Come on in, step inside this beautiful Japanese 5 Star Hostel; The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa, Japan. If you enjoy mixing with other travelers and locals alike, this is the place for you. The motto "You in Local. New in Local" is an expression of their inner fire. Start the day with a hot cup of homemade coffee, and explore Kanazawa the sharing way.

The infobox on The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa

If you are looking for a fabulous hostel in Japan, you have just found the right place to be.

The staff at The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa love to show off everything local, including the food, artists‘ work and their culture.

The available communal space in the basement is the place to be – a cozy space open to all that wish to join in the fun.

Just looking around the interior of The Share Hotels Hatchi, you will find plenty of character in the design – even in the name, but we’ll get to that in a bit more detail later.

T-Shirt design and hostel design at The Share Hotel Kazanawa Hatchi

All 5 Star Hostels, including The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa, are awarded by Hostelgeeks, an independent platform designed to bring you the world‘s greatest hostels.

Based on transparent criteria, the 5 Star Hostels are budget accommodations with character and personality.

Welcome to Hatchi The Share Hotel!

The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa in a review

So come on, let’s step inside The Share Hotels in Kanazawa and see why it has received a 5 Star award.

Have a read of the 5 transparent criteria and see if you agree with us…

1. Sustainable: the local concept

The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa believe that the future of Japan takes root in the local community.

The community of Hokuriku is a great example of Japanese culture and it inspires the hostel on their daily life choices.

With this in mind, they incorporate local resources and local values in to their hostel – great!

Not only that, but they share ideas, knowledge, lifestyle and values with various people inside and outside the local area.

Starting the day with a delicious breakfast in the café The Share Hotel The restaurant of The Share Hotel is popular among locals and travelers alike

No doubt this creates wonderful opportunities and activities during your stay at The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa.

Their blog features different local artists, presenting their work.

The blog section “Local Guide” introduces you to hidden gems and Japanese culture in a refreshing, friendly way.

The hostel design itself is also based on sustainable efforts.

Shall we?

The private room, the japan-style. The Share Hotel offers both private and shared accommodation The first 5 Star Hostel in Japan knows your needs: The Share Hotel

2. Design name, crafts, and concrete

Let us first talk about the name; The Share Hotels Hatchi.

It really is quite clever.

The name is a hint for something that may be missing at a hotel-style accommodation: sharing.

Sharing is a big part of hostel culture, and it is pretty much expected from travelers staying there.

This could be sharing your food, some info about the area or a funny travel story.

Therefore we think The Share Hotels is kind of a brilliant name design!

A bit geeky, a bit nerdy! Pod-Time! The Share Hotel Kazanawa Hatchi offers pod-styled dorms, typical for Japan

The hostel itself is within a newly renovated building that is just 50 years old.

It has been beautifully decorated with local crafts of the Hukuriku area, including Kutani pottery and Japanese paper, the so-called Washi.

The traditional colour of the Kanazawa culture, rouge, has been accentuated throughout the hostel, too.

There is a quirky basement holding a communal lounge and high performance kitchen, so make sure you check it out.

You will also find down there the shower rooms, but not how you imagine them.

These showers use rain water – refreshing and eco-friendly!

As for the rooms, you can select between pod-styled dorms, private rooms as well as a typical japan-styled room.

Here you can find an overview of all the different room types at hostels.

The Share Hotel Kazanawa and the cool bathrooms Clean and stylish bathrooms at The Share Hotel Kazanawa

3. For the love of local

The 5 Star Hostel is all about ‘being local’.

3 Bed Private room at The Share Hotel Speakers in the private room at The Share Hotel Kazanawa

The Share Hotels Hatchi opened to the local community originally, and over time this has become popular for tourists.

It is a perfect hub to showcase all things local, including many local artists’ work.

But it isn’t just about sharing space and products, but also lifestyle and values – something the hostel take very seriously.

The Share Hotels is a lifestyle hostel – find all 7 types of hostels here.

The concept of HATCHi is “the birthplace of Hokuriku-Tourism.”

Their main focus is on the land, culture, industries and people of Hokuriku and their aim is to introduce this to their guests.

This way a truly unique experience is at hand for anyone coming to stay.

Oh and let us not forget the Japanese restaurant and café – very popular with the local people.

A perfect way to enjoy culture exchange over a coffee, wouldn’t you agree?

Great coffee at the hostels coffee shop Mingle hotspot! The café in the ground floor at The Share Hotel Hatchi in Kazanawa, Japan

4. because sharing is beautiful!

The vibes at The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa is a mix of traveler and local.

The available space attracts traveler and local alike, so be prepared to mix with a whole range of different cultures.

That is what staying in a hostel is all about, right?

Enjoy events, workshops and local tours operated by the local people, with the local people.

This is thanks to the numerous connections the staff at Share Hotels has with the local communities.

After all, you are staying at a Sharing Hotel, use it!

The social common area, easy to mingle, easy to connect! Concrete walls, and wooden furniture: The Share Hotel Hatchi Kazanawa

Do you prefer cooking your own meals?

Head over to the kitchen to impress your fellow hostel mates.

A 5 Star Hostel comes with a Kitchen - The Share Hotel Kazanawa Hatchi

5. Top-Notch staff

We are proud to announce another 5 Star Hostel that employs 100% local staff.

This of course is great for many reasons.

The most obvious being that they know a lot about the area, and love it so much that they have decided to stay in Kanazawa to work and live.

Pod-Styled dorms at The Share Hotel Kazanawa Hatchi

The staff at The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa are English speaking, so don’t hesitate to get chatting to them.

After all, it is only they that can introduce you to the off-the-beaten-track destinations in the area.

Of course, if you want to see the hotspots, they can help with that too!

The 9+ rating for staff on booking platforms say it all really, bravo!

All 5 Star Hostels offer private accommodation!

How to book The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa?

We fully recommend The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa as a top hostel choice for Kanazawa, Japan!

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Hostel Packing List

Now that you found this amazing hostel, make sure you pack the right away and the right things.

Here is our ultimate hostel packing list. It features 23 smart items you need to pack.

The main things to pack are:

  1. earplugs
  2. eye mask
  3. key chain flashlight
  4. the right backpack, the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Pack
  5. packing cubes
  6. generic padlock
  7. quick-dry travel towel
  8. universal power adapter
  9. travel-sized toiletries
  10. The hostel address – written down
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