TrustedHousesitters Review – An Alternative and Fun Way to Travel the World

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters
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If you’re asking yourself “how can I get into house sitting?”, then this Trusted House Sitters review is going to help. In this guide, we take a deeper look at and why it might be the best way to travel long-term to every corner of the world.

We love house and pet sitting. Though exploring the world one 5 star hostel at a time is our favourite method, housesitting opens new doors for budget travel.

There are many house sitting platforms out there, yet we stand by going with TrustedHousesitters. Let us share with you the reasons why.

Keep scrolling and discover the answers to…

  • What are some alternatives to renting an apartment or buying a house?
  • What is the best way to travel and work?

…house sitting is a top answer to these questions!

Get ready to visit far-flung places, stay for free in gorgeous homes, meet beautiful pets and join a safe, secure global community.

Just so you know… other great ways to travel cheaply include:

(this guide was last updated in May, 2024)

An Honest Trusted House Sitters Review

In this guide, we cover in detail:

Who are TrustedHousesitters?

Trusted Housesitters launched back in 2010 with a mission to help keep pets in home happy and safe whilst owners are away.

Essentially, they want to help owners save money and stress of putting pets in to kennels. Instead, TrustedHousesitters work to bring caring people together. It has flourished into a global community of pet lovers, who help each other to travel. No wonder they are one of the most used trusted house sitting website.

“Every day, we connect thousands of home and pet owners with care-orientated sitters who will look after their pets & home for free, in exchange for a place to stay.”

With Trusted House Sitters, you can travel for free in over 130 countries!

The core values of TrustedHousesitters include:

  1. Creating connections
  2. Always respecting
  3. Realising passion
  4. Encouraging curiosity

All of these values keep pets happy at home whilst helping pet lovers to travel worry-free.

The team is also global, bringing experience and skills together to create what is now deemed as the most trusted pet & house sitting service in the world.

Visit Trusted House Sitter here

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters

How does Trusted House Sitters work?

So let’s now have a look at how to navigate the website and get stuck in to housesitting and petsitting!

Quickly: TrustedHousesitters is a service for both house watchers and home owners. You can learn more about the different memberships further down.

It’s actually a really straightforward system that anyone can use with ease. House sitting with TrustedHousesitters is a breeze.

The main part is setting up a profile that’s eye-catching and stands out from the crowd.

Here is how it works in three easy steps:

  1. Purchase a sitter plan & set up your profile
  2. Apply for unlimited sits around the world (over 12 months)
  3. Travel & enjoy your home-away-from-home!

Heck, these guys even made a short video that explains how Trusted Housesitters works in a nutshell.

Setting up a Trusted House Sitters Profile

Going back to the profile for a second. This is really important to get right, and could be the determining factor of whether someone chooses you over other applicants. In our experience, home owners usually get (at least) a handful of people offering to sit for them. So put some time and effort into this!

Pack your profile with plenty of pictures, tons of personality and sitter verifications (such as background checks, external references). We suggest having a look at other house sitter profiles to get an idea of what to include.

Are you a home owner? Ok so the deal is pretty similar as above. And the same goes with your profile; write something that will entice people to want to come and look after your animals and pets. Photos go a long way! Add important details such as distance from a supermarket, what there is to do in the area and if having a car is essential. Have a look at current house sits to get an idea.

Over time, once you’ve completed some sits, your profile will get a boost from reviews. The more reviews, the closer you’ll become to being a 5 star housesitter! It will also be easier for you to get noticed by pet sitters who’s looking for opportunities around your location.

Note: You will have to create a free account, or sign up with Facebook, to be able to view listings.

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters

8 Reasons to choose Trusted Housesitters

There is quite fierce competition these days when it comes to house sitting platforms. Competitors include Mind My House, World Wide House Sitters and Nomador. Not to mention country-specific house sitting websites.

So, why should you use TrustedHousesitters over the rest?

Let’s have a look at why members love to use this website, and how it creates a safe and easy exchange for home owners and travellers.

The benefits of Trusted House Sitters are:

  1. Save a lot of money
  2. House sitters are verified
  3. Enjoy unlimited pet care
  4. Expert veterinary advice
  5. Help & Support from the team
  6. Keep your pets safe and happy
  7. The App
  8. Trusted House Sitters FAQ

1. Save a lot of money

Does a house sitter pay rent? Nope! 
How much should I expect to pay a house sitter? Nothing!

