GeoCaching is an outdoor game for geeks and nerds, hunting small containers from all over the world, happening right now around you and wherever you are going – this might be a decent summary. This simple and at the same time brilliant game offers big value for travelers looking for undiscovered spots and hidden gems.

Okay, sure, GeoCaching is an extravagant activity when traveling and not many people do it combined with traveling. Although, we think it is a great way to find some hidden spots across the world. GeoCaching is as well one of our favorite iPhone for Flashpackers. Another great activity outside the tourist box is the Escape Room. We had the chance to check out the amazing Nuclear Bunker Escape Room in Prague. FUN activity as well!

However, let’s start at the very beginning on the same page of what’s actually GeoCaching?!

First of All: What is GeoCaching?

GeoCache at Casa Mila/ La Pedrera in BarcelonaGeoCaching is an outdoor game where users/players need to find a container, called a cache (e.g. a small box, a magnet behind a traffic sign …) with the help of a GPS-enabled device and hints. With the GeoCache Application you get all the required information such as hints, GPS-Location, and a description to find the geocache. Here you can find a full GeoCaching Starter Guide with all possible questions.

Is GeoCaching still not clear to you? Check out the explanation video below, and/or drop us a line in the comment section.


How To Use GeoCaching When Traveling

There are more than 2,500,000 geocaches around the world and counting! You can imagine that there are dozens of caches hidden at beautiful, undiscovered spots. When you know your destination, simply start the application with your SmartPhone and check the GeoCaches around the area you are interested in.

We recommend using a WiFi connection at your hostel, or wherever you can access to the internet. The data size of some geocaches can be quite big. With the paid version of the GeoCache Application you can save GeoCaches right on your phone which is extremely powerful in terms of saving battery life and connection issues.

How to find undiscovered spots with GeoCaching?

As there are so many caches, this question is reasonable. Here are some simple tips to find beautiful, undiscovered spots to fall in love with.

1. Name of the GeoCache

The very first, and most simple indicator is the name of the geocache itself. Every owner of a geocache has to name the container when adding the data to the official GeoCache Platform, and most likely this person selected this spot for a reason.

Let us give you a quick example: In Dingle, Ireland there is a Dolphin living in the bay right in front of the town. Here you can book a tour to take a boat to the bay so you can maybe see the dolphin – or maybe not. Anyhow, you can check out GeoCaching and you will find a container called “Fungi’s Paradise” (#GC3623K) – from here you have the best view all over the bay and you can see the Dolphin swimming and enjoying its life.

Fungis Paradise- GeoCaching and Travel

2. Characteristics

There are several filters showing you the characteristics of the location where the cache is hidden. These attributes can be reached via public transport, panoramic views, and more. This way you can get an idea and experience in selecting and hunting containers, so your choices will be easier.

Let us give you another example: When you are visiting Hvar in Croatia, there are also some caches hidden all over the island. With the app you can easily find interesting spots all around the island. Rent a scooter, put on the helmet and hit the road. You will be amazed by the results. And by the way, the photo below was only possible due to a GeoCache we were hunting.

GeoCaching and Backpacking in Hvar, Croatia

Free GeoCache App vs. Paid Application

The paid application from GeoCaching is kind of pricey when you compare it with the freebie-culture nowadays. You can always find the current price on the official download page from Android and Apple.

AppStore Button Android Button

An important feature of the paid version coming with the application is the “save it offline” option. This is extremely powerful as you will have access to the information without depending on an internet connection or telephone reception. We from Hostelgeeks think it is worth it to pay the official application from GeoCaching under one simple condition: You download the free version first and check if you like GeoCaching.

Summary: It’s not about the Cache, it’s about the spot

This all may sound a little bit off, keep in mind that you have to see if this way of geeky traveling fits with your preferred way to travel. For the real GeoCache-Fans the cache is the main purpose of the game.

We on the other hand put the focus on the spot, the location, and the surroundings. If you wanna find the cache, go ahead. There is no dogmatism involved.

Do you have any experience with GeoCaching and Traveling?

We are looking forward to reading your comment!