Do you enjoy to travel like a local? Well, part of the local experience is the local culture. That includes art, music, fashion, food and drinks, and many more elements of what makes a culture interesting. We at Hostelgeeks recently talked with Subcultours, a new tour concept, which exists so far in Costa Rica’s capital San José and in the popular surf town of Jacó.

As part of our useful travel tips, we want to share this interesting and game-changing concept with you, the Hostelgeeks community.


What is Subcultours about?

Customized and personal creative experiences for open-minded travelers who have a desire to see more than just the common sites and commercial places of a city.

Meeting local creatives!

If you are interested in meeting local creatives and artists, whether it’s in fashion, surf, coffee, jewelry, art or the local drink and food sector, you can either take part in one of the hip signature subcultours or you can ask for your very own personalized experience.

So far there are 3 signature subcultours and more to come. Let’s have a look at them.

1. The SUN+SURF subcultour

The sun+surf tour in Jacó is all about local creatives who share their passion for surf, sun and beach life.

You get to meet local surfboard shapers, swimwear designers and coffee baristas, see them working and get actually part of the creation process during DIY-workshop sessions.

You are guaranteed to take home some unique handmade souvenirs from your Costa Rica vacations!

The SUN+SURF subcultour

One of the surfboard shapers you meet is Edwin or “Carton” like his surfboard brand which became a pretty big name in the local surf scene of Costa Rica.

A free-spirit with a big heart and a lot of passion for his surfboards and guitar.

Almost all of his life he has been part of the local surf scene. Learn why he followed the path of his passion, get inspired by his view on work and watch him customizing the next Carton surfboard in his small and cozy atelier in the back of his shop.

The SUN+SURF subcultour

The SUN+SURF subcultour


The fashion+coffee subcultour in Costa Rica´s capital San José connects you with some of the most talented local fashion designers and coffee baristas.

You get to know where they live, struggle and get inspired day in and day out.

You might meet Erik, Tico and designer of fashion label “Amo y Señor” who lives together with his boyfriend in the most creative and original house we have seen in Costa Rica. While sharing a cup of tea and meeting his two funny dogs, he is sharing the up and downsides of being an artist in Costa Rica.


During the FASHION+COFFEE subcultour you will also explore the world of Costa Rican specialty coffee and prepare your own cups with passionate local baristas.

For instance with Marco, barista of the probably most famous experience café in Costa Rica “Cafeoteca” who dives in the world of “Tico” coffee and takes his time to explain everybody how to brew the most delicious specialty coffees.


BTW, here you can find out how to find beautiful coffee shops all over the world.



The juice+jewelry tour also takes place in San José and connects travelers with the world of local raw juice concepts and hip jewelry designers sharing their vision.

You get hands on, producing your very own juice mix with all different kind of flavors and local fruits and will make your own jewelry piece.

But you do not only get to take home your customized juice bottle and piece of jewelry.

You will fly back with amazing insights of the creators of theses concepts who shared their knowledge, philosophy of life and love for what they do and live for.


…Pssst! subcultours is working on further subcultour concepts and soon kicks off with the ART+PASTRY subcultour.

Who is behind the subcultours concept?

A 27 year-old German girl from Berlin named Katja.

After living and working one year in Dubai, Katja decided that she needs urgently to connect with nature, the ocean and herself again.

One evening, while having a glass of wine before going out with friends, she asked herself where she could pursue two of her passions and learn Spanish and Surf from 2016 onwards.

She googled a bit and then knew -> In Costa Rica.

Without hesitating she booked a one-way ticket. Two months later, she would have quit her job, cancelled all contracts and sit in the plane, ready to make two of her dreams become true. Once in Costa Rica´s Pacific Coast surfing every day and working on her Spanish skills, she permanently thought about her next dream, to start an own business.

I want to work with people who decide to do their own thing and live for their passion. My passion is led by traveling, creativity, innovation, cultures, spending time outdoors and meeting curious, international creatives and travelers who are also driven by their dreams.

The idea I have combines all of this into one: subcultours.

I want to show travelers the incredible creativity of the locals and empower artists and creatives to share their work on a taller basis.

During the visits, like-minded travelers and artists will create products together, share ideas, connect, build relationships and even long-term friendships.

Make your Costa Rica vacations exciting – travel deeper, hit the road and connect with subcultours, Katja and the City´s Creative crowd.

What’s next?

Travel like a local!

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