Other than paying for the yearly membership, housesitting is free.

Housesitters can enjoy living in a house for free – no bills, no rent, WiFi. Whilst home owners can enjoy free pet and house care. Either way, that’s more money for travel!

2. House sitters are verified

Part of signing up to become a house sitter requires to get verified. This includes being able to provide external references and background checks, where possible. This will support home owners to feel safe and secure, and your profile will hold a lovely little badge to show that you’ve ticked all the right boxes.

3. Enjoy unlimited pet care

Once you’ve paid the yearly subscription, you’re free to host as many people in your house as you wish! Similarly, if you’ve signed up to become a house sitter, you can enjoy as many sits in that 12 month period as you like.

3. Expert veterinary advice

This is a really cool inclusion. Every house sitter will have access to a free 24/7 vet advice line should any problems arise.

4. Help & Support from the team

A great reason to use a professional website to house & pet sit, is for the team support on offer. In case you have any issue with a home owner or house sitter, you can speak with the team at any time.

6. Keep your pets safe and happy

Honestly, does anyone enjoy putting their pets in kennels whilst they are away? I think it’s safe to say the animals don’t enjoy it! Your lovely pets need a pet-sitter. Housesitting keeps pets happy at home. Vets even agree that it’s best for their health. Don’t worry, you will find the perfect house sitter who pet sits.

7. Handy app

With the Trusted House Sitters app, you can enjoy app-only features such as alerts, extra search filters and favourites. Messaging is also faster this way.

8. Trusted House Sitters FAQ

Every question you could possibly have about starting adventures in housesitting are answered on the TrustedHousesitters FAQ page. It’s obvious these guys have experience and know what their customers expect.

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters

Membership Breakdown & Costs

As we mentioned earlier, there are two main membership options with TrustedHousesitters; one for owners, and one for sitters.

There isn’t really a difference between the two. Both memberships costs €111 /year and allow unlimited travel and pet care within that period. It’s a great deal – considering how much money you will save on rent, bills and pet care, the yearly cost is basically covered after just one housesit.

The third membership option is called a Combined Annual. For €163 /year you can enjoy an owner and sitter membership, giving you the best of both worlds. This also includes unlimited usage.

Here is the Trusted House Sitters Price:

Is House Sitting Safe?

Speaking from experience; absolutely. We’ve completed multiple house sits in different countries and never had a problem with safety for ourselves. Yet of course, safety is something to always be mindful of.

To be on the safe side, we recommend the following:

  1. Always arrange housesitting through a secure, verified website such as TrustedHousesitters
    2. Arrange a phone/video call with the sitter/owner before accepting
    3. Check trusted sitters review left by previous sitters
    4. Get insured (more below)

Make sure to ask questions about pets, too. For example, does the timid family dog prefer women to men dog sitter? Obviously, owners will know their pets and will usually have a clear idea of the kind of people they want in their home. Yet, it never hurts to ask plenty of questions so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.

Good to know: Some owner profiles do not give much away, offering a short sentence or two. Don’t be afraid to ask for more details about the house and pets! Remember, it’s a two-way thing, so don’t feel like the owners hold all the power – you as a house sitter can also turn down offers if they do not suit you.

Who uses TrustedHousesitters?

The only truthful answer to this question is…EVERYONE!

Housesitting is a wonderful option for anyone who loves to travel and spend time with cute pet at home. Having a pet for home job is a fantastic way to go to far-flung places, save money and travel & work.

Perhaps you work full time online, or have just quit your job and wish to travel whilst enjoying your own space. Are you a travelling family with young kids, or just need some downtime from camper-vanning around the country?

Then TrustedHousesitters is an option for you.

Common types of people that use TrustedHousesitters:

  • Digital nomads
  • Retirees
  • Couples
  • Backpackers/Solo travellers
  • Families

Did you know? Some people actually sit houses full time. So if you’re not keen on renting or buying a house just yet, housesitting could be the perfect idea. Similarly, you could rent out your own house to make some money whilst you housesit around the world.

