town.

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Pillow Fight at Valencia Lounge Hostel

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The Valencia Lounge is a very interesting concept hostel.

From the beginning, its goal was to be different and to include technology in a smart way.

Today they use technology to optimize the hostel experience as well as the working time of the receptionist. You pay before you arrive, and then you receive a unique code for the Valencia Lounge App.

The hostel app turns your Smartphone into your key.

The Hostel App by Valencia Lounge Hostel The best hostels world wide - the 5 Star Hostels

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Valencia Lounge Hostel in review

We are excited to share Valencia’s cool Hostel and its new concept of hosteling, technology, and reception with you.

Let’s turn on the app, open the front door, and see what’s behind this accommodation.

Valencia Lounge Hostel - game-changing Reception & Contemporary Design

1. Eco-part: Antique meets Contemporary

The hostel took their green footprint as far as they could.

The hostel is locally managed, and multilingual Valencianos welcome you at the reception.

The building itself, located in the heart of the old town, was completely renovated.

The old iron fences of the balcony were kept as well as the main antique furniture in the living room. Have a look at where the TV in the lounge is hidden, and the popular book exchange. The cabinets are antique!

The architects reused as many details as possible. Another example is the heavy marble sink in the kitchen.

Last but not least, we’d like to mention the bike rental service.

We really enjoy exploring a city on a bike, and Valencia is a bike-friendly city. So: go for it!

The Lounge: classic meets contemporary

100% marble - the kitchen sink at Valencia Lounge Hostel

The old tiles floor at Valencia Lounge Hostel

Every single room comes with different, antique floor tiles. Beautiful to admire!

2. Neo-Classic Design

The design of Valencia Lounge is particular!

The famous, award-winning design team of masquespacio planned the hostel‘s visual image and concept.

They renovated the entire accommodation, located in an old building in the historic centre.

Today the Lounge is one of the most stylish hostels in Europe.

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Valencia Lounge Hostel - New Reception Concept & Contemporary Design

Edison Lamps at Valencia Lounge Hostel

You can choose from 11 neo-classical bedrooms, all distinctively designed.

Every room has a private balcony and some come with ensuite facilities.

If you prefer an ensuite, keep an eye out for it when booking your stay. One of our favorite rooms is the surfing room which features a surfboard above the bed, and other colorful elements.

Another interesting bedroom is the #4, that has a geometrical design with florescent ropes throughout the room.

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Pine Apples and geometric design!

What about the dorms?

Since the latest renovation, the hostel only offers private rooms.

Dorms can be found at their brother-hostel UP! Hostel Valencia.

Here you can find stylish dorms with a warm, wooden design. And this is also where you can hang-out and join a fiesta.

However, UP! Hostel has not a good rating at all. it is more a hostel for young travelers.

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The overall coolest places to stay in Valencia is the Cantagua Hostel.

Room 6, the SurfBoard at Valencia Lounge Hostel

3. Innovative Technology and No Reception Barrier

Aside from the design, it is the technology which makes Valencia Lounge Hostel unique.

When booking Valencia Lounge Hostel you will receive a booking confirmation including an introduction to the app.

Download the app to your SmartPhone (Android or iPhone), and get started.

Your SmartPhone is now your key to the hostel, and your door.

What if you do not have a SmartPhone?

Don’t you worry!

There is a reception and you will receive a key card when you check-in.

There is something special about the reception: There is no desk!

You won’t find the typical reception desk that you always see at entrances.

Valencia Lounge Hostel took it out to remove the barrier between the guest and receptionist. The receptionist will welcome you in the living room, introduce you to the place, and answer any questions you might have.

This new reception concept is game-changing and alters the guest‘s perception of the receptionist.

The new reception concept at Valencia Lounge Hostel

4. Cosy Lounge, social at Up!

The feeling you get from the hostel is definitely one you’d get at a boutique hostel. It is cosy, intimate, homey.

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The best way to socialize at Valencia Lounge is during breakfast. The spacious kitchen is the place to meet and greet. The afore-mentioned hostel app includes a chat and events function for hostel guests to get together.

The bigger social aspect of hosteling happens at the bigger brother-hostel UP!Hostel.

It’s located right inside the train station. Get a drink at the in-house bar and have a seat in the huge common area of UP! There is also the pub crawl you can join to explore the nightlife.

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Get cosy at the Lounge The kitchenette at Valencia Lounge Hostel Kisses, Kölle Alaaf, and maybe Hostelgeeks glasses? The blackboard in the kitchen at Valencia Lounge Hostel Colorful hostel! We share the Valencia Lounge Hostel

5. Home at a friend‘s house

The innovative reception concept takes away the barrier of a desk between you and the receptionist.

It made us feel like we were being welcomed by a friend rather than arriving at a paid accommodation.

The payment and check-in process is already done, so you can spend the check-in time having a chat with the receptionists.

The team can really focus on making you feel welcome and homely.

They are there for you.

Get your questions about the city and its hidden gems ready!

The team is there for YOU only, because all the administration is done before you even enter the door.

New reception concept by Valencia Lounge Hostel

The Review in a nutshell

In a nutshell, the Hostel created a game-changing concept of reception and included technology to optimize the experience.

And all that, in a design-conscious, warm environment.

Enjoy a hassle-free, cosy stay at the best hostel in Valencia. In the city center, in a design-led environment; welcome home.

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