“We need more white players!“ Yes, this is an original quote from me. Back in the days – jeez, this makes me sound so old – me and a big group of friends played football at least once a week. We play 5  a side so in total there are 10 of us running after a ball. All of us are from really different parts of the world, and we are a mixture of Barcelona Expats coming together trying to score goals against our own friends. 10 players – 10 nationalities.

To make the teams, we usually have vests to make the teams. That day we knew we wouldn’t have the vests, so we all agreed beforehand that everyone would bring a dark (black) and a light (white) shirt. This way it would be easy to separate the players, right?! Well, during the warm up too many players were already wearing their black shirts, so we had more “black“ than “white players“.

As a friend of mine and I tried to figure out how to set the teams, I said Well, we need more white players! He looked at me, grinned, and called me a racist. We all laughed!