101 Funny Travel Puns (with City Names and One-Liner)

49 Best Travel Puns

I absolutely love travel puns. They can be so hilarious, creative, unique. Some of them would be even fantastic to put on t-shirts, others may be a bit silly. Upgrade your trip with these funny and best travel puns and jokes.

Some of them are city-related, others to sights and even food. You can use these travel and backpacking puns for your instagram captions, whatsapp status or facebook updates. Be creative!

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Best Travel Puns and Jokes

I want to kick off this list with my favorite best travel puns and word plays. Some of them are very short puns for traveling, others are, well, longer. Some of these puns are original travel-related puns by Hostelgeeks. Please tag us and credit us, that would make our day ❤️

I just a-door this city!

Nothing about this trip is plane.

I am always in good mood when traveling. After all, I am a No-Mad. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

Two backpackers in a hostel.

“Kenya tell me your favorite country to visit?”

“OMAN…this is really a tough question. What about you?”

“Yea-man, there is so many”

(by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

We thought our tour guide got lost in Tokyo, but he said it was all part of Ja-plan.

When traveling in November: Wish you a success-fall trip!

With all these lockdowns and quarantines, let’s see when we Ghana travel again. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

With all these lockdowns and quarantines, let's see when we Ghana travel again. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

I just met you, but I can already tel-aviv you like backpacking Israel. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

I love to travel around South America. You are never Bolivia it how beautiful it is. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

Finally found some cover from the rain and was able to take a sigh of re-leaf.

Trying not to overdue it with the library puns, so I will put them on hold.

Might buy a boat schooner or later. For now a kayak will do.

– by instagram.com/welove

It was love at first flight.

It was love at first flight.

When in Venice: Let’s get fizzical.

This place is rem-arc-able!

Traveling to the Bahamas is a pig deal! (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

The ancient history behind this archaeological site makes it Saudi-sirable to visit.

Tropic like it’s hot.

When traveling, sometimes, Alaska local for directions.

Having suite dreams.

Suites in Hostels & Hotels: Of course, there are funny hotels puns as well with this. You can be creative here and turn your suite dreams into beautiful wallpapers too.

Having suite dreams.

I absolutely love backpacking South America. You could say, I really Ecua-dor it. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

Oman was beautiful, now I Muscat-ch my plane.

That’s it!!!! I have to Quito my job and backpack the world. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

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Having to unpack my suitcase after vacation is like the ultimate emotional baggage.

There is Norway I want to go back home.

There's Norway I want to go back home.

It’s impossible to ruin this view!

Always a flamingo-od experience visiting Bolivia.

I never believed I could travel the world, but a friend of mine told Yucatan do it.

Every backpacker before a trip: Don’t know where to go? Just winging it.

It’s impossible to ruin the view of the Colosseum.

It’s impossible to ruin the view of the Colosseum.

Travel Puns with City Names

With so many cities around the world, you can do pretty much endless puns. And this is not just with cities, but also countries and areas. Have a look, you will ecu-adore them for sure.

I love travelling to Croatia. Especially in summer, it is very hvarm. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

I once traveled around the Middle East. How? Well, I-ran. (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

My favorite ream cheese is Philadelphia.

I will travel to France. After all, I have nothing Toulouse.

I will travel to France. After all, I have nothing Toulouse.

Moher Risk, Moher Fun!

I hear the deserts in Stockholm are very swedeaned.

When I travel to Australia, I need to earn some money. I was thinking about baby-sydneying.

My favorite meal and country to visit? Turkey.

You know what…PHUKET, I will travel now! (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

You know what...PHUKET, I will travel now! (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

I was backpacking the middle east…and OMAN, it was beautiful!

Why travel the world? Cusco’mon you only live once!

I once traveled to Puerto Escondido in Mexico…I could not find it! (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

I once traveled to Puerto Escondido in Mexico...I could not find it! (by Hostelgeeks ❤️)

It is Amalfi-ly difficult having to leave Positano.

Having the best Thames in London!

What a Rome-antic city.

This country is un-belizable.

This country is un-belizable.

I am a Ghent-lemen.

The puns in Croatia were Hvar from satisfactory.

Where does Homer Simpson travel to? Oklahomer.

Bulgaria? Sofia, so good.

I am just rome-ing…

I’m Havana great time.

I'm Havana great time.

Beach Puns for Traveling

When traveling is possible again, I will beach you to it.

I once travel to Puerto Escondido in Mexico…I could not find it!

Lagos back to the beach!

Arrivederci, beaches.

Keep palm and carry on.

Keep palm and carry on.

I need Vitamin SEA.

My favorite destination? Shorely Thailand.

It’s a-boat time we took a vacation!

Stick to the sea-nic route.

What is the favorite destination of a single guy backpacker? Isla Mujeres!

Sea you real soon.

Sea you real soon.

How do you know if it is a friendly ocean? It waves.

There is so much still to sea.

I try not to get tide down in one place when there is so much to sea.

Life is better in slow m-ocean.

Best Funny Travel Food Puns

Obviously food plays a big role when we all travel this world. From Paella in Spain, Croissant in France to Burritos in Mexico and Sushi in Japan. And I would bet, you already have right now your favorite travel food in mind…am I right?

Therefore, food deserves its own travel food puns and world plays.

Scoops, I did it again.

Do you wanna taco about it?

My friends traveled way more than me while I was busy eating. Now I have to ketchup.

When I travel in Mexico, I am never burrito-ed.

When backpacking Belgium, time fries.

When backpacking Belgium, time fries.

When backpacking France, time fries.

I want to travel to Argentina again, just to meat again.

When I am not hungry, I have nacho problem.

Do you want to travel together? Sure, let’s spice it up a bit.

I scream ICE-CREAM!

Another one bites the crust.

Another one bites the crust.

I like colorful things, it reminds me of my home in avocolorado.

This place stole a pizza my heart.

I love to travel and to eat. Yeah, I am a real weir-dough.

I am your biggest flan.

I appeachiate traveling with you.

I am always in a good mood when backpacking Mexico. So no queSADilla for me today.

I do-nut want to go home.

I do-nut want to go home.

Summary for Best Puns for Travel

What does one traveler say to the other? Glad, you made it that far. Same here. I really hope you enjoyed this selection of my favorite funny travel puns. I added city names, beach quotes, countries and even food.

You know, pretty much anything you need for a vacation.

Enjoy even more…

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