Even though there are positions in over 130 countries, you could decide to get to know your own country by housesitting locally.

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters Insurance

Want to hear something super cool?

Every sit confirmed through TrustedHousesitters is covered at no extra cost to you as a homeowner or sitter.

GUARDHOG is the global insurer that offers cover on property damage, theft and public liability protection for up to $1 million USD!

So as soon as you sign up as an owner member on the TH website, you’re covered – no hidden costs, no extra effort.

What about sitters? It’s the public liability part which is useful for you. If you have an accident in or around the property, you are covered. However, say you had an accident whilst walking the dog at the beach, you won’t be covered.

So, with that in mind, you may consider getting travel insurance as a back up. Especially if you plan on long term house sitting in different countries.

We’ve written a detailed and first-hand review of HeyMondo travel insurance worth checking out. We suggest also comparing SafetyWing for long-term insurance.

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters

More than 1 Trusted House Sitters review – thousands!

Fair enough, this guide has been outlining the Hostelgeeks review so far. We understand that you’d like to get an overview of user reviews that have tried and tested TrustedHousesitters for themselves.

So, browse through Trusted House Sitters reviews on Trustpilot.

Here there are almost 13,000 reviews, with 93% hitting that Excellent mark. That’s impressive.

What could be improved?

Having read through some of the bad and poor reviews (which are <3%), we found the following themes of disappointment:

  • Negative reviews being removed by TH
  • Insurance claims for house damage denied
  • Slow/poor communication between TH team

Of course, it’s always good to keep a balance between taking reviews into consideration and recognising when someone just likes to complain.

For example, if someone is complaining that they didn’t get many house sits over 12 months, this is not really something TrustedHousesitters is responsible for – they have no control over home owners choosing them.

One other thing: It’s good to note that there are other housesitting websites out there that do not charge home owners for membership.

Honest TrustedHousesitters review - pros, cons & reasons to choose Trust House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters Discount Code

Okay, now we are sad since we have to disappoint you. The Trusted House Sitters discount code 2021 we had are no longer valid and have expired (we removed them from here).

At this very moment we do not have any valid promo code for TrustedHousesitters. We are currently working on getting some extra discounts for our readers.

We will be announcing our discounts always in our newsletter. Simply subscribe and we will send you the discounts right to your inbox.

Good to know: We also send special discounts only through our newsletter.


Can I trust House Sitters?

House sitting requires an exchange of trust between the house sitters and home owners. Make sure to find house sitters in a reliable company like TrustedHousesittersso you are confident that you are in the right hand.

How do I find a reliable House Sitter?

You can find house sitters in TrustedHousesitters. They are one of the best in the business. You have the assurance that your pets are taken care of and someone look after your house while you are away.

Do House Sitters stay Overnight?

It all depends on you. House sitting services are negotiable and if you are not comfortable having a sitter in your house overnight, that would be totally fine.

What are the benefits of

The benefits of Trusted House Sitters are:

  1. Save a lot of money
  2. House sitters are verified
  3. Enjoy unlimited pet care
  4. Expert veterinary advice
  5. Help & Support from the team
  6. Keep your pets safe and happy
  7. The App
  8. Trusted House Sitters FAQ

To Sum Up: Trusted House Sitters Review

Alrighty, by now we hope you’re feeling confident in how to use TrustedHousesitters.

It’s certainly a great way to travel the world on a budget. Whether you’re a home owner or sitter, there is money to be saved.

According the Trusted House Sitters reviews, this site is supportive, trustworthy and simple to use. We couldn’t agree more! You can contact Trusted House Sitters without problem.

Visit Trusted House Sitter here

Transparency is key:

We decided to team up with Trusted Housesitters. Meaning, when purchasing your yearly membership with them via this guide, we will receive a small cut at no extra cost for you.

This will help us to keep this page running for you, so we can bring you more insider tips and tricks to travel on a budget and the most stunning hostels in the world.

Your Experience and Feedback

We’d love to hear from you if you have your own experience with TrustedHousesitters that you’d like to share.

Do you have any questions? Leave us a comment below – your experience and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Share your thoughts, opinions and first-hand experiences right here in the comment section.

Have fun housesitting!